Continuation From PART 1

This was it.

“Yeah sweetie, I’m in here. I’ll be down in a second.” My dad replied. He was out of breath, his cock still fully buried in my cunt.

“Okay then. When you find Steph bring her down too. I got pizza.” The sound of retreating footsteps let us know we had escaped. The joy of it all made me clench my pussy around his cock and my dad, in a look I will never forget, yelped and quickly buried his face into my neck as he dick gave a final squirt, his cum pulsing out of his cock and into my womb. His moan saying it all. We were definitely doing this again.



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After nearly getting caught by my mother the intensity of sex between my dad and I increased. My father fucked me like he couldn’t get enough, every night and multiple times. In my bed we whispered dirty thoughts to one another, things we’d never dare say in the light. I begged him to fuck my cunt, telling him that Mom would be here soon and he needed to dump his load before his wife found out. He would whisper in my ear that he loved my cunt so much that when he fucked my mom he thought of me. That line always got me going,
causing my muscles to clench around his shaft, and more than once bringing me to full orgasm.
In a way we both knew we were heading down a dark path. Something had changed, instead of just wanting sex from me like before my Dad needed it. On one occasion, when circumstances demanded we couldn’t be together for three days, he nearly went crazy. When I returned from my training camp he had immediately pounced on me. Pushing me across the living room and into the kitchen he took me right then and there. On our dining room table, his cock peeking out from the zipper in his pants and my tight skirt pulled down around my ankles. It had been the first time we had fucked fully clothed, and I knew that day had marked a change in our relationship. Gone was the foreplay and sweet nothings, I was constantly wet and my dad was constantly hard. In less than two minutes we had both came on that table, as if the mere thought of fucking set off a switch in our brains. I was helpless to the desire. I needed it as much as him. Even if I hated every second of it.

Then there would come those times where I would see us together, Dad, Mom and me, all of us sitting down watching TV or going out to eat. Those times I could almost see us as a normal family. But then when my Mom turned her eyes away I saw the look on my Dad’s face, saw the barely controlled lust and felt my insides leak at the thought. I wanted more than anything to give my Mom the family she so thought she had. Yet a part of me knew that the minute my Dad and I stopped fucking was the day something in me would die. I was torn, and more often than not the selfish side of me won.

Still, all that changed the minute I got my first boyfriend. Although I was already at the appropriate age to be dating my unusual circumstance had deterred me from it. My dad had made me see all men as pigs, and I steered away from anything with a dick, especially teenage boys, who seemed to be controlled by them. But the intensity of sex between my dad and I led me to seek out a relationship. I needed to take control of our situation and getting a boyfriend would allow me that. In the back of my mind I hoped it would be the cure to saving my family.

Needless to say my dad was none too happy with the change. I hadn’t told him that I was going out and by our fourth date, a week after I had agreed to be his girlfriend, I let Mom know, hoping that if she told Dad herself it would prevent the crazy outburst I knew he was bound to have. So that night my Dad found out his sex toy was dating a teenage boy hours after he could do anything about it. I was already off to the movies with Ricky, who just so happened to be one of the most attractive and well-built guys at my school. I had picked him because of his rather bad reputation with the girls. Multiple friends had revealed him to be the best fuck they ever had and that, more than anything else, made me want him. If he could make me cum without thinking about my dad then I would know things weren’t as bad as they seemed. If I could have a healthy sexual appetite away from home there would be hope for me later on in life. I needed to know if I could cum on a cock other than my father’s, and Ricky was the perfect guy for the job.

The movie was a drag, some chick flick about a girl with amnesia and her husband who tries to help her through it. I knew the only reason Ricky had brought me to it was to soften me up. He was pulling all the stops: roses, chocolate, a sappy movie, a romantic dinner. This had only been our fourth date but I could tell he wanted sex. Everything he did was thought out, structured to bring me to my knees with desire. I could see the whole plan mapped out just by looking into his eyes. In it he expressed a tightly coiled desire for sex, a barely controlled lust. You didn’t live in my house and do the things I did without being able to recognize that look, to recognize when a man wanted sex. Ricky’s eyes screamed fuck me, and I was more than willing to oblige.

