We had a fire at the office, and it was going to take a few days to repair the area and get a few modifications done. I had to work from home.

It suited me as I could work my own hours, and download anything I wanted to the cloud from time to time.

I live alone, at the moment, having broken up with my lover of six months. He could not keep his cock out of other girl’s pussies, and he got caught. Not by me, but by one of the husbands, and it was all around the office, so he also got the push from me.

I had been working for an hour or so, and decided to make myself a cup of coffee. When I returned to my ‘make do’ office in the second bedroom of my apartment, which had a view over the neighbour’s back yard, I noticed the guy from next door was sunning himself on the sun lounge next to his pool. He was naked, and oblivious to the fact I was there and could see him. It was mid-week and he would have expected me to be at work.

I had met both him and his partner. They are both really nice. She is a flight attendant and is away from home for days at a time, and fairly regularly. He is a technician of some kind and works on a fly in – fly out arrangement. I am not quite sure of what he does, but he comes and goes. He works a few weeks on, and then has a week or two off.

During one conversation I had with them I asked how they manage their lives living like that.

She replied with a grin. ”We climb over each other in the hall some days, as I come home, he is leaving. Somehow we manage to get it together.”

I didn’t ask any more questions, it was obvious they were happy.

I worked for another hour but I couldn’t keep my eyes on the screen, I kept looking at the naked body next door. During the morning he made a few phone calls, had a swim and then to my surprise, begun to masturbate. I stopped and watched him, it was fascinating, and I hadn’t seen a grown man masturbate himself for a long time.

I watched fascinated for about another ten minutes before he came. He sat up and I watched him ejaculate all over the pool deck. After he had finished cumming he milked his cock down to get the last of his semen out, and then licked his finger. Evidently satisfied he lay down again, and if I was not wrong went to sleep.

Watching him had got me hot and I couldn’t help myself, I went back to my bedroom, slipped my shorts down and opened the bedside drawer. Then I selected one of my vibrating toys and proceeded to use it in the same way he had used his hand around his cock. It felt awesome, I lay back and closed my eyes and saw him in my mind’s eye stroking his cock. I followed the same rhythm he had been using up and down himself. I kept thinking what I was feeling was Peters cock inside me. My only regret was I would not hear and feel him fuck me, before filling me with his manly spunk.

It was about a quarter of an hour before I had done all I needed to, and slowly my orgasm begun to build up inside me. I had done this to myself many many times over the 10 years since the first time I was shown how to give myself the most amazing sensations called cumming then. I knew exactly ‘how’ and ‘where’ I liked to rub the toy to reach the ‘when’…. and I came. It was wonderful and my body really relaxed and enjoyed the euphoria of a great orgasm. Like him, I lay back and closed my eyes but didn’t sleep. I dreamed of how I would get him and me together.

I went back to my work for a while and kept an eye on him. He slept for some time.

I couldn’t concentrate; being able to see him laying there with his now floppy cock that wobbled each time he moved was more than I could bear. Even after masturbating, I was still aroused, mainly by seeing this naked man all the time.

I made up my mind immediately, got up from my desk and decided to go and front him. They had offered me the use of their pool anytime I wished. I decided today would be one of those days. Knowing what I would find on the other side of the fence I stripped off – got a towel and opened the gate. I knew full well what was on the other side, but he was not aware that I knew that.

As the gate opened and I walked in, he sat up, somewhat surprised at my entrance. I was prepared.

“Oh shit” he said. “What are you doing here?” At the same time he tried to cover his private parts with his hands.

“Ohhh hell”, I said in a somewhat surprised tone. “Sorry I didn’t realise you were home, oh hell, shit, I am so sorry.”

I made no effort to cover my body and I saw him give me the once over.

“Look I will go and get some clothes on, I wasn’t expecting visitors.” He went on.

“Don’t bother, as you can see I am wearing the same as you, it doesn’t bother me, I have seen many men dressed the same as you are… not.” I laughed. “Relax…. I don’t bite.”

“What are you doing at home, I have never seen you mid week before? “

I explained my situation and then casually said, “Can I have a swim, do you mind.”

