The remorse I felt over my whole situation knew no bounds. When I had banged my dad with my mother on the bed jealously had overridden my addled brain but now, with a clear conscience, I began to realize the severity of my actions.




I had desacralized my parent’s marriage bed and disrespected my mother’s role as the woman of the house. Further still I had permanently broken things off with Ricky, giving up on the idea of trying to develop a healthy, intimate relationship with someone other than my father. Things were going really sour really fast.

As I said before the sex between my father and I had reached an all time peak. We fucked like rabbits. I couldn’t get enough of him. There was literally no place we hadn’t screwed in the house. We had banged in the shower, on the living room carpet, on the stairs. Everywhere you looked we had touched. Less than a day ago I let my dad take me as I draped myself over the bathroom sink. We had been getting ready for our day, me for school and him for work, when he slipped into the bathroom, shutting the door firmly behind him. My mom was downstairs making breakfast and we were upstairs doing it doggy style.

That was another frightening aspect of our relationship, the voyeurism of it all. We had found that sex was ten times better when we risked getting caught, especially by my mother. After that one night when we had fucked with her in the bed we had begun searching for places to excite us. We had even driven up to Kissing Peak, a popular rest stop for kids looking to have some fun. My dad fucked me in our Toyota Corolla as if we were some inexperienced teenagers. The couples around us couldn’t see in the car, thanks to tinted windows, but I was sure they heard us. When I thought about how the others would have no way of knowing the incest going on in the stall next to them I got wet. My dad and I had become a risqué couple, well sex wise that is.

Slowly I found myself hating our situation less and less. Before I had resented my dad for everything he had done, but now as our relationship matured I found myself enjoying our love making sessions more and more. When we had sex he would tell me how much he loved me, how he had never been with anyone who felt so good, how I was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Even I couldn’t keep my proclamations from tumbling out of my mouth. When he took me, slowly and with care, I would grab him by the neck and bring him as close to me as possible, whispering in his ear that I loved him and this was my way of showing it. The frantic forbidden sex may have been great, but it was those slow and languid unions that really showed our true colors.

So in a way you could say that I was both remorseful over our situation and determined to keep it going. The only thing that really made me reconsider my priorities was when I had to sit through my mother and father having sex. My bedroom may have been separated from theirs by the bathroom and a spare bedroom but I could hear my mother’s moans clear as day. Late at night I would toss and turn, pushing a pillow over my head to drown out the noises she was making on the cock I considered mine. It didn’t help that my dad would moan at the same level. His grunts unrestrained and echoing throughout the house. For a man who claimed to think of me when with her he sure had no problem cumming. On more than one occasion he had fucked her multiples times in one night, falling asleep exhausted and not even bothering to see to my needs. Each time it happened I would mull over our relationship. How could we ever justify a relationship with my mother in the house? Were we really in love if he could just as easily cum in her as he did in me?

Those questions kept rattling around my brain, driving me crazy with the implications they held. When my father came to me one night after pounding my mother especially hard I vocalized my concerns.

“I’m just saying that you sure do cum in her without any effort,” I hissed. We were having an argument. His cock didn’t want to get erect after he had just cum in my mother. Not even the sight of my naked body was getting a rise out of it.

“You know I think of you when I do it baby. We’ve been over this.” His tone was that of a father reprimanding his daughter, not a man soothing his lover’s worries.

“Then why is it so easy for you? I hear your sounds. Tonight didn’t even take five minutes. You must have one hell of an imagination.” I grabbed the blanket and pulled it against my body. I may have been naked but my father was fully dressed and sitting on the desk chair opposite my bed. It didn’t escape my notice that more often than not I was the one without clothes, baring my skin for him to see while he lay hidden behind layers of clothing.

“I only think of you.” His promises were empty and yet I so wanted to believe them. Everything would be okay if I could actually believe I was the only one on his mind. But he had made me with my mother, I knew her body held at least some appeal to him.

“I don’t have to explain myself,” he continued, his voice was demanding as he raked his hands through his hair. “I told you the truth and whether or not you believe me is your deal.”

Is that what he really thought?

“I’m not the one who just got fucked Dad,” I explained gruffly. “That was you. If you want me to believe what you say then prove it. The sight of my body should’ve gotten you hard by now. It always has before, obviously something is different if it isn’t now.” I threw off the covers and stood up, facing him without a stitch of clothing on. I did cheerleading and cross country. Cheerleading gave me a bubble butt and perky boobs, while cross country gave me shapely legs and a flat stomach. I knew I looked good. My height may have been average and my boobs decent size but I knew all in all I was a catch. The boys at school payed attention, so why was my dad not getting hard seeing me like this?