We went to his apartment, his parents were some rich real estate agents who were constantly out of town. They gave him the apartment out of pity, he had told me that on our third date, and he lived it up as the bachelor pad it was meant to be. Walking through the door I could practically smell all the other girls who had been there before me. The living room was nicely made. Couches that perfectly matched the tile on the floor and the painted accents on the walls. Magazines lay on the coffee table along with the remote to the gigantic flat screen TV situated on the opposite side. The place had obviously been designed with comfort and class in mind. I could only be pleased that it didn’t smell like gym socks and old cum.

“Do you want a drink?” He asked huskily, placing his jacket on the love seat next to me. He thought that I was nervous, which was cute, any other girl in my predicament would be. But I had been having sex for a long time. Sex didn’t make me nervous, if anything it made me that much more bolder.

Shaking my head to let him know I most definitely did not want a drink I motioned with my finger for him to follow. There was only one bedroom in this place, and I was determined to lead him to it. Walking backwards I began undoing my clothes, Ricky trailing after me like a drooling puppy dog. I kicked off my shoes in the hallway, shed off my jacket in the threshold to his room, and slipped off my jeans right before I backed into his bed. The room was large, the bed big enough to allow two people all the fun they desired.

I stood facing him, my shirt and panties still on, my face pulled together in a sexy look I knew drove guys wild. It screamed fuck me, and the look always managed to work on my father.

I quickly shook off the thought of my dad from my mind, instead watching as Ricky threw off his shirt and unbuckled his jeans. He was nervous, obvious from the slight tremor in his hands. Could this be the first time a girl initiated sex with him? Considering Ricky’s playboy reputation the idea made perfect sense. He was used to seducing the girls, he was not the seducee.

The thought left me feeling a little unpleasant and I, deciding Ricky was taking way to long getting his damn pants off, reached out to help him. Reaching forward I unzipped his jeans and pushed down his pants, gasping at the huge budge his underwear barely concealed. He was big, my girlfriends had told me so, but what I saw said that and more. He was really, really big. Not even missing a beat I pulled down his boxer shorts, smiling when his ten inch erect cock popped to action. It was already purple from the strain, and at full mast waiting to serve me. My mouth drooled at the thought.

By the time I had slipped out of all my clothes and pushed Ricky back onto the bed my pussy was absolutely soaked. We were both naked, his dick even harder than before. Slowly I crawled onto the bed, placing fast kisses on the head of his member, reaching down and cupping his balls I brought his cock into my mouth. I was good at giving blow jobs. Unlike the other girls at my school I had years of experience. I could tell Ricky noticed my skill because for one rumored to bang so many girls it only took a couple deep throating pushes for him to cum in my mouth. His lack of restraint surprised me as I tried to swallow as much as I could, some of it succeeding in escaping my mouth. It dripped onto my breasts. Without thinking I sexily licked it up, sneaking glances at him, knowing my actions would make him red with lust. I wasn’t disappointed, Ricky was more than intrigued, smiling down at me with a look of pure contentment. Yet the longer I looked at his face the more I realized my heart had stopped cold. I had made a horrible mistake. The boy was falling in love.

His eyes said it all, filled with both concern and happiness. Concern over my well-being but happiness over having felt so much pleasure. He was lightly stroking my hair, apologizing for letting out his load so fast and promising me that me that if I waited a couple minutes he would make me feel equally as great. I couldn’t do this to him. As much as I wanted to do him, to prove to my dad I could fuck who I wanted when I wanted, I couldn’t bring Ricky into my lies. He may have been a high school player but he was innocent too. A high school boy didn’t need to get his heart broken by a girl who knew way too much about sex for her own good. I wouldn’t turn him into the monster my dad had turned me into. He didn’t deserve it.

The ride home was uneventful. Ricky kept asking me what was wrong, surprised that I had made us leave his apartment without even getting mine. There was worry laced in his words, a fact that made me feel even more guilty.

“Was it that I made you swallow?” he asked.

