cex Story: My sunday school teacher and Brian


It was a calm, autumn Saturday morning, mostly overcast. Melinda was in her kitchen, washing the dishes, happy for some quiet time away from her husband, Brian, who was at work. The window looked out toward a large field and the back parking lot and lawn of the local church.

When the boy came into view, she didn’t think anything of it. Kids came to the church building often, usually to play basketball or to skateboard in the parking lot. She taught Sunday School to a few of them with her husband every week. It wasn’t the best thing she’d ever agreed to do, but she had to acknowledge that it could be fun. Melinda would never admit it to anyone, especially not her husband, but one of the things she enjoyed most was the attention the boys showed her. She was only a decade older than them, after all, and their raging hormones couldn’t help but admire her.

Melinda was short, had dark, shoulder length hair, and a full bust that contributed to an hourglass figure. She’d never wear anything more revealing than a knee length skirt at church, but that didn’t stop the boys from staring. Once, she and her husband had hosted a pizza party for the kids they taught and she’d decided to have a little bit of extra fun by wearing the tiniest pair of sweat shorts she owned. She thought that her husband would object, but he didn’t even seem to notice… unlike the boys who came. There were a lot of wide eyes that night.

As the boy walked down the church parking lot, she realized that she knew him. His name was also Brian, just like her husband. Brian was one of the least popular kids in the congregation, a total geek, with glasses and a very thin build. Melinda had always felt a little bad for him and tended to go out of her way to make him feel important and cared for, since he seemed to not have many friends.

She wondered what Brian was doing at the church on a Saturday, all alone. He certainly wasn’t one to play basketball or go skateboarding. And why did he look so nervous? He kept looking around as if to reassure himself that no one was watching. Eventually, he reached the back lawn and moved his way to a shed in which the church housed lawn equipment and other random items. He began to scope out the area.

Shrugging, Melinda began concentrating on her dishes once more, glancing up toward Brian every couple of seconds, intrigued. He took one last furtive glance around and started unbuckling his belt.

Blinking, Melinda put down a glass and reached for a towel. Surely the church doors must have been locked and the poor kid needed a place to use the bathroom. She walked around to the French doors that led to the balcony and walked out, still drying her hands. Her mouth was opening to shout out that he could use her bathroom, but the words froze in her mouth.

Brian stood behind the shed, completely unware that she was watching him, pants around his knees. His tidy whiteys were stark in the cloudy light. They had a very noticeable bulge in them. Putting a hand to her mouth to stifle a giggle, Melinda decided to let this play out. Besides, she reasoned, cluing him in on her presence would probably make him more embarrassed than if he had peed his pants. As reasonable as this was, she couldn’t come up with good justification as to why she was watching, but she did.

Her hand still pressed to her lips, Melinda watched as Brian slowly pulled down his underwear, his penis springing free and into the cool air. Her eyebrows rose as she realized that the kid had a stiff boner. She’d seen her husband try to pee with one of those once and had asked him about it. It was evidently not much fun.

Feeling a bit guilty now, Melinda couldn’t help but compare the penises of the two Brians in her mind. Her husband’s was much fuller than this kid’s, and longer, but the teen in front of her must have been extremely horny, because she’d never seen a dick stick straight up so hard like that. It gave her a perfect view of the balls beneath, lightly covered in hair.

For a while, Brian just stood there, letting his penis soak in the autumnal air, and if Melinda was to have gone in and ignored everything else that was about to occur, this was the point she could have done it. Later she wondered if she should have. Tentatively, as if it were a skittish animal, the boy wrapped his right hand around his shaft and started to stroke up and down.

Eyes bugging out of her head, Melinda realized that Brian wasn’t there to pee. He was there to jack off.

She watched, entranced, as his pumping became more pronounced. Both of them had their mouths open the slightest amount.

“That horny little bastard,” she whispered, giggling a little again and blinking several times in succession.

Almost as if he could hear her words, Brian looked around. Melinda took a step back and almost went inside, but the kid still didn’t see her. Turning away from her, he bent over and shoved his pants all the way down to his ankles, giving her a perfect view of his butt, balls dangling between his legs. It was a nice ass, if thin, and she felt herself biting her lip.

“I really shouldn’t be watching this,” Melinda said to herself, but she didn’t take her eyes away from the scene in front of her. No sane, straight woman would have the willpower to look away from THIS.

Brian dropped down and laid in the grass, belly first, and started humping the ground, butt in the air. If Melinda hadn’t been so hypnotized by it all, she would have been slightly disgusted, but as things stood she found the scene… well… cute, was the only word she could think of. Maybe even endearing. His dark hair waved a bit in the wind as he turned over onto his back, stroking his member yet again, this time much harder than before. It was difficult to tell from this distance, but she thought his eyes were closed. His entire body was tensed up, little muscles bulging from his arms, legs and abs.