“Sure, I will go and put some swimmers on and join you.”

“Don’t bother with the swimmers; just join me as you are. I am sure Jan won’t mind. Is she at home too?

“No she is away in LA for another few days; she was offered a special over there and back. Her normal route is London. She just jumped at the chance to do a trip to the U.S; she hasn’t been there for a long while.”

“Oh then you are alone! What say we have dinner together later on, I don’t have anybody to share my table at the moment?”

“Am I supposed to read something into that?” he asked.

“It’s a long story about a man who can’t keep it in his pants. He got caught by a jealous husband and that was the end of two affairs, I was the second.”

“Sorry about that, so you are on the loose?”

“You could say that, but I have a bit of work on my plate at the moment, so there may be a bit of time between drinks as they say. Working from home doesn’t offer much opportunity.” I had hoped he picked up the hint. ”How about we find out what the water is like?”

I dived in and he followed. We both did a few laps of the pool before I climbed out, and he got out as well.

I picked up my towel and faced him. As I towelled myself off I made sure I gave my breasts a good wobble as I dried my back. Then down to my mini patch of hair, and dried that off.

He was watching me, great. My prick tease was working. “That water is a bit like spanner water by the look of that.” indicating his cock.

“Spanner water? What do you mean?”

I laughed and said …”It tightens your nuts”. His cock and balls were all shrivelled up as happens when they are cold.

“Oh yes, so it does. I have never heard that phrase before, it’s very funny.”

He did what all men do when they realise their cock has retreated to a short length of manhood, and stretched it down to its normal length.

I teased him again. “That’s better, I can see you do a bit of nude sunbathing, it is as tan as the rest of you. I like it. Jan must be very happy to have a man built like you. “

It worked, I could see it grow an inch or two and firm up a little. I was getting somewhere. ”I am fascinated with the pair of you, how often do you actually get to be together with your unusual working arrangements?”

“Do you mean how often do we have sex together?”

“Wow that is putting it right on the line, but ok you said it.”

“OK let’s play ‘True Confessions.’ More often than you think, we are not married, and we are not altogether monogamous. Jan has a couple of aircrew that she had before me, and I have a girl at the mine that works in the office and keeps me happy between the sheets when I am on-site. We both know and understand each other’s arrangements, and we are both happy. Now how about you, what do you plan to do now?”

“I am not sure, possibly play the field for a while, and then see if any of them attract me. Like you I am not interested in marrying. Affairs are more in my line. When one of us gets bored, its goodbye. I have learned to live with that so far.”

I changed the subject but the baited hook was still out.

“How about this evening, we have dinner at my place?”

“I think I can handle that, what time?”

“Let’s say 7. Any likes or dislikes?” I asked him.

After that I walked up to him and went to kiss him. After all I came for one thing and I believed now that I would have no problem getting it. He stood his ground and I felt his tongue slip through my lips, and then his cock harden, and then attempt to slip through my lower end lips, which were also wet and eager to accommodate his little man. I opened my legs a little and manoeuvred my pussy into position and then felt the tip of his cock pressing against my vulva and with a little bit of mutual adjustment he began to slide that beautiful cock into my pink well of pleasure. It was obvious he was no novice. He was also dealing with a horny female who was not going to say no.

Nothing had been said. Obviously we had the same thing on our mind. I held his head to me as we kissed passionately and I could feel his cock inside me as he began to slowly and carefully fuck me standing up. It was fantastic.

After a few minutes of this knee trembler, he broke the kiss and said let’s make ourselves more comfortable. When he pulled out of me, I felt like a child who had toy taken away. I really wanted what he taken from me. I felt empty inside. We moved to the lounge he had been lying on and I pushed him down. “Let’s try it this way”. Mentally I could feel it going in before it actually happened. I squatted over his body and lowered myself onto his now rigid cock that he was holding up waiting for me to impale myself upon it.