I laughed, because of all things to make me upset swallowing was furthest from my mind. “No, Ricky,” I said. “I just don’t want to do it. I’m kind of tired and I want to go home.”

The rest of the ride was filled with tension I knew had been placed there by me. When Ricky tried to reassuringly grasp my hand while driving I jumped away from him, more out of instinct than thought. My dad had always done that. When it was just me and him, when Mom was out of town for work, he would pick me up from school and reach over to grab my hand. It was his way of telling me that we would have loud and unrestrained sex later that night. It was his way of showing his excitement for what was to come.

“Just tell me Stephanie. Did I do something wrong?” We were pulling into my driveway.

“No babe,” I assured, squeezing his shoulders supportingly. “But you may be dead if you don’t get out of here right now. My mom finally told my dad we’re going out and if he sees you he’ll kill you.” The look on Ricky’s face told me all I needed to know. He was scared of my father, probably afraid that he would stop me from seeing him. He had no idea that in the issue of sex my dad was his competition.

I waved goodbye, fishing out my keys and opening the front door. I carefully placed my bag down and hung my coat in the closet. I didn’t need to turn around to know what I would see. It was midnight but I knew my dad was up and sitting behind me in his love seat. I cautiously turned around, taking my time and cringing at what I saw behind my dad’s eyes.

Anger, hurt, confusion, and jealousy. A whole lot of jealousy.

“Steph,” he stood up, walking up to me and gently nudging me against the front door. “Did you let that boy touch you?” Of all the things
my dad could have said at this moment it was those words that broke into me the most. Did he care about anything but sex?

My dad, taking my lack of a response as a bad sign, shoved his lips against mine, his hands roaming over my body without restraint. His grasp hurt, and the fire in his kiss alluded that there would be more to come tonight. He wanted my body and as his underage lover I was obliged to give it to him.

“Did you let him fuck you baby,” he asked, tugging my shirt off and squeezing my breasts through my bra. I squirmed against his touch, uncomfortable at how wet I was becoming. “Did he stick his teenage cock in your cunt?” With every word my dad’s anger intensified, his touch was forceful now, almost demanding. It was as if he hoped pushing hard enough against me would erase Ricky from my mind. My dad had become a desperate man, a man who desperately wanted his daughter and desperately did not want anyone else to delight in the pleasure.

“Steph do you hear me?” His voice was gruff, his hands cold, and as he spoke he unclasped my bra expertly. “Did he touch you?” He grabbed my face between his hands, forcing me to look at him. Our eyes locked, I could tell he knew the truth by looking into them. Just as I could tell that a part of him refused to believe it.

I nodded weakly. It was true, Ricky had touched me.

“What did he do baby?” He was still holding me firmly in his gaze, although his hands had dropped from my head and had begun to lightly slide along my body, fondling my sensitive skin. I stood still, scared what his reaction would be.

“Did he kiss you?” he asked. I nodded.

“Did he touch your tits?” he questioned. I shook my head yes.

My dad’s voice had begun to get more frantic. “Did he put his cock in you?” The answer to this question would make or break him. Looking into his eyes I could see the hurt. Just asking the question gave him pain.

I nodded no.

At that my dad smiled, he leaned over and began placing kisses along my face. My eyebrows, my nose, my lips. “Oh baby. I knew you wouldn’t fuck him. I knew you couldn’t do that to daddy.” His tone was jovial, as if he had known all along what I would do. As if I was his puppet and he expected so.

I pushed away, not wanting any part of this sex game we played with each other. “I sucked his cock.” I announced, keeping him an arms length away, looking into his eyes as I revealed the truth. “I put him deep in my mouth. He said I was best he ever had,” with every word my dad’s face dropped. “I swallowed his thick, hot cum but he came so hard that I couldn’t swallow it all. Some dripped on my boobs and I licked it off in front of him.”

My dad’s face was frozen in shock, his expression clouded to prevent me from reading his thoughts. I wanted to break this trance he was in. He fucked my mom whenever he wanted and he thought he had the right to tell me who I could and couldn’t be with. Even if our relationship was taboo I wanted equality. I wanted him to see that I had options too. His cock wasn’t the only one I longed for.

