Cex Story: Watching The Girl I Love


When I was 25 an incident occurred that changed my life forever. I was dating a girl named Alex who I had met when I was 14, but she moved away when we were 15 so we didn’t have the chance to really be together. We stayed loyal to each other for years and met up in college. Once we were out of college we lived together and worked the usual 9 to 5 jobs. Everything was going well and we were planning on getting married the following year.

We got into a large number of fights for a while and we separated to cool off for a while. We had never had sex. Don’t ask why, it just never seemed right. After a month of so she met a guy named Joe who she liked a lot and began dating him. This really hurt me deeply and I wanted to move on as well but the strength was not within me.

One night she called me and asked me if I wanted to have dinner and I accepted gladly. I did not know what her plan was but I decided to cooperate. We ate dinner and talked and she told me how much she missed but she was still with this guy that she had only been seeing for 2 weeks. After our dinner we both left our separate ways but hearing what she said hurt me even more so I decided to follower her home to try to talk to her more.

When she arrived I parked my car outside of her house and watched her walk in to hug Joe. It was now 10:30 and it was very cold out since it was December. They walked inside and I decided to get out of the car to eavsedrop on them. They were in the bedroom and began kissing and holding each other. The window was open so I was able to hear everything that was said. She told him that she was still a virgin and he replied that there was no need to worry. He began kissing down her neck and took off her shirt to reveal her b-cup tits. I watched this and I began to get hard, the thought of another man taking my girl for some reason excited me.

They broke from their kiss and to my surprise 2 other men walked in. Alex at first seemed shocked but her and I both knew what was going to happen. She got down on her knees and undid Joe’s pants to reveal a huge 9-inch dick. She kissed the head and began sucking on the entire shaft. As this was going on, the other two men undressed and one walked up behind her and she began sucking on his dick as well. This was making me so horny; my ex fiancée had become a slut in one night.

She took each dick in her hands and began alternating between sucking either one of them. The other man began undoing her skirt and her thong to reveal a beautiful pussy that I have never seen before. She positioned his face over her snatch and began licking her pussy, tounge fucking her and all. At this point I couldn’t take it anymore and whipped my dick out and started to stroke away.

After a few minutes Joe pulled his dick away and looked at her as she winked at him. She continued sucking the other guys cock as Joe positioned himself over her pussy. With one clean thrust he plunged into the depths of the girl that I loved ever so dearly. She let out a yell but I could tell she enjoyed it as her pace sped up on sucking the other guy’s dick. The guy that was receiving no action was jerking off; I wonder what was planned next.

Joe kept pumping her pussy and Alex released from the mans dick she was sucking. The other guy came up to her and told her to sit still as he began to fuck her mouth. At the same time she was being fucked in her pussy and her mouth. The other guy positioned himself by her as and poured some kind of oil on his dick. With that Alex released from the mouth fuck and she positioned herself to be double penetrated. This was making me so horny I felt like I was going to blow any minute.

Once in position, She returned to the guy that was mouth fucking her and sucked on his shaft. She screamed out, “ Oh ya fuck my holes! Ohhhhh yes, please harder, harder!” At that point Joe pulled his dick out of her pussy and the other pulled it out of her ass and the two of them jerked off right in front of her face. With this, Alex released from the sucking and began sucking on their dicks interchangably. It appeared that Joe was going to blow first to Alex focused on him. With a few more strokes and some deep throating he shot load after load into her mouth. To my astonishment, she swallowed it, even though her face was covered.

She did the same to the other guy that was fucking her ass and he blew his load all over her face and into her mouth. With that she said, “ ohh ya I love the taste of your cum!” The last guy that had not yet exploded began to fuck her pussy. At that point I blew my load all over myself, watching her take those cum shots made me very exicted and I was unable to hold back any longer.

The guy kept fucking her pussy and she let out a yell as she cummed. He was about ready to blow and she told him to shot his load into her cunt. As he did and pulled out, I could see the cum oozing out of her pussy and she stuck her finger in and licked it up. At this point I thought that were finished but I didn’t notice that all three of them began jerking off again right over her face.

Within 5 minutes, they all shot their loads at the same time all over her face and into her mouth. She licked up every last drop of it like it was candy. With this I decided that it was time for me to leave. I could not believe what I had just witnessed but I hope someday I can witness it again. Seeing a girl I love so much taken by 3 other men is a turn on that none other can beat.

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