Dear Unigoss,I feel sharing my story here will go a long way. Read my story and regret ever using pills, stop using it or keep the bundle of joy waiting to see the sunrise. This is my true life story i usually don’t tell friends this but lets see where it’ll take us to.It all started like the way it had been beginning with other girls, mum
got pregnant for me, still tender and on the wrong side of twenty (below twenty). My emergence as a foetus in her lovely womb posed a threat to the family.

I appeared
like a bad omen, so they felt. From all account mum was so scared, she was the last child and so the baby of the house. Almost every decision are made for her. Uncles insisted terribly that i must be aborted (i love my uncles so much,
they’re the best family i’ve ever had). They said the baby (me) must be removed. They had their reasons according to my grand mother she told me the story, i understand their fears. I’m not angry with them, it was a considerable reason. But dad refused, i guess he managed to convince mum. But the heat was hot, my grandma revealed. My uncles were so adamant on aborting me. In fact it was almost done. It was just by a stroke of a tiny luck i survived. Mum was too young, and smiling with such an embarrassment would be soul destroying. In fact she felt terrible, it’s okay, no one would be happy in such a situation. I understand her panic and i’m sorry for her now i came that way. He tommy was a little bigger and it showed terribly. A little girl, not twenty having a child in the eighties when life was more decent. Imagine the humiliations she must have received. Besides mum was a people person, she was as strong as a man and so really had some aggressive times with her age mates. I’m sure, they must have mocked her, gossip her and
even see her as a wayward kid. It’s okay, good things don’t come easy. But, those people who i believe mocked her now love me being around. Finally, nine months arrived. It took so long. I guess mum got tired of waiting. Doctor said i’m too fat in her womb. You won’t believe it, i’m slim, but where’s the fats? And so she was operated on. She showed me the needle lines some time ago. While the
operation was going on. Another woman in another ward who had goiter(swelling of the thyroid gland-the big ball we sometimes see on people’s neck) was undergoing surgery as well, exactly the same time with me. We both survived and right there in the hospital she gave me a special
name-IFEANYICHUKWU meaning nothing is impossible for God to do. This name took over, my childhood friends, family members called me this name. Nobody wanted the name mum and dad gave to me. And so not everyone call me that name, it’s special. Because a story is behind it. It’s
only those who know me from a tender age call me that name. That’s how i love it to be. And right now, i’m the only son of my mum, the only reason she smile. She called me one certain time and said she just want to hear my voice. I’m the only brother to my sister. I’ve great friends that touched my life as well as i touched theirs. My uncles love and care for me. My dad is proud of me.I’ve fallen in love once. It was the best feeling ever. I’ve a best meal. I love music. I love life, i’m enjoying it. I love my best friends like crazy.I survived to see a black rule America. My baby’s cry gave me the privilege to be a christian. I dream to be a philantropist someday. I give alms to beggars always. I’ve helped friends. I’ve been there for people. I’ve touched lives. People have touched mine. I’ve tasted tears and pain, i’ve felt the walls of a cell. I’ve enjoyed peace and immense happiness. So much have happened in my life. I’ve been a thing of joy and happiness to people. Where ever i go, i impress people. They want me around, cos
when i’m around i turn things around to favour them.
Imagine i was aborted, you won’t be reading this. So much wouldn’t have happened. And this explain why i couldn’t date a girl or indulge into sex cos i can’t get a girl pregnant when it’s not time. Abortion don’t exist in my own world. Are you pregnant? And ashame of it? Don’t be. That child will be a miracle. Keep it. Someday you’ll be happy you did like mum. I’m her only son. Her shelter when it rains. Her eyes, her breath, her smile. My sister i’m sure is so happy
about it. She sometimes cries 4 me. Atleast, i’m there for her. My grandma love me so much. My family does. I’m a thing of love to them. So discard the pills, keep the joy in your womb. Give it a chance to bring you love. I’m so sorry, the story is a long one. I hope i touched your life. Anyway life goes on…CHEERS!

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