I lie on the bed in the dark lit room. I’m still dressed in the black dress I wore out that evening. I hear a noise and feel his presence near me. I look up to see him walk through the door. He smiles at me. Not a warm smile but a cold sexual smile, his eyes scream power and desire. I feel my heart rate accelerate as I begin to anticipate his moves. He walks towards the bed where I lie. As he reaches me I feel a strong pull like a magnetic field drawing me to him. The need to be close to him so strong. I sit up as he reaches me staring into his dark eyes.

He traces a finger across my jaw line and places his thumb against my lips. We stare into each other’s eyes then he presses his thumb firmer to my lips and I part them letting his thumb enter my warm mouth. I suck on it briefly watching his expression all the time. He smiles again and pulls it out of my mouth.

“Just warming your pretty little mouth up little one,” he purrs.

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I continue to stare innocently up at him. He reaches down and strokes my long hair down my back until he reaches the zip of the dress. He slowly pulls the zip down and I feel the silky material fall away from my skin. He takes my hand and pulls me to my feet the silky material falling to the floor and pooling at my feet. I feel vulnerable as he studies every inch of my body with only my skimpy lace lingerie to protect me. He guides me out of my heels and slowly lays me back down on the bed. He moves away and returns holding something.

Before I can breathe my eyes are covered and the room goes dark. My senses heighten and I feel so aroused by this silent game he’s playing with me. I hear him move round the room while I lie still totally at his mercy giving my body to him. I jump as I feel his cold hands between my legs. He rubs the material of my knickers into my pussy soaking them. The feeling of the course lace against my most sensitive area is strangely nice and I can feel and hear how wet I am. He rubs harder and pushes his finger and the material inside me further soaking them. Once they are soaked with my wetness he grabs there waist band and pulls them down my legs and off me. It goes quiet for a second and then my mouth is being forced open and something wet and soft being pushed in. I choke slightly on my wet knickers and then begin to taste myself. This very much turns me on the way he silently controls me.

I feel something sharp a blade or a knife maybe lightly trace my skin from my pussy up to the centre but of my bra. With one forceful action he cuts my bra open and pushes the cups aside with the blade grazing over my soft tits. I am so exposed and at his mercy his dominance pinning me to the bed. I hear him move around the room again. All of a sudden I squeal through my gag. The cold sensation of the ice on my clit sends waves over me. He gently circles the ice cube over my clit making me moan through the gag. I hear him laugh quietly clearly enjoying toying with me. The circles fall lower and then rise back up to focus again on my clit. The second the ice reaches my clit I recoil with pleasure again as I feel him insert a couple of ice cubes inside my pussy. I wiggle and moan it hurts but it’s so arousing all at the same time. I feel his cold hand fall heavy on my chest pushing me down into the bed holding me still. The ice is unbearable and my body doesn’t know how to feel. I let out a few pathetic muffled cries but they go ignored. The ice on my clit melts and all that remains is his thumb circling that numb tended spot while the ice inside me makes my body twist with pleasure.

As the feeling in my clit returns his thumb works harder working that spot that controls me bringing me closer and closer to the edge. I can feel myself about to come I’m so close his thumb circling fast and fast building me higher. I reach my climax but just as I begin to fall a cold shock of ice hits my clit and I gasp once again choking on my soaked underwear. I pout inside feeling the frustration build inside me.

I hear him move again and lie still feeling the melted ice cubes trickle out of my pussy. Embarrassed he might have seen I feel myself turn red. After what seems like hours I feel his hands on my bare thighs and he lifts and slides me further up the bed. He opens my legs as far as they will go and I feel his body over mine. I moan as I feel his hard cock sink inside me stretching me open. He fucks me hard touching my body all over and grabbing me like he can’t get enough. I moan through my gag I can feel my lost orgasm begin to build again as his cock repeatedly forces me open and fucks against all the right places. I can feel he’s close too his breathing is fast and he’s fucking me for himself bringing himself to the edge.

Before I can topple off my climax mountain he pulls out and drags me up and down onto the floor on my knees. I’m blind still and I feel his hot cum pour onto my face.

“Open your mouth” he growls in a hoarse voice.

I do and his cock slides in and I lick and taste the mix of both of us off him. He runs his fingers through my hair forcing my head onto his cock. I suck and push him deep down my throat tasting the last few drips of cum that seep out into my mouth.

Then I feel a strap tug on my hair as he pulls me off his cock. He pulls me to my feet and guides me across the room. I can feel his cum run down my face. We stop and he stands naked behind me. My eyes burn as he removes the blind fold. I’m faced with my naked body in the mirror. My mouth gagged and cum all over my face. I stare awkwardly at myself and then I find his piercing eyes staring at me in the mirror. We lock and he slowly traces his hand down my stomach to my pussy.

With one hand fixing me still his free hand begins to play with the now very sensitive and over aroused folds of skin between my legs. He plays and flicks and circles it causes me great pleasure. As I bend and my legs buckle I’m met with the force of his grip and remain fixed in position. I watch myself cum watch the ripples take over my body watch his face as he brings me to the highest edge and then throws me over it. He releases me and I fall to the floor my body unable to support itself. I fall to his feet and I look up at him he reaches down and pulls the dripping knickers from my mouth.

“What do you say little one?” He asks.

“Thank you Master.” I reply.