The first girl I ever did was my ex-boyfriend’s cousin…..

She used to come to his house a lot to keep me company whenever I was at his place. Once there was this period he installed a Jacuzzi. After the guys who brought it left, the both of us started struggling for who’ll use it first. I should tell you, this girl is hot. A slim body, tiny waist, big boobs and hips that are just perfect.

I wasn’t really into her, as a matter of fact I wasn’t even sure I was into girls. Since my cousin, some years back, I haven’t really been with any girl. In the end we ended up in d jacuzzi together. Somehow we started talking about sex. She asked me if I’d ever been with a girl before and I said I haven’t.

So she told me it’s not a big deal. Said everyone has tried it sometime; some continue and some stop. She then said she would like to show me the ways a girl can touch another girl that guys can’t. All this time we were talking, I could feel myself getting turned on and the fact that she kept rubbing her feet against me was not helping.

Soon after, we stepped out, dried up and went to my ex’s room. As I bent to apply some cream to my feet, she came up from behind me and grabbed me. I stood still ‘cos I was so shocked. Next, she leaned close to me. She turned me round to face her and kissed me, I swear that was what got to me. She pushed me on the bed. As I laid on my back, she started by kissing my feet then slowly licked me all the way up. When she got to my thighs, it was like she was breathing on them and kissing them at the same time.

Slowly she started sucking on my clit. Then she began sucking it harder. She kept alternating between slow and fast and I could feel myself getting so turned on, I was finding it hard to breathe. She then slid a finger in and suddenly it felt like I was gonna go crazy. She slid another finger in and she was sucking and fingering me at the same time.

She turned me over, pushed my butt up, put her head underneath and continued sucking my clit. When I was about to cum, she stopped. I couldn’t help begging her for more. When she continued, she did it so good I exploded on face then she licked me clean and I was horny again.

Then it became my turn for me to pleasure her. I started kissing her, sucking her boobs and fondling them at the same time. This was a huge turn-on for her as she was screaming for me to fuck her.

“Fuck me baby, make me your bitch” she screamed eagerly.

So I spread her legs wider and buried my head in her pussy. I started licking her clit. Gawd, it was hot. As I kept eating her, she couldn’t stop shuddering and moaning. I put two fingers in at once, started fingering her and sucking on her at the same time. I didn’t even notice when she came at first, I just kept on drinking up her cum and her juice tasted really good. At that point, I just wanted her to keep cumming ‘cos I couldn’t get more of the juice.

I turned her over and feasted on her from behind the way she did me, using the 3 fingers to massage her pussy. This time around, I was eagerly expecting her cum and I was not disappointed. I took in all the juice, then cleaned her up with my mouth.

After the experience, we just laid side-by-side, looking into each others’ eyes with a smile on our faces.