Her name was Rukayaat. All through our secondary school period my eyes were on her and I always felt and wish she felt the same. What made me want her the more was; apart from her Sexy behind, and voluptuous breasts, no boy had ever ‘smooshed’ her – a word we secondary students used as relating to romance.

We only started to be friends in the first term of our ss3 class. As they say: better late than never! And since we remained friends, it was only befitting that I asked her out for prom as I was her closest male friend in the whole class.

‎On the day of the prom, she sent me pics of the dress she was going to wear later that evening and it was a very short gown. She asked me how it was and I told her it was perfect because I was already imagining how Sexy her ass would look in the dress. Unfortunately for me, she wore a panty hose underneath because she said she was feeling slutty.

When we reach the venue, we kept catching each other’s eye and building up sexual tension. Our skin would touch every now and then until it was time for the dance. Considering the fact that this was a Nigerian school, all the prom queen and king blah blah was absent. Lol. She refuse to grind me and we kept dancing as if we were in a party in the 80’s (I can only imagine how their parties were). I so longed for her to turn and face me with her back so she could feel how hard she had made me. She still didn’t let me rock her and so the dance ended and the dj changed to a slow song for couples. This summed up a sad night which I felt was a flop because we were soon on our way back to school and I hadn’t performed even one sexual act towards her, whereas my friends were just talking and bragging about what they did to whom on the bus.

When we reached the school complex we just mingled around and said our final goodbyes as that was our last day, or night together as classmates. Some of the girls then went to their dorms to change from their prom outfits and Rukayaat went with them.

I was expecting her to change to something more comfortable and free instead what she did blew my mind. She just removed the panty hose and came out. From the look on my face, she obviously knew I was surprised. “What changed your mind?” I asked her, and she replied that she had nothing to lose any more as this was her last time in the school. We started to stroll and I let her direct us and we then reached a somewhat deserted area behind our dinning hall. We then talked and talked, mostly recalling old memories, and then I finally told her. “You know I’ve had feelings for you all through our senior year right?” I asked. “Yes”, she replied and she stared numbly into some random space. I had gotten used to her doing that overtime when she was uncomfortable or anxious.

An awkward silence then followed and I decided to end it. Just as I was about to say something, she jumped on me and screamed. There was an insect crawling on her legs. I then beat it away and she was calm. At this point, she was semi hugging me with her back towards me. I then put my hands on her waist and assured her that it was okay and she thanked me. She then hugged me proper and everything else stopped. I just held her tight and firm and she rested her head on my shoulder and I was breathing heavy now.

She asked me if and why I was nervous and I said it was because I’ve always wanted to be this close to ‎her and kiss her. “What has been stopping you?”, she asked. And at that moment, my whole school life flash past me eyes and I started to think that I had many wasted opportunities that I could have made my move all these while. Well, as we released our bodies, I decided that I was gonna make my move and I asked her if she ever had any feeling for me. She said “yh”. I then remembered how beautiful she looked earlier on that night and that the only thing on my mind was how to was daring to kiss her. She blushed and asked me what was stopping me.

At this point, I leaned towards her side, wrapped my hands around her waist‎ looked deep into her eyes; she looked down towards my thighs and then I kissed her cheek, her lower lip and then when I was about to kiss her whole mouth, she gasped and I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing. She then held my face and she kissed me like her life depended on it. It was magical. I guess the kiss was really starting to turn her on because she grabbed my shirt and pulled even closer, rubbing my back and my chest. I then grabbed her ass with my two hands and caressed it, she lept moaning and moaning. I pulled her closer to my cock so she could feel my erection and she did, she let our a deep moan and sigh and I took her hand and placed it on my cock. She felt it and her moaning increased, she started to juggle it and play with it and it was now my turn to moan. I moved my hands up her really short gown and she didn’t stop me. As I touched her panties, I felt how wet she was. Her juice soaked her panties wet. I then slid one finger in her pussy and she let out a deep moan. I used one hand to caress her body and the other hand to finger her.

By now my dick was red hot and metal hard and she unzipped my jeans and held it in her hands. She continued to play and smoosh it. I so desperately wanted to remove her whole cloth and have her bare skin in my hands but the gown was too tight and so the only skin I could get to were her inner thighs and pussy-which were amazing.

After our graduation, we’ve not met much after then due to the fact that she stays in Ilorin while am in Abuja. But social media ‎has helped us and we’ve planned to meet this February and I bet shit will go down.

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I can’t wait to finally put my dick in her unbelievably sweet va jay jay! Stay posted and I’ll update on when we meet!