“Are you getting tired of me?” The question had to be asked, even if the answer wasn’t one I wanted to know. “Have we been together too much recently? Is my body not enough for you anymore?” I turned around to show him my ass and bent over sexily. Him not getting hard was a blow to my ego, I needed him to find me irresistible.

Now bent over I opened my legs a little to give him a straight line of vision to my wet cunt. Shaking my booty back and forth I licked my finger and reached down to tease my clit. My dad’s eyes were drinking in the sight of me, yet a quick glance between his legs let me know his member wasn’t finding the view as good as I would have hoped.

Straightening up with a huff I walked over and sat in his lap. “Maybe we should stop Dad. It’s almost Christmas break anyway so you can take off and we can have each other all day. We’ve been having too much sex. You see my body too much. It’s not even making you hard anymore.”

“Maybe you’re right honey.” My heart clenched at those words. “I love you but I’m getting older and I don’t think I can keep up the pace we’re getting at. Let’s just wait two weeks until your break starts. I assure you if you keep me waiting that long my old buddy here will be more than willing to stand at full attention to your hot ass.” With his reassuring words he slowly slipped a finger down and drew soft circles around my clit. His touch sent my skin aflame, letting me know that for me the desire I had for him still burned red hot. His touch was electrifying as his middle finger gently pushed into my opening. Rather than a fast fucking my dad knew what I wanted and gave it to me slow. In and out at a pace that kept me satisfied but still wanting more. Even cramped up on this chair together I felt my heart swell with love for him. He could die tomorrow and I would still love him for eternity. He knew what I wanted before I even did. His thoughts were in sync with mine, it was as if we were one person.

He increased the pace, his fingers curling slightly inside of me. I leaned my head back as his lips sought after my nipple, taking my right breast into his mouth with the expertise of a man who knew his woman. With each push into me he would suck my breast harder, a double whammy of feelings that left me wanting more. By now he had pushed three fingers into me and was moving at his fastest pace. I couldn’t keep down the mewls of pleasure that surfaced. The pleasure I felt with just his fingers was pushing me off the edge. His mouth was so hot on my nipple I reached forward and forced his head down to suck harder. I was almost there. His fingers were bringing me to my climax. He was so good, how I could have doubted him I don’t know. My peak was coming. I could feel it and so could he because just before it crashed over me he pulled away from my breast.

“Oh Mary that is so sexy.” There was no stopping it, he had already pushed me past my threshold, my pussy clenched around his fingers, pulling them further in and covering them in my juices. Mary was my mother’s name.


After that night I couldn’t bear to look at my father again. He had apologized profusely for his slip of tongue. He blamed the lack of sleep he had the night before, the fact that he had just had to please her, a fact he assured me he wanted no part of, heck he even blamed me for having a pussy that looked so much like my mothers. He blamed everything but the truth, which was that even if he loved me and loved doing me, he still loved my mother. There was no other way around it. It was the truth, and boy did it hurt.

I knew I needed to get out of the house, if nothing else to clear my mind away from the twisted excuse we called a family. My aunt in Florida had no kids and had always begged me to come down and visit her. The day after the incident with my father I called her, and when she asked if my parents had agreed to the arrangement I said yes. My father wouldn’t dare fight me on this unless he wanted a full throttle meltdown. I would be gone for the whole month we had of Christmas vacation. A month to think of anything but my father.

I let my parents know of my plans two days before I was set to leave. My aunt had already payed for the ticket, as I said she had no kids and no husband and was always looking for a way to spend her money. I told my parents over dinner. My mother was rather shocked at the revelation until I explained to her that Aunt Peggy had called me a couple days ago begging me to come over because she just couldn’t handle being alone anymore. I hadn’t wanted to miss Christmas with my family so of course I refused at first, but seeing her so distraught changed my mind and I decided to visit. My mother accepted the lie as truth and moved on but from a small glance at my father I could see the storm brewing behind his eyes. We hadn’t been together in nearly two weeks, not since he had said my mother’s name. It was the longest we had gone without a tryst in recent memory. I knew he must be hurting and a part of me hoped he was hurting physically as much as I was hurting emotionally.

