I was recently hired as an H.R consultant for a family-run business and here’s the story of how I got to fuck my employer’s daughter right in her mother’s office…

‘I went down on her. Lapping and licking it, I never enjoyed a smoother, silkier cunt in my entire life. I loved how she moved and jiggled as I licked and consumed her pussy with my tongue. Silk. That’s how it was. Silky. Smooth. Soft. Her pussy needed my attention and I told her that too. She laughed and giggled. But it was true. I played and played with it. I enjoyed the softness. It was wet. It was inviting. I wish I was inside it. I wish I was consumed by it,  its greatness. I continued licking it. And she had her third orgasm because of my actions. I felt manly now. Even though I knew better, I still felt more manly then I’d ever felt.

I lay half on and half off her body as I played with her breasts. Nice full tits. Nice full nipples emerging as we lay talking about nothing in particular. I studied her physical features. I liked her body. It was soft and delicate and it was curvy too with shoulders and breasts and her small belly, but her hips which wowed me from the back along with her rounded shapely ass and thighs threw me into a tailspin. She was crazy for me. I was crazy for her too. I was crazy for her body more to the point. Her personality was nothing like her mother’s. Nothing at all. Her mom was cold and conniving. She was like a little girl. She loved to play, loved sex, and she really liked me. or the sex I gave her…..