9JA Cex Story: Cynthia’s Diaries Part one

Part 1: A Pleasurable Pain

It has been three days since that fateful day. She was getting a little nervous. She had been basking in the warm afterglow of their last encounter and now it was just hitting her. She did a very bad thing, and it might come back to haunt her.

Cynthia knew the moment she met her sister, Derby’s boyfriend, that she would fuck him. She was not a mean . person Derby has always had a history of going after any guy that Cynthia happens to fall for. For a long time, Cynthia had been on the losing end. She was never able to attract the men Derby liked, until now.

It was a rainy afternoon when everything changed with Dele, Derby’s man. Cynthia was engrossed in a novel when she got distracted by a desperate knock on the door of the small 2-bedroom apartment she shared with Derby in Victoria Island. When she opened the door, Cynthia was greeted by a soaking wet and shaken Dele.

“Oh My God, what happened?” Cynthia asked as she let him in.

“The rain just suddenly started when I was a couple of bus stops away from yours, it was insane. I have a to get to meeting and I certainly could not go looking like this. So I figured I can come here and see if there is anything I can do about my clothes while I wait for the rain to subside.” He explained.

Cynthia let him in, and he hurriedly went to Derby’s room.

“I am sorry about barging in like this,” he called out from the room. “I know Derby is at work and I was really hoping I will meet you at home”.

“Oh, it’s no problem.” Cynthia called back. “Make yourself comfortable.” She said as she went back to her novel.

She really had no intention of fucking him as at that time. She had had an amazing one-night-stand, the night before and had been gloriously and ruthlessly fucked by a guy she met at a club. She was not horny that afternoon, she was mainly bored as the rain had obviously made her afternoon plans go kaput.

In 2 seconds. Everything changed. Dele stepped back into the living room in nothing but shorts, holding his damp clothes.

“Is there anywhere I can hang these for a few minutes?” He asked.

Cynthia was momentarily distracted by his hot, gorgeous body. She never noticed that before, as Dele was not really that handsome. But apparently, what he lacked in looks, he made up for in body type. He had the kind of body you typically saw in movies. Sculpted, define and fucking Hot. It’s official, she was lusting after him. When she finally looked up to meet his eyes, she could see a little spark of interest there before he cleared his throat. Cynthia spent the afternoon helping him out with his clothes and wondering when or if she would ever get to ride that body.

She got her chance a mere week after that encounter. She and her sister attended a cousin’s wedding. Cynthia was having an okay time. Weddings were normally an opportunity to check out the boys and decide who to take home for the night. But it does not look that will happen today. As she scanned the crowd, it was obvious to her that there were no potential booty calls.

After the wedding party was over, Dele came back to pick them up. As they got to the apartment, Derby was so exhausted, she passed out almost immediately. Dele decided to take a quick shower since he would be spending the night as it was late.

Cynthia decided that this was her chance. She undressed and went into the bathroom a few seconds after him. His shocked expression was replaced with one of pleasant surprise as she went for his dick. His words of protest was swallowed back when she put her lips on his and kissed him fiercely. He slid a finger into her pussy and she squirmed pleasantly. She took a step back from him and spread her legs wide. Using her own hand, she slowly made her way to her pussy and began fucking herself hard with a finger while he watched. Her eyes were on his growing erection as she finger fucked herself harder and harder.

She soon slid two fingers into her pussy. Then three, then four. At this time, she could see that Dele’s dick was large. Threatening to explode. She fucked herself with one hand while holding on to her breast with the other.

“Fuck me now.” She moaned. As Dele moaned towards, she held up a hand to stop him.

“Not with your dick yet. Fuck me with this.” She reached for the toilet plunger and handed it to him.

Dele was shocked. He raised an eyebrow at her as he collected the plunger.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

She took the plunger back from him. With her legs still spread, she pushed the tail end into her pussy.

“This is what I want” She moaned.

Dele took over. He was so fucking turned on at this point that he was not sure how much of this torture he could take. He fucked her slowly with the instrument as Cynthia bit her lips to keep from screaming with pain, or pleasure, or both.

She held on as long as she could before exploding in one of the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. As she made her way back to earth, she took one more look at the dick she so badly wanted to fuck.

“Okay, now it’s your turn. Fuck this pussy. Fuck this pussy hard.”

Dele was more than ready. Facing her, he lifted one leg up over his shoulder and dove deep into her. She was wonderfully wet. He gave it her all. Fucking her hard as he slipped two fingers in her ass. He now knew she liked it rough and did not hesitate to put two more fingers in her asshole. Cynthia loved it. She loved that he now got her. She knew Derby was too Vanilla to like sex this rough and she know she was giving Dele something he had never gotten from her sister.

She grabbed her breasts hard as Dele kept fucking her with his fingers and his dick. It was heaven. Dele soon reached for the discarded plunger and stuck it in her ass as he kept fucking her. Cynthia was going crazy with the beautiful combination of pain and pleasure. She know she would be fucking sore in the morning but she didn’t care. At this moment, all her extremities are being stimulated and she was riding this high till the end. He kept fucking her and hurting her on both ends. She knew Dele was loving it. She never had a man fuck her with this much eagerness before. She knew they now had something in common.

Dele kept fucking her with his dick while still fucking her with the plunger. It wasn’t long before they climaxed simultaneously.

It has been 3 days since that experience and Cynthia was getting worried that he would not call. Even worse, that he would confess the experience to her sister. She knew she wanted to do more rough things with Dele. She knew he would love the things she had been fantasizing about. She was wondering if she was wrong about him when her phone rang.

“Finally.” She thought….

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Cynthia’s Diaries – Part 2

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