I just knew he would come to me that night so I put on a pair of button up sleep pants and a long sleeved shirt. I wasn’t going to give into his advances. If nothing else I was going to make it harder for him to get to my sex.

Right on cue my father cracked open my door, it was 11:45pm. My mother typically went to sleep at 11:30 and as always he had waited fifteen minutes to make sure she was sound asleep before coming to me. Every action he took in our relationship was to make sure my mother wasn’t disturbed. Our silent fucking was evident enough. I had to stifle my screams so I didn’t wake her. I got sloppy seconds after her. Everything he did was for her.

I couldn’t bear to face him, aware that the minute I saw the hurt in his eyes my resolve would crumble to bits. My decision had been made and I didn’t want him to convince me otherwise. That was the only reason he had come tonight. He knew that he was the only person who could convince me to stay. He fully knew the powers he held over me and he intended to use them.

“Honey, could you at least look at me?” His voice was gentle, comforting, and beautiful. I could feel it begin to eat away at my facade.

He was standing behind me, so close that I felt his body heat against my back. I sat on my bed facing the wall opposite the door, my feet criss-crossed and my hands stiffly at my sides. I refused to look at him and as such he walked around, taking a seat next to me. Although I didn’t want to see his face a force compelled me to look. I turned towards him, seeing the concern hidden in his eyes. His body was tightly coiled, from stress or anger I couldn’t completely tell. Glancing down I could see that he was also hard. The sight of his erection through his shorts nearly did me in. Obviously he wanted me, but then again he hadn’t fucked my mother tonight. Maybe he was just hard because she didn’t give it to him.

“Don’t do this Steph,” his voice snapped my eyes up to his. He tenderly stroked my cheek, our gaze holding. “If you’re trying to prove something it won’t work. I love you and I promise I’m not going anywhere.” It was ridiculous how well he knew me. He hadn’t even considered that with me gone we wouldn’t be together for a whole month. His main priority was helping me and seeing to it that I was not in distress.

I broke our gaze. “I have to Dad. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep being your sex toy.” My voice broke over those last two words. As much as I wanted to call it something different, to call me his lover, his soulmate, his sweetheart, I knew I couldn’t. When everything was said and done I was his sex toy. I did what he wanted when he wanted. When it came to him I had no backbone and no resolve. I was his toy to do with as he pleased.

“Baby you are everything but.” He leaned over and rested his forehead against mine. My hands reached forward and I brushed my fingers through his hair. This hurt way more than I thought it would.

“Stephanie you are my life. You are my daughter, my lover, my soul, my breath. I cannot be without you. I don’t want to be without you.” With every word his voice drove deeper into my heart. “These past two weeks have been horrible, the worst of my life. I think of you every moment, every night. It’s not just my body but my mind that yearns for you. I want to hear your stories about how your day was or what you’re feeling. I want to wake up beside you. I want to be with you forever. I want to fill you with my seed and watch your belly grow round with my child.” I gasped at that last thought. It was something we never discussed but still an issue I had always felt strongly about. I wanted to bear his children. I knew I couldn’t, heck I was his child myself, but still I longed to have his seed grow within me. The thought that he wanted it too brought tears to my eyes.

“I want to love you every moment of every day. You are my everything. Don’t leave, please don’t leave.” It took every ounce of willpower I had not wrap him in my kisses right then and there. When I was thirteen he had come to me just like this, telling me that he loved me so much it was messing with his mind. He told me that his love was so intense it was affecting him physically, my young eyes drifting to his boner at that revelation. That night long ago he had whispered in my ear that he needed me. He longed for me like he had never longed for anyone before.

Sitting here, his forehead against mine and my hands entangled within his hair, memories of those nights flashing in my mind, I pushed away. I would always love him, and who knows, maybe he did love me as he said. But the real reason he was whispering these words instead of proclaiming them with unbridled enthusiasm was because his other lover was sleeping in the room down the hall. Whether or not he knew it every word he had said was a lie. It was a lie because he knew what he had to do to make his dreams a reality and still he didn’t do it. Divorce was all it took, but never once had that thought crossed his mind.

“I can’t Dad.” I whispered, averting my gaze, knowing just what my denial would do to him. I had never walked away after his heartfelt declarations of love. His love was what I craved, and he knew that if his words of affection weren’t enough to bring me to him then our relationship was truly at its breaking point.