I slowly lowered my body down over his cock, as I went further and further over his hardened manhood, my cunt opened wider, and his cock filled me beautifully. His cock was about 7 inches long and very thick. The head of it was pink and he was circumcised. The shaft was a nice tanned colour where it had been exposed quite often to the naked sun. I was right down on him now, I could get no more of him into me and he felt great. I leaned slightly forward and I looked down to see where he was firmly implanted inside me. It looked amazing. My cunt lips were firmly wrapped around his cock. I could feel the firmness of him right up deep inside me. I shivered with delight. I looked down at his face and he was looking up at me and our eyes met. It wasn’t love, but it was the love of having a woman over him and his cock up inside her as far as he could. We smiled and I said,” Jan is a lucky girl.”

“And so am I,” he whispered. “I have a feeling you have done this once or twice before.”

“I am glad you noticed, I think we are going to be very good friends, as well as neighbours.”

Then I began to fuck him, slowly lifting and lowering myself up and down on his cock, slowly slowly. It was hard on my legs but its better when I go slow, I enjoy the feeling of his cock head firmly wedged between the walls of my cunt, and rubbing it as it moves deep inside me, touching my cervix if I manipulate myself, and get them to kiss inside me. Then I lift myself to a position where he is almost out of me and the nice big head of his cock is just at my lips, before slowly engulfing my cunt again and loving the sensation of his cock slowly moving up and into me to give me once more that erotic feeling of being joined together in this way. My tits move as well and my breasts are so much a part of my sex.

Then I sat on him completely and began to rock my ass back and forward, without lifting myself, my best move. Every man I have done it with raves about my rock and roll movement. After about five minutes of this we decided to change positions and he said, “Let me show you how I make love, now that you have impressed me with that exhibition of unsurpassed pleasure.”

This time we pulled the mattress off the lounge and lay it on the pool deck, it gave us more room that way.

We repositioned and I lay down and he prepared to enter me again.

He knelt there looking at me exposed for his use. I pulled my legs back and spread them for him. He bent forward and kissed the lips of my cunt. “Perfect he said, there is nothing better than the scent and musky taste of a woman. You have it all. It’s nice all trimmed as well. Jan does that. ”

I thought for a minute he was going to eat me out, but he just repositioned himself and got ready to go back into my well of wonder.

He guided his cock back to my lips, pressed it in so his cock head was just inside me and pressed himself to me, again slowly, and I could feel every bit of him going in deep up my channel, and the firmness of my cunt lips pressing against his cock as it slid into me. We were both wet from our previous penetration and it was just perfect. He really knew how to give pleasure to a woman. Having two regular girls to fuck, and now I hoped a third, he would be more than willing to engage with me whenever Jan was away. Maybe I didn’t need a partner for a while.

He fucked me the way I like to be fucked and we talked about this and that, in regard to having sex and what we had done. I had never enjoyed just being with a guy like this before. Normally we fuck ourselves crazy, cum, rest, get him hard again, and go for it once more. We do this until we are both exhausted.

With Peter it was different; this was just having sex for pleasure, recreational sex. We didn’t have to prove anything it seems, we were mature, experienced, and enjoyed the opportunity to share our love for sex with each other. All this without a commitment to live or love together forever, I was pretty certain now this was not going to be a one off.

We fucked for what must have been an hour, this way and that, a little break as we changed position, and nothing fast and furious. I loved Doggy with him and he knew that the girl needed to be comfortable. He took his time until I had him adjusted inside me, and had him right where I wanted him in there. I love having my breasts dangle down when a guy thrusts into me, and often let them rub against the sheets. This time the mattress was not vinyl, but some other material and when I rubbed my nipples against the wet sweaty covering, it sent tingles through my nipples, and that really turns me on. I came the first time with him going doggy inside me. I impressed him with my orgasm.

The both of us were getting tired. I suggested he fuck me missionary, cum, and we could have a rest and if we wanted too, have another session in an hour or so.

“Where have you been all my life?” he asked.

“I said looking out my window at a guy masturbating.”

“Oh shit you saw me did you?”

“What do you think turned me on?”

“Well that’s one time I am not ashamed to be seen flogging the dog, so to speak. Look where it got the two of us.”

“You never know before the day is over I may be able to show you how good I am at it. I won many competitions as a girl, bringing off guys faster than any other girl.”

“I will look forward to it.”