Dish towel still in hand, Melinda leaned forward, putting her elbows on the deck railing, hardly blinking. Eventually Brian stood again and started rubbing the tip of his dick gently against the bricks of the shed. Melinda raised an eyebrow, wondering if that hurt. It was then that she realized her left hand was cupping her right breast, thumb slowly rubbing against her nipple. Since it was a Saturday, she hadn’t bothered with a bra, and only wore a pair of panties, slippers, sweat pants and a tee-shirt. Her hair was still damp from the shower she’d taken 30 minutes before.

Forcing herself to remember that this kid was ten years… well maybe seven years younger than her and that she was a married woman, she firmly removed her hand from her breast.

Brian walked, penguin style due to the pants around his ankles, toward the other side of the shed, but Melinda never found out what he was about to do next.

The revving of an engine made both she and Brian jump, and she looked toward the entrance of the church parking lot, where a truck could be viewed driving toward the back of the building. Melinda looked back to Brian, strangely afraid that he was going to get caught by someone besides her, and saw him pumping his penis with all his might. But as the truck came closer, he quickly reached down and pulled up his underwear and pants in one fluid motion. Adjusting his glasses, he nonchalantly walked out from behind the shed, somewhat in her direction.

Did he cum? Folding her arms, she found the question important for some reason. Melinda had been on the receiving end of interrupted orgasms before and knew how agonizing it could be.

The truck swung wide and made a loop around the church, leaving the parking lot through another exit. Brian hesitated for a moment, obviously wondering if he should go back and continue the fun, but the truck must have spooked him, because he kept going.

“Are you satisfied?”

The words came out of her mouth before she knew she was going to say them, quite loud enough for the poor boy to hear. To his credit he didn’t jump, but he did look up toward her and she saw his face drain of color as realization must have hit him that she’d seen what he had been doing. Still, he kept his cool and merely shrugged and kept walking.

“You idiot,” Melinda whispered to herself. “You’re going to scar the kid for life.”

She opened her mouth to apologize, but realized that the kid was pretty much speed walking, far out of hearing distance unless she yelled. Even if she did, he’d probably just start running or something.

Making up her mind in an instant, she bolted to and through the kitchen doors, grabbing a set of keys before she reached the front door, opened it and locked it from the outside. She knew where Brian lived and thought she could probably cut him off if he hadn’t started running right when he was out of her sight.

She was walking quickly past a man with his dog, her arms crossed against the slight breeze, before she remembered again that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Blushing furiously, she avoided looking at the man and kept walking, raising her crossed arms a bit to cover where her nipples poked out of the tee-shirt.

What was she doing? What in the world would she do if she did catch Brian? Tell him, “sorry I saw you wanking your wiener?” Or maybe, “I don’t know why I asked if you were satisfied?” These and other thoughts crossed Melinda’s mind as she walked, but she hadn’t come up with any answers before she rounded a corner made blind by a tall fence, and almost ran into the kid himself.

This time he did jump and so did she. Melinda put a hand to her mouth and let out a little shriek of startlement. Brian simply started walking backward, eyes bulging.

Putting her hands out in what she hoped was a reassuring way, Melinda opened her mouth to speak, but her eyes happened upon the front of Brian’s pants, where a bulge was stuck. Instead of words, nervous giggles came out of Melinda’s mouth as she remembered the kid’s hand pumping his dick.

Without letting herself thing about it, she stepped forward and folded her arms around the stunned kid, still laughing.

“Oh, Brian, it’s okay, it’s okay,” she said, patting his back. Melinda was yet again forcibly reminded that she wasn’t fully clothed when she felt her nipples brush against the boy’s chest. Determined to not make the contact sexual, she stepped back, face hot, but in a mask of teacherly guidance.

Brian was looking down, face deep red, obviously still thinking he was going to be in really, really big trouble.

“Seriously, Brian, it’s okay. I’m not going to get you in trouble.”

He glanced up halfway to her face, eyes halting on the form of her nipples under her shirt, but then fell back down. Melinda thought he might have a heart attack, his face was so maroon. Quickly crossing her arms over her breasts, she went on, voice soothing.

“Are your parents expecting you to be home?”

He shook his head.

“Then come on over to my house and I’ll give you some water, okay? Seriously, you’re not in trouble. But I WOULD like to talk with you about this a bit.” She waited a moment. “Okay?”

Finally, he looked up to her eyes and slowly nodded. They started to walk.

“I’m sorry.”

Brian’s words were low, almost inaudible even though Melinda was only a foot away.

“Brian, there is absolutely nothing to be sorry about,” she said, sighing. She thought of putting a comforting hand on his arm, but remembered the no bra thing in time. “Seriously… what you were doing is perfectly normal. It’s just… out in the open is probably not the best place to be doing it.”

He hung his head again, and Melinda berated herself mentally. She wasn’t doing a very good job of comforting him.

“Sorry, I’m not very good at this,” she said, sighing. “You kind of startled me, that’s all. I wasn’t expecting to see you down there, doing that, when I woke up this morning.” He was still silent, so she decided to go a different direction. Smiling coyly, she gently elbowed him on the arm, looking at him from the corner of her eye. “Besides, you REALLY don’t have anything to be ashamed about. You’re going to make girls very happy one day.”

