Sexy Birthday

He had something special planned for her birthday.

He know she liked her pussy being stretched as wide as it can go and he had some pretty good ideas on the things she would like. Sitting on the chair in the living room, Cynthia was overwhelmed with anticipation. She was naked, tied up, blindfolded and completely horny. She could hear him moving around the room and she wondered what the hell he was up to.

She was tied up in such a way that each legs was spread wide and tied to the legs of the chair so she was completely exposed. Her need for him was obvious as there was already a puddle of pussy juice on the chair. Dele teased her by touching some parts of her body as he moved around the room. He touched her hair, her neck, her shoulders and her breasts. She was moaning helplessly and he knew he had her. She could hear him enter the room nearby. The kitchen, she thought. It was all silent in the room except for the beautiful slow music playing.

She wanted so bad to feel something hard and huge enter her tight pussy. She was feeling a lot frisky today, perhaps, the fact that she was turning 22 was more exciting than she thought.

She heard him return to the room and she sighed.

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“Please…” She moaned.

He said nothing. He loved feeling in control. That was the one thing Derby never gave him. He loved her and would be marrying her in a couple of months. But her sister, Cynthia, satisfied him in ways that his wife-to-be never did. He knew he would never fall in love with Cynthia in a million years, but he also knew he would greatly miss their sexy sessions if it ever ended. He hoped it won’t.

He picked up a small cucumber, lowered himself to his knees in front of Cynthia and gently slipped it into her wet, hot cunt.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh,” she moaned.

She squirmed as he pushed the cucumber in and out of her. He finally removed it and replaced it with a bigger one. Cynthia jerked as she felt the coolness of the cucumber in her. Before she could get used to the feeling though, he removed it and promptly inserted an even bigger one that filled her and stretched her as wide as she could go. She screamed in pain and pleasure as he proceeded to relentlessly fuck her with it. He slipped the cucumber as far in as it could go, and while leaning forward to take a nipple in his mouth, he stroked her with it. He felt her close to climax and increased his speed. He kept going until she came hard around it.

Breathing heavily, Cynthia wondered what was next. She could hear him ransacking the living room again and when she felt him come back to kneel before her, she was ready and waiting.

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He slipped in the beer bottle, mouth first, in her. The coldness and harshness of it felt incredibly good. He knew what she wanted and went on to slip the bottle in deeper, until she screamed once again. The scream that says she was in so much pain and loving it. When he noticed she was about to cum again, he slipped it out of her.

Her moan of disappointment was not lost on him.

“Hold on baby, I will let you cum soon,” he whispered in her ear.

He slipped a finger in her as he reached for her other breast with his mouth. He slid the second finger, then the third, then the fourth, and finally, he filled her with his fist. She was squirming and jerking against his hand as the ropes held her in place. He fist-fucked her gently at first, then began going in harder and harder. She was in so much pain, that she was already in tears. She loved it. She loved that Dele always knows how she liked it. He was the best rough-sex mate she had ever had. He bit down on her nipples hard as he kept fucking her with his fist. She could not hold back the scream as another huge orgasm escaped from her.

He removed his hand suddenly. Stood up and shoved his already hard and dripping cock down her throat. Grabbing her hair, he fucked her mouth hard. She closed her eyes as she felt the pain everywhere, he pussy, her nipples, her scalp and her throat.

“Open your eyes,” he roared at her, “look at me.”

She complied. Tears in her eyes, she made sure she met his gaze as he kept slipping his dick hard and fast in and out of her mouth. She felt him close to climax and she opened even wider for him. He gave her hair one last tug and came straight down her throat.

He left her tied up and went in to take a shower and a nap.


2 hours later, her returned to see her still tied up and asleep, just as he planned.

The day is still young, he thought. He picked up the bottle again and knelt before her.

“Wake up.” He said.