Breaking the eternity of silence he whispered, pain obvious in his voice. “How could you honey?” Leaning his head into the crook of my neck, he rested against my skin. “If you wanted cock daddy could’ve given it to you. You know I have what you need.”

“This isn’t about that dad,” I complained, resisting the urge to pull him closer. “We can’t keep doing this. Me and you. I need to date guys. I’m going to get married some day and have kids. I can’t be with you forever. Our sex was bound to end one day and you know that.”

“I know Steph,” he admonished. He lifted up his head as his hands resumed their assault against my breasts. “But for now you serve daddy’s cock.” Something in his eyes flickered, like a shade that would stop him from accepting the truth. “I know you love it. I see it in your eyes. You want it right now. That’s why you couldn’t let that boy stick it in you. Only I have what you need.” His hands tugged at my jeans, forcing them down. My dad had failed to get the message. All he could think about was sex. He was an animal.

An animal who was making me wetter than Ricky ever could.

I gave up, the pleasure overwhelming me as I allowed his smooth fingers to pull down my underwear and slip into my cunt. He moved in and out, slow at the right times and fast when I needed it. The overwhelming sensations pushed me further into the front door. I didn’t even care if Mom was sleeping upstairs, my dad was going to fuck me. I needed him to fuck me.

“Dad,” I whispered huskily, eager to see the cock that had spoiled me for other cocks. Ricky’s may have been huge but my dad’s was perfect. It was long and thick, always ready for his daughter’s pussy. Always ready to make me scream. When he pulled it out I sank onto my knees before him, sucking cock for the second time that day. I brought it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip in a way I knew drove him wild. I fondled his balls, bringing my mouth to the end of his shaft, his cock buried deep in my throat. I hummed, the vibrations making it twitch in my mouth.

“Yes baby,” my dad’s hands pushed my head further into his crotch. “Is daddy’s dick better than that boy’s? Suck me Steph, suck me off and drink all my cum. I’ll be the last juice you swallow tonight, not some pimply faced teenager’s.” If only he knew how much of a catch Ricky was, but now wasn’t the time, my dad’s cock had grown thicker, I knew his load would come soon.

“That’s right honey, daddy’s going to cum. Swallow. Swallow. Swallow the cum that made you.” His dick spasmed in my mouth, shooting its load so far down my throat I barely had time to taste it. With a last twitch he leaned over, reaching down and bringing me to my feet. His lips smashed against mine.

“That was so good sweetheart,” he gasped out, his fingers playing lightly with my nipple. “You know daddy’s is the only cock that should cum in your throat like that. No one else’s. Just mine.” With his words he began to push me back up against the front door, lifting my leg up and exposing my glistening pussy. With each word he brushed the tip of his cock along my slit. He pushed in a little, teasing me with his hard shaft.

“I took my little blue pill today baby. When Mommy told me you were out with a boy I knew you would come home wanting this cock. So don’t worry about daddy, this erection aint going nowhere.” His teasing intensified. He sucked my neck, making me arch my back in ecstasy.

“Whose cock do you want?” he asked.

“Yours daddy,” I whispered.

“Not that boy you were with?” he remarked, pushing in a little more for emphasis.

“No daddy. Not his, just yours.” His teasing was driving me insane. I had never wanted him this badly in my entire life. I needed his cock so much it hurt.

“Daddy,” I continued. “Please give it to me. I want it so bad. Please.” I was begging, and although at any other time the thought would’ve made me sick, now it only served to make me wet. He felt so good. No man had ever made me feel this good.

“I know baby. I’m going to give it to you.” He slipped in, eliciting a scream from deep within my chest, loud enough to wake up the neighbors, let alone my mother. But still I didn’t care, as long as the bitch didn’t discover us before he made me cum on his thick rod.

“This is the only cock that will ever enter your pussy,” he demanded, gently sliding in further. “Only my cock.” It was torturous, he had given me the cock I wanted but not at the pace I needed. I wanted to be drilled. He was taking his time.