“I’m going to Florida. I’m going to think about us and find a solution. I’m going to become a better daughter to Mom and try to find my role as a daughter to you.” My words lingered in the air, stinging and harsh but true nonetheless.

“No baby,” he was pulling me close into his grasp, his strong hands wrapping around my torso and tugging me towards him. I could feel the heat emanating from his body, feel the tension in his neck. His chest was rock solid and sitting here with him reminded me of all those nights we had spent together. Heat filled my body just as it did his and although I didn’t want to I soon found myself becoming aroused. On my bed and wrapped in his arms my insides clenched, an instinct I had developed over these long years.

“I’m not letting you go.” Desperation filled his voice as he placed kisses down my neck, sloppy kisses that set my blood on fire. “I’ll show you what you’ll miss baby. I’ll give it to you like I never did before.” With his words a small part of me jumped at the thought. I wanted him to be with me, in me, but I also knew that it was wrong. I couldn’t succumb so easily to his ministrations again. I needed willpower.

Gently he pushed me against the mattress, his tongue continuing to nibble along my neck. His leg gently nudged its way between my own, opening me up and rubbing me up and down. My pants may still have been on but the heat I felt growing between my loins was as powerful as ever. His hands were moving, one moved under my shirt, bunching up the fabric so he could attack my breast. He squeezed, lovingly and with so much care. My eyes had closed by then, the feelings overwhelming my senses. His lips found mine, trapping me in a kiss loaded with emotions. My gasp was lost into his mouth as I felt his probing tongue swirl around my own. He began to tug at the strings of my pants, removing the first button and working down to pull them off. He was trying to get me naked, distracting me with kisses so he could get to the real prize. My stomach churned at the thought.

Using willpower I never knew I possessed I pushed, shoving him and scooting back further on the bed. He staggered back, shocked at my outburst and more than a little hurt over my choice. I looked over him. His hair was beautifully messy, his lips swollen from our kisses, and his erection straining against the fabric of his shorts. He was the vision of perfection. A vision a daughter was never meant to see.

“Stop dad,” my voice broke, he had begun to reach for me again and I feared anymore of his kisses would destroy my restraint. “Please just stop.” My eyes met his and I hoped he saw the grief written across my face. I was helpless to stop this downward spiral we were in, ultimately it would be up to him. Would he respect my wishes or take from me more?

“I’ll never stop Steph,” he leaned forward then and my pulse quickened, excitement and disappoint making me short of breath. “I’ll keep loving you. I’ll always love you. But I won’t force myself on you.” He took my face between his hands, his touch warm. “I will never force you to do anything you don’t want to do. I want you to stay. I can’t imagine a month away from you. If you go I’ll call everyday and think of you every night. You have to choose baby. I’m giving you the power.”

His words were reassuring, strengthening in a way. Placing my hand over his, the one that was still cupping my face, I whispered the words my heart was too scared to say.

“Just go.”

He left, taking my heart with him and leaving me still wet with desire.


To say that the month I spent in Florida was heavenly would be an understatement. I hit the surf at least once a day, got a small part-time gig making fruit smoothies on the beach. My body developed a gorgeous shimmering tan and my mind felt as free as ever. I hadn’t realized it but five years living in my dad’s house, doing the things I did, had really restrained me. My social life had been impaired as I constantly felt the need to hide my emotions, concerned that any outburst would reveal the dark secret I carried. That was why Florida did me wonders. Busy as I was the only I had time to think of my father was during those restless nights when I tossed and turned. A part of me missed his kisses, missed his proclamations of love. I missed the comfort of another person. Over the years he had become my crutch. After spending some time without him I began to realize that I could survive on my own. It was difficult for sure but I could do it. I could be a good daughter without being a good lover.

Speaking of lovers, I took one while in Florida. He was a nice boy, 21 years old and the manager of the fruit stand I worked at. He was taking classes at the local community college trying to get on his feet after he had nearly ruined his life with drugs. His smile was haunted, revealing a vulnerable side that matched my own. We were two broken dolls trying to fix ourselves and our union seemed almost ironic. I enjoyed his company and listened intently to his stories. We weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, we both understood that my short stay couldn’t entail that type of relationship, but we were together in every other way. His touches burned me and his kisses only served to stoke the fire. When we united it was tragic and beautiful at the same time. I thought of my dad when we did this, but rather than the remorse I expected to feel I was instead filled with joy. I had wanted to see if I could be with another man and in Florida I found my answer.

I could.