I lay back and he got onto me and he fucked me like I like to be fucked. This time I asked him to go a little faster and harder. I wanted him to make me cum again.

We fucked perfectly, we looked into each other’s eyes occasionally and he bent down and kissed me gently a few times. Now and again he sucked one of my nipples. God I love that.

I began to get worked up, and with his experience he could see what was happening to me. “Getting close?” he asked.

I nodded, I didn’t want to talk, my climax was now well and truly built up inside me and I was going to cum any moment. I felt for my nipples as he really went for broke, I could see the concentration on his face. I had seen this many times, and I knew what would follow. This was going to be better than I could imagine. We were going to cum together.

I almost shouted when my body released the pent up tensions and pleasures it had built up inside me. My nipples were so tender, my tummy muscles were in spasm and my clit, well it was on the verge of an atomic explosion and then it went off.” AHHHHHHH,” I screamed,” AAAHHHHHHHHHH,” with the absolute exquisite feeling between my legs “ARRRRRRHHHHHH….., ARRRRHHH……, ARRRRHHH” I screamed out with one deep breath. The pulsations raced back up through my entire body. I jerked and had spasm after spasm as his cock pumped and pumped hard and fast, now into my well fucked cunt. Then I heard him let out this deep throated moan. “OOOOHHHHH……. FFFUUUCCCKKK.” I almost cried with the emotion as I listen to him and felt him cumming inside me. He was also dripping sweat all over my body. I was covered in his body fluids inside and out.

His orgasm was not unlike mine, but men have a different sensation I have been told. Sometimes their cock head get sensitive, and it hurts to rub it inside a woman. Other just spasm after spasm and pump spurt after spurt of their manly semen into the woman.

Peter was a bit of a mixture. At first I thought he was in pain then I could feel his body spasm and jerk, then he moaned,” AHHH… AHHHH…AAHHH…” then one long grunt, “ohhhhhhharrrrrrhhhhhhhhh”. Four massive spurts of cum then it slowed down. I had seen so many guys cum I could visualise his cock erupting and spurting all over my cervix and internal parts, with his wonderful warm, wet and steamy, creamy cum.

He collapsed on top of me and our hearts were beating like drums, I could feel and hear him gasping for breath, just as I had for a minute. His deep breathing lasted far longer than mine did. My heart was still beating hard and I could still feel him inside me. I have never felt so good after a fuck for years. Shortly after wards I felt his cock slip out of me. This was followed his cum leaking out of me onto the lounge. I thought that is not the last time I want to see and feel that inside me. I would be making plans to have him in my bed again, soon.

“Shit…I have not cum that hard for ages” he told me. “I gather from the way you came you had a good time too.”

“To be honest, that was one of the best fucks I have had for as long as I can remember. I can’t remember cumming that hard for ages. Thank you.”

“Thank you” he said. “It wouldn’t have happened had you not come over to visit. I think you gave yourself away when you told me you saw me masturbating. Truth???”

“Now that we both realise what we have done, and yes I saw you, and wanted you. I suspected you and Jan may have a little bit of extracurricular activity. She let something drop when we were having drinks at the party up the street a few weeks ago. From what I ascertained some of her flight attendant girlfriends they can share more than bedroom together and the pilots are not the only ones to fly high. I wouldn’t mind seeing if I can make the grade one day with her. Would she be interested do you think? “

“There is no doubt; we have had a few threesomes with a couple of her girl friends. I am glad you realised, this will make us really great neighbours.”

“What will she say if she finds out we have been fucking each other?”

“She will want to know how good you were. She will be more than happy to know you are bi as well. I can guarantee she will be knocking on your door, for a taste of your honey pot.”

“Talking about honey pots; Dinner, are you still up for it?

“If you like red, I will bring a bottle.”

“I am sure we could follow a good bottle of red with a very special vintage white, out of a lovely shaped and very capable vessel. If you know what I mean?

See you at 7, with a bottle. Oh…Don’t dress, it’s a come as you are party.”

I think there is more to the Peter and Jan story from next door, than just a fantastic fuck. I will be ready willing and able to eat at 7 and for whatever follows will follow.