I love sex.

Whichever way you spin it, no matter how many hours a shrink would love to dig into my soul, or the number of ‘friends’ that want to analyze me, that is the only conclusion you can come up with. I do what I do because I simply enjoy sex. The way it feels, the way it makes me feel, the scent, the sounds that come with it…. I love the feeling of the uninhibited pleasure I get after each orgasm and the unbridled joy of basking in the aftermath. The high of knowing that my next lay is just around the corner and I have no idea who he is yet, is indescribable.

How did I get here? How did I become the woman that wakes up with a new guy at her side every other day? The woman that can’t get a good night sleep unless it’s induced by sexual exhaustion? It really isn’t that much of a mystery.

First sexual experience I had was with another girl. I was 10. I should probably let you know I was a very curious kid. My 12-year-old cousin and her brother came over to our house for the summer holidays. One night as we were having a bath together, I just couldn’t help noticing her budding breasts. The last time I saw her was the previous summer break and she was as bare-chested as a board. (uhm, so was I but that’s not the point).

Tonight though, I honestly couldn’t tear my eyes away. I teased her about it and as expected of any 12-year-old girl, she was really shy about it and told me to cut it out. I continued teasing, then at a point I touched them to see how they felt. She slapped my hands away. I touched again, she hit me the second time. Then the third time, she couldn’t resist and I noticed a look in her eyes when I had a go at the nipples.

She stopped resisting and I continued exploring. Her soft breast sure were enticing to touch, and boy, I wanted to taste them so bad. At that age, I did not know why I had this urge. I just knew I did.

My first taste of an actual nipple (well, the first I can remember) was heavenly. I derived pleasure from her moan and I felt a stir in me I’ve never felt before. That was as far as we went last night, but during the subsequent bath nights, we took it steps further.

That summer holiday changed a lot for me. I became…. aware. I looked at everyone differently and it just seemed all my schoolmates and friends have a secret within them that I couldn’t wait to unleash.

In subsequent years, I perfected the art of self-pleasure, and two days after my 13th birthday, behind the locked doors of my school’s girls’ bathroom, beside the rusted sink, back against the wall, legs spread apart, hands around his waist, I lost my virginity.