If I so chose to I could lead a happy life with a good family and a loving husband. The revelation took a load off my chest. Our loving was the only confirmation I needed. I wasn’t a broken sex toy. I was a doll in the process of mending.

The day I was set to return home I spent one last moment with my fruit stand beau. In the middle of our throes of passion he had bent close, whispering in my ear that he would remember me for the rest of his life. His words surprised me. He hadn’t said ‘I love you’ or ‘Stay with me,’ instead he had given me something much better. He let me know that love did not need to be restraining. It may sound cliche but that day he taught me that love could set you free. It was a thought that would stick with me for the rest of my life.

Still, all the loving in the world couldn’t calm the jitters I had over seeing my father again. I had spoken to him once in my entire trip and needless to say the phone call ended badly. I could tell that he was hiding in the bathroom while speaking to me, the acoustics of the tiled room fairly easy to pinpoint. The fact that he had to hide just to talk on the phone made me incredibly angry. He should not have to lock himself away in order to have a conversation with his daughter. I let him know so and he briskly reminded me that I wasn’t just his daughter I was his lover as well. That line threw me for a loop. I was an idiot to think he didn’t know me just as well as I knew him. Earlier in the conversation when he had asked me if I made any friends in Florida I had responded with a quipped ‘yes.’ That yes told him all he needed to know, he could sense the truth.

We were both furious at one another. Him that I was sleeping with someone else and I that he was still clinging to the idea of us as lovers. I hung up the phone and never called back.

I had already grabbed my luggage and was waiting at pick-up when my father pulled up. My mom wasn’t with him but that wasn’t too big of a surprise. January tended to be her busiest month. I knew it was a possibility that I would go home to a house with just my father. I hoped that wouldn’t be the case but I knew it was more than likely.

I put my suitcase into the car and hopped into the passenger side. My father hadn’t really looked at me when he pulled up. From the small sneaks I managed to get at him I could tell he was tense. His body language oozed hostility, a fact that made me tremble. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me but I also knew that his passion had the ability to break any resolve I mustered. I only hoped he would accept the change in our relationship and move on.

The airport was an hour drive away from our house and in all that time we didn’t speak a word to one another. The silence cloaked us, overpowering my blissful memories of Florida with the pain drenched ones of home. When the car finally pulled into our garage we were both as tense as ever. The second the engine was off I opened my door and leaped out of the car. I couldn’t be alone with him. Being with him was asking for trouble. I rushed to the back, opening the trunk and grabbing my suitcase. If I worked fast I could book it up to my room before he knew what was going on. I had to move quickly.

With all my preoccupation about getting my luggage I had failed to notice the eerie calm which had settled over my father. Yet his change in demeanor didn’t go unnoticed when I closed the trunk door and was immediately greeted with all 5”11 of my dad mere inches away from my body. His emotions were masked, the only thing giving him away the thick pole under his shorts. I had been trying to keep my eyes trained on his but my brief glance at his shorts, a habit really, caused my stomach to lurch. At the sight I felt my nether regions tingle. Obviously I wasn’t as indifferent to him as I had hoped.

He covered the inches between us quickly. Grabbing my luggage, pushing it aside, giving the two of us a decent amount of room in our rather tiny garage. I tried to skirt away to the door, but all I succeeded in doing was pushing myself up on the trunk of the car. Sensing the opportunity my dad trapped me with his body, his strong form creating a makeshift cage that left me pinned against the vehicle. His crotch pushed into mine as his hands went to my neck, caressing the sensitive skin there while his lips placed sloppy kisses around my face. I wiggled a little, still too surprised to find my voice. Yet in my struggle I stupidly wiggled my heated pussy right up against his clothed member. He released a guttural groan and picked up his intensity. Coarse hands roughly scoured my thighs as his fingers tugged at the hem of my dress. It bunched up around my waist, exposing a bright red pair of lacy underwear, stupid now that I think about it, because at the sight of it the thin mask my father had been wearing broke. His eyes became intense, his body pushing me deeper on to the cold metal. “Kick it off,” he quipped.

The tone of his voice scared me and I froze in place, not wanting to be the one to reveal myself to him. Sensing my reluctance he bent over, keeping his body tight against mine and reaching down with one hand to shove my panties down my legs. The lacey material snagged on my toe and he pushed off my body to help me with it. “So sexy baby,” he muttered, sinking to his knees and blowing cold air straight onto my exposed lips glistening with juices. I shivered at the sensations, hot and cold jolts melting my resolve.