“Okay Dad,” I relented. “Only you.” With reassurance my dad finally began his assault, the fire under his ass igniting his drive. His cock pounded in and out, so fast and so good. I threw myself on him, making him catch my weight as I wrapped my legs around his back, his strong arms digging into my thighs. Our sex had been this good in the beginning. When he had first made me cum I had shook with the intensity of it all. Now he was doing the same. He was making me cum like he had that first time. With mom upstairs and all he was pushing it in me. He needed my pussy as much as I needed his cock.

I was going to cum, right in the front hallway I was going to squeeze my pussy around my dad’s cock and cum like no tomorrow. His dick was going so deep it hurt, but still my body refused to process the pain. I just continued rising up and down with him, letting him violate my innermost place. My orgasm was building so high the thought of what was to come made me squirm. We could be caught at any minute, we weren’t even being quiet, but still my dad gave it to me.

I looked up into his eyes. His brown eyes that were identical to mine. His face said it all. He wanted to cum too, but he was going to show me how a real man fucked. He was going to give it all to me before he filled me with his baby spunk.

His pace quickened, my legs clamping around him tighter as the peak washed over me. “DADDDDYYY!!!” I screamed, his cock continuing to plunge in and out. “I’M CUMMMINNG! I’m cuming on your daddy cock.” My world nearly went black, my pussy quivered and I swear I was going to pass out from the shear power of it.

But my dad had taken viagra and he wouldn’t stop. He kept pounding into me. He wasn’t even scared. My last scream had been the loudest and I just knew my mother would wake. Yet here he was, his pace continuing on. He didn’t even slow. He wanted to give me another one, I could feel it in his thrusts.

“Baby I have an idea,” he said. At that point I would have gone to hell and back for him.

“Let’s fuck in my room. Daddy wants to cum while looking at your mother.”

The frankness of his words instantly jolted me out of my sex filled daze. I pushed back a little, surprised beyond belief. “Dad, she’ll wake up. Are you crazy? No way.”

“There’s no other way baby. I need release. Seeing your mom will push me over the edge. Seeing her while I pound your pussy will make me cum. You want me to cum don’t you?” The entire time he spoke he continued to pillage my cunt, his cock as stiff as a board. I knew he needed it. My dad was a lightweight when it came to viagra. He usually only took it for the long weekends we had to ourselves. If he took too much or fucked too much the medicine worked against him. Eventually his erection would stop him from having any orgasm. His face told me what I already knew. He wanted to cum so badly he would risk his marriage and freedom over it.

I nodded my consent and let him carry me up the stairs, his arm muscles tense with the extra weight. He brought me into the room, opening the door quietly and slipping us inside. As he turned around to close the door I saw my mom’s form lying on the bed. Her legs were stretched over the blankets, her pale naked skin shimmering in the moonlight.

“Did you fuck her tonight” I hissed. It was obvious he had. Her hair was messy, a smile on her face that I knew only came from a good fucking. I had been such a fool. I had actually believed that he would have the courtesy to not push my mother’s cunt juices into me with his cock. It was sick. My dad was sick.

“I had to Steph. The viagra began working earlier than I thought. She saw my erection and offered to help. She is my wife you know.” His whisperings did nothing to control the situation. Just like he had been jealous about Ricky I found myself jealous now. My Mom had fucked him way too much, granted it had brought me into the world, but other than than she had taken what belonged to me. Her presence had forced him to leave me every night after our love making and go back to her bed. She would pay for it. Her husband was going to fuck right here. He was going to cum in me harder than he ever had in her. The anger I felt over the whole thing was slightly surprising, but with my dad’s cock still in me I could only feel jealously towards the woman on the bed.

Hobbling over, he took a seat on a chair on the other side of room, the chair my mother used every morning to put on her makeup. The position allowed him to look at Mom while I faced the vanity mirror behind us. Sitting the way we were gave me the perfect view of my mother, her reflection in the mirror making me angrier by the second. I smiled, for once my dad was choosing me.

With us settled he began his assault. Slowly at first he bounced me up and down his pole, for once his eyes not trained on my face but instead trained on my mothers sleeping form. With each bounce he grew harder, his cock lengthening inside me. The taboo nature of our coupling was making me as wet as ever and even if I had just cum I felt my pussy clench with desire. I wanted us to go over the edge together. Cum together with my mom right there.