He pulled off my underwear, yet when he stood back up I was surprised to see the thong still clamped tightly in his hand. As I watched in horror he brought the red lace to his face and inhaled my scent. His eyes rolled back in bliss and he smashed his crotch against mine, lost in some weird type of fantasy. Seeing him distracted I pushed my knee into his thigh and tried to slip away to the door. It was useless though because his muscled body easily withstood my shove. I grunted a little as I desperately tried to wiggle away again but with my second attempt my dadʻs eyes returned to normal and he locked his gaze with mine. “No,” he whispered, and with that he threw my panties out of sight and shoved his lips onto mine.

With the smell of me burned in his mind my dad honed in. He expertly used his cock to keep me tight up against the back of the car. He looked down, and I could tell he was only now realizing that he was pushing himself into my naked cunt. At the sight of my exposed skin his eyes sparked and his hands flew to his pants. He made short work of the zipper but instead of removing his bottoms like I thought he would my dad pushed down his underwear only enough to allow his cock freedom. It popped out like a finely tuned instrument, its wetness slobbering over the top of my pussy. The coldness of it made me self-conscious and I tugged at the dress around my belly, trying to get it back down over my exposed bits. Yet hewas one step ahead and, as he was now satisfied with the freedom of his fuck pole, he was able to use his hands once again. He tugged the dress over my head and threw it atop the car haphazardly. Pinning my body he created a cage, grubbing out a single “no” when I tried to wedge my hand between us for distance.

I opened my mouth, determined to say my piece. He knew this was wrong, he had promised that he would never force himself on me. The fact that his lust was so great that he couldn’t even wait until I got in the house revealed the truth of his state of mind. He needed help. I was going to tell him this, let him know just how unlike himself he was being. I opened my mouth, ready to speak when his right hand abruptly clamped over my lips. My eyes darted up to his face, fear running through my veins. Was he really going to do this? Was he going to take me without my consent?

“No words baby,” his tone was scratchy, filled with emotions I couldn’t quite place. “I’ve waited long enough, a month and two weeks. I’m going to take what you owe me.” Even if his voice sounded the same as always his eyes were all wrong. Something was off and it wasn’t his hand clamped over my mouth or his half-undressed dick poking out of his shorts. It was his eyes, they were distant and far-away. Who this man was I didnʻt know, because he definitely was not my father.

Before I could really dwell on that thought his free hand lightly danced across my collarbone before landing on my left breast. He teased it with his index finger and thumb, smiling as the nipple perked up in his palm. I hadn’t worn a bra, the dress came with a built in one, and with my dad playing with my breast so easily I regretted my choice. At least a bra would’ve given me more time. More time to get away before he melted me with these soft touches. The heat between my legs was growing, making me uncomfortable. On its own accord my eyes fluttered closed as he gave a soft pinch to my sensitive nip. I wiggled with the pleasure of it all, my juices running down my leg. An animal urge overwhelmed me and I wiggled my hips against my fathers, desperate for more. But once again my wiggling proved stupid as it pushed me up against his naked cock and ignited a fire in his belly. In an instant his soft touch vanished as my dad viciously twisted my nipple, smashing my boobs down and plucking the tender skin. I screamed out, my cries muffled by his hand still clamped over my mouth. His touch was rough and uncontrolled, his hand moving lower until it was at the entrance of my hole. I was naked and vulnerable, my father fully taking advantage of the situation with expert fingers and sucking attacks on my neck. We were really doing this. The thought made me sick.

“Mmm,” he moaned, pulling his hand up to lick off my juices. He sucked on his middle finger, looking into my eyes as he did so. The sight made me turn away in disgust. I didn’t want to see the monster my dad was becoming. I didn’t want any of this.

With that thought my father’s wet finger returned to my pussy, circling around my outer lips, and making me even wetter with desire. He teased my clit, using his thumb to flick it up and down a couple times. I arched my back, more out of response than conscious thought, pushing my pussy further into his hand. He pushed in me a little, moving his finger in and out, but only about a half inch. “Look at how wet you are you little slut.” He gasped, holding up his fingers for me to see,, showing me the evidence of my unwanted arousal. I turned my head to the side, my fatherʻs hand still covering my mouth as I tried to look away from my juices. A part of me now desperately wanted to take my dadʻs thick cock deep into my pussy and squirt my juices until I fainted. I had to stop him. He had never taken me like this. This was nonconsensual. I closed my eyes, I felt my pussy grow wetter at the thought.

“You’re gonna take it like the whore you are,” he remarked, twisting my head to look at him as he released his hand from my mouth. I barely had time to register the freedom because in a split second he reached over the rubbed the fingers wet with my arousal against my lips, forcing them down my throat. I gagged, the taste salty and sweet, tears brimming at what he was forcing me to do, to face the truth of my bodyʻs betrayal.

“Eat it Steph. Taste the juices you make for daddy.” He swirled his finger inside my mouth, bringing his head right next to my ear. “You’re wet because you like it.”

With his whisper I felt it. His cock brushing against my bottom, warm and hard. He removed his fingers from my mouth and used them to guide his dick to my entrance.

“No Dad,” I muttered, feeling his hardness as he lubricated his cock in my juices. He looked at me then, ecstasy written across his face. His free hand, the one not guiding his cock, once again clamped over my mouth.

“Feel this baby,” he whispered. He sandwiched his dick in between my thighs, the shaft resting between my lips. “Youʻre so hot and wet.” He bent a little to allow him a better angle and I suppressed a moan as his cock pushed a little into me, just the tip spreading me open. Standing up like this my pussy was extra tight, a fact not lost on my father. “Oooh honey. You grip my cock so good.” His head was thrown back, his breathing deep. “This will be the best fuck of your life.”

Pulling out a little he looked me in the eyes, pressing his cock at my hole but not pushing in. “Your aunt told me about that boy you’ve been screwing,” he whispered. He had bent down once again, his mouth so close to my ear I could feel his breath. “Said she couldn’t stop you from seeing him, said you snuck out at night to meet him.” With every word he got angrier, his muscles tense and the grip on my mouth tightening. His body pushed roughly against mine, his chest smothering me. I felt his dick push a little into my cunt.

“You’re a fucking whore!!” He screamed, and with his words he plunged fully in, sharp and painful and quick. I screamed with the pain, biting my bottom lip to keep myself from crying out loud and giving him the pleasure.

“You think you can fuck some guy and then come back to my house,” he ranted, pulling his rock hard cock out. “This pussy is all mine. Only mine!” He thrust back in again, splitting me in two. He began pushing in and out, moving back and forth, taking his pleasure from my tight cunt. His cock wasn’t fully in, the angle wouldn’t allow it, but still the familiar feeling of his member pushing into mine made me clench. My father moaned too as he ground his hips against mine. “Yes baby, this is the pussy daddy needed.” I gasped at his words, willing my body to ignore the feelings he stirred in my sensitive cunt. He was forcing himself on me and I was helpless to stop. Taking me in the garage like a common whore.

His grunts were getting louder, the beads of sweat forming on his chest. He was starting to strain from his downward thrusts onto my much shorter frame. I could see his thighs quiver with each push and I knew he would have to stop. He was after all, a forty-year old man. Even if he wanted to he couldnʻt fuck me standing up like this for very long. As he grew fatigued his thrusts became sloppy. After a particular hard shove his cock plopped from my hole. Frustrated and without thinking my father released his hand from my mouth and tried to realign his dick into my pussy, his movements frantic.

Then, he suddenly grabbed my hips and shoved me further onto the trunk of the car. My ass hit the metal and I hissed with the pain. At this angle he was in the perfect position to pound into me with full abandon. My heart dropped.

“Yeah baby that’s it,” he started. The coldness of the car lay in stark contrast to the warmness between my legs, making me shiver. He used his two hands to spread my legs wide open, allowing him more than enough room to guide his rigid member into my hole, once again pushing into my quivering snatch. With both my legs in his hand propping me against the car he fucked me, shoving all ten inches of his cock deep into my velvety depths. “You like that. You like when daddy takes you like this,” he teased. I could feel his dick lengthening, getting harder with each thrust. I knew he wanted to cum. He was a sick son of a bitch.

“You’re a fucking psycho,” I yelled. His head shot up, surprised to hear my voice. “Get out of me. Stop!” I clenched my hands into fists and pummeled his chest, trying to push him back. He expected it though and easily withstood my punches. He was too strong and with him between me, my two legs high in the air, I had no leverage. He had me right where he wanted me.