Except there was a small problem. My dad didn’t like fucking with me on top. He wanted the dominance, he wanted to be the one to give that final thrust. I knew he was like this, had known since the first time we had fucked, but naive as I was I hoped the extra stimulation of having his wife nearby would allow his cock to squirt while in this submissive position. I was wrong.

“Step I need to get on top,” he was getting agitated, his voice hoarse. He was close, I could tell. “I can’t cum like this. Please I have to push into you.”

I stood up then, eager to have him thrust into me. He stood up too, hoisting my left leg up to open my cunt for his taking. With his other hand he reached down, guiding his throbbing member back into my depths, sinking in as if he had never left. I could see our reflection in the mirror, our naked bodies joining together as a helpless woman lay bare on the bed. My dad plunged into my pussy over and over, looking at her and violating me.

“Do you like watching her sleep?” I asked seductively, the heat of the moment consumed me and I lightly nipped at his ear. “Are you going to cum while she sleeps there? Are you going to put your babies in me while my Mom is only feet away?”

With the push of my words giving him strength my dad stuck his cock as far as it could in me, fucking in and out with fury. His thrusts were so powerful they sent me stumbling back. I panicked, gripping him tighter as I lost my balance, both of us falling onto the bed. Him on top and me on bottom, my head less than a foot away from my mother’s chest. Panic set in and I tried to push him off of me. The movement would wake her. She would see.

But my dad was too far gone by then. With his wife on the bed he ravaged my hot cunt, taking his pleasure from me as he continued moving in and out. As his hands reached over to twist my nipples he bent down and captured my mouth in a passion filled kiss. Just as his cock did his tongue plundered my mouth. I glanced at my mother, praying that she wouldn’t wake.

Suddenly my dad hit the spot. The spot deep within me that drove me wild. I gasped into his mouth, biting my tongue to keep in the screams building in my throat. He broke our kiss, stood up and brought my legs to the edge of the bed. In this position my pussy dangled off the edge, the perfect position for him to enter.

He plunged into me again, holding my legs wide apart he pounded me, in and out, the sounds of our bodies slapping together in perfect rhythm filling the room. He watched my mom, his eyes flickering from her to me as he continued moving his cock. He bottomed out, his eyes trained on her. My release hit and I bit my lip, doing my best to keep quiet, afraid I would break the forbidden silence we had created. I spasmed around his cock, my dad giving a small grunt to let me know he felt it too.

He leaned forward, his breath hot against my ear. “Baby you’re so tight. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum in you.” He straightened up once again and like a man on a mission he ground his hips against mine, pushing against my sensitive pussy that still spasmed around his meat. His eyes locked on my mother, in and out, in and out. He was lengthening, the cum ready to erupt. With one final thrust he groaned, leaning over and burying his face into my breasts to stop his screams, beneath us I felt his cock twitch his baby juice filling me completely. It was warm and plentiful, just as it had been when he filled my Mom all those years ago.

I lay perfectly still, my dad’s cock continuing to twitch within me. My mother hadn’t moved an inch, something I was incredibly grateful for. I watched her sleep even as I felt the cum leak out of my cunt and drip onto the sheets. I panicked slightly. If my Mom saw the stains she would know. There was still a chance she could wake.

“She had a headache after sex and took a sleeping pill,” my dad stated, his breath ragged against my chest. The release had taken a lot out of him and nearly all his weight rested against me. The heat from his body made me squirm. “I would’ve told you earlier but the look on your face stopped me. The look of panic made me that much more horny.” I lay there, shocked at his words.

“She won’t get up. She’s out.” At that he brushed the topic aside. “Do you want to go again?”

I gasped, his cock pushing further into me. In my anxiety I had failed to notice how hard his cock still was. We had crossed a line, feeling him in me I knew what we had done was damn near unforgivable. This was extreme, and knowing my dad he would need something even more extreme to bring him to climax again. I just hoped he didn’t cum on Mom after fucking me. That would be sick.

And of course that is what he did.

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