But still I could use my voice. “Do you like this Dad,?” I screamed, trying to get him to stare into my eyes. Instead of hitting him I reached up and cupped his face, forcing his eyes to look into mine. “Do you like violating me like this. You’re a fucking pervert, taking me like this. Are you going to cum in me too? You’re sick.” I hoped my words would get into him, make him realize the fault in his ways, but all it served to do was make him harder. His eyes grew darker and inside me his cock grew longer. He held me open, pumping in and out. Scraping my insides and recklessly pounding into me. The noises of our union echoed throughout the room, his moans were coming out louder and louder.

“Oh my god, are my words making you horny?!” I couldn’t believe how sick he was being. He was increasing, giving me more of what I didn’t want. He reached over and brought my body close to his, hugging me against him. My pussy quivered on its own accord, a reluctant orgasm building within me. I didn’t want it, I tried to fight against it. I could feel the heat begin to overwhelm.

“My gosh Dad you’re going to make me cum on your cock. You son of a bitch. Get out of me now!” I was growing frantic. My dad only gripped me tighter against him, and without meaning to I wrapped my legs around his waist. My body wanted him closer. I wanted him deeper and faster. My release was approaching, his thrusts pounding into me and hitting me in just the right spot. I couldn’t stop it. I felt the wave about to overtake me. All I could feel was his strong muscles pushing me into the car, his warm cock penetrating me like no man ever could. I unwrapped my legs from around him and spread them open, I didn’t want to but I had to. I had to have him deeper.

Yet with that thought suddenly my resolve came crashing back. What was I thinking? I had to stop this.

I grabbed a fistful of his ass trying to tug him out but only succeeding in pulling him deeper in. I didn’t want this. I had never asked for it. His thrusts were in rhythm now.

“Get out Dad,” I begged, even as my body told a different story. I took my hands off his ass and placed it on his chest, looking up at him with pleading eyes. My pussy was so hot. I was so close. “Please stop Dad. I can’t do this. Don’t do this to me.” His eyes turned down to me and I saw it. He wouldn’t stop. He couldn’t.

“I’m so sorry baby,” he exhaled, his cock still moving in and out, making me so tender.

“No Dad,” I muttered, my fists weakly pounding against his chest. He was doing me just how I liked it, hard and fast without abandonment. My insides began to clench and I felt my orgasm explode within me.

“NOOOOO,” I screamed, thrashing back and forth trying to stop the waves that were overwhelming. My face contorted with the pain and pleasure simultaneously cresting over my body. “DAAADDDDDYYY!!! NOOOO!!!” I clenched around him, my hands reaching up and meekly trying to push him away. My pussy muscles spasmed around the cock that was making me cum so unwillingly.

“Oh baby that’s so sexy,” he was still thrusting, still reaching for his own release. “Cum on daddy’s cock you slut. Daddy has a big release for you. I’m going to cum in this pussy. The pussy that belongs to me.” With his final words he reached around me and brought me closer, his face right in front of mine. He watched me intently as his hips continued their hard thrusting, eliciting pain from my quivering cunt. His eyes were rolling back and I could see his face twist with the pleasure. He gave one final thrust, digging deep to a place only his cock could satisfy.

“STEPH!!! FUUUCCKK!!” His yell was powerful, I could feel it in my bones. “Oh baby daddy’s cumming in your pussy. Cumming in the pussy that I made. FUUUCCK!!!” His dick released stringy spurts into my hole, scalding hot and burning my violated cunt. Burst after burst came pouring out, filling me to the brim and leaking out the sides. His back was drenched in sweat, his breath ragged as he released his baby juice inside me. “Fucking heaven,” he whispered, before slumping over my spent body.

“Oh, daddy needed that baby,” he began placing kisses around my face, using his hands to bring my lips to his. “You are so good to me.” His dick was still lodged inside, making me feel dirty and cheap at the same time.

“We better get going,” he announced. My heart was still pounding as he pulled away from me. Pushing up he tucked his now limp cock into his underwear, zipped up his trousers and rearranged his belt. All signs of his forceful fucking disappearing as he smoothed his hair down. Looking over his shoulder he began walking towards the garage door that led inside the house.

“Your mom’s inside waiting,” he announced nonchalantly.

I stopped, my blood ran cold. He had just fucked me with my mother awake in the house. He was a pervert on all levels.

“Come on honey,” he chirped, giving me a wink before disappearing into the door, leaving me pressed against the car, my dress hooked onto car’s side mirror and my panty nowhere in sight. Cum began to drip out of my cunt.

Fuck my life.