He still looked mortified, but a small grin appeared on his lips.

“THERE’S that smile,” she said, giggling as they went up the stairs to her house. She unlocked the door and he followed her inside.

“Go ahead and sit down on the couch and I’ll get you some water, okay? You need to cool down after all that exercise.”

As Melinda headed to the kitchen to get the drink, Brian spoke.

“I really am sorry. It’s just sometimes I can’t help myself, you know? Well, I guess YOU wouldn’t know, but….”

Melinda’s brow furled as he trailed off and she laughed, grabbing a cup out of the cupboard and beginning to fill it with water from the fridge.

“Brian, you know EVERYONE does that sometimes. Even girls.” Walking into the room again, carrying the water in her left hand, Melinda winked at Brian, lowering her voice conspiratorially. “Even me. Sometimes.”

He was sitting on the couch, back straight, making the package in his pants extremely evident, and she found it hard to look away from, remembering what the member looked like without any clothes on. Melinda swallowed, realizing she was extremely turned on. Brian’s eyes were on her chest, no doubt feasting on the view of her erect nipples beneath her tee-shirt. He was DEFINITELY turned on, of course. All of these things converged to the accident that happened next.

When Brian reached out to take the cup of water, neither of them were watching what they were doing and his fingers knocked it out of her hand, making the thing spill all over her left leg and the carpet. Gasping, she jumped back.

She and Brian both started to laugh at the situation, and she bent down to get the cup at the same time he did. Their heads met with a low crack and they both laughed harder as she fell on her butt, right in the spot where water soaked the carpet.

Head throbbing a little, Melinda realized she was staring at the boy’s crotch again, laughing hysterically. Brian was also laughing, staring directly at her bouncing chest. She didn’t really care. The laughter was good for both of them. It let the tension go out of the room a bit.

Slowly, Melinda stood, holding the cup with one hand and rubbing water from her eyes with the other. “I’m going to go change my pants. Then I’ll get you more water.”

She turned around and started going up the steps, realizing that she was presenting Brian with a great view of her wet posterior. She could feel the sweatpants clinging to her bottom. It turned her on a little more. As Melinda reached her room, she decided to leave the door open as she changed. Brian couldn’t see anything from that angle, but it was still a turn on for some reason.

As she slid down her pants, a thought crossed her mind and butterflies filled her stomach at its touch. Her panties were also wet, and not all on her bottom. A small patch of darkness spread across the front of them. She stared at it for a while, trying to convince herself NOT to do what her body so desperately wanted her to do. Slowly, she slid down her panties, too, as her body won the internal battle, grabbing her tiny sweat shorts and putting them on with nothing underneath. Melinda found herself glad that she’d shaved her entire lower body this morning while showering.

Cup in hand, she exited her room and let herself bounce down the stairs. Brian’s eyes widened a bit when he saw her, but he didn’t say anything. As she passed, Melinda noticed that the boy hadn’t adjusted his penis. It still created a painful looking lump in his pants.

They were silent as she filled up the glass again and brought it to him.

“Eyes on the cup,” she said, giggling, and Brian’s eyes went from her thighs to the water.

After he took a sip, she sat down on the recliner across from him, legs up against her chest. It had been a while since she’d seriously flirted with anyone, and she knew that she was probably doing this like a club to the head, but she was so horny she couldn’t be very subtle. Of course, the idea was to make him think she was covering her breasts with her legs while giving him a great view of her camel toe. Maybe even a peek of pussy flesh, if the shorts rode up high enough.

As expected, Brian’s eyes locked on her crotch and he froze in mid drink. But obviously thinking the display was unintentional, he tried to act casual.

“How long have you been doing that?” she asked him, motioning her head toward direction of the church shed.

“I’ve never done it there before,” Brian answered, and Melinda was happy to realize that their earlier laughter had done a lot in easing the boy’s tension. She wondered briefly if she was seducing this kid, took a look at his package again, and decided not to care.

“Well, I probably would have seen you if you had,” she said, giggling and winking. “I mean… how long have you been, you know… masturbating?”

He blushed. “A couple of years now, seriously. I played with myself before that, but, yeah….”

“Well, it really IS okay.” Melinda adjusted herself, spreading her legs briefly and closing them again, feeling her shorts digs further up into her pussy. “I know it feels SO good and relieves tension. Plus, for guys it gets rid of semen. So, really, it’s a win win win. But why are you doing it outside, for Pete’s sake?”

They both laughed for a few seconds, and he dropped his eyes from the view she was providing him.

“Well, a couple of months ago I was naked in my house… you know, just relaxing, when I saw these two girls across the street looking at me. I kind of freaked out and ran away, up the stairs, but when I looked outside, they were gone. So I knelt up on a table to look around more and all the sudden I saw them waving at me, in the window across the street, giving me thumbs up.”

Melinda raised her eyebrows and Brian looked at her pussy again. It was starting to tingle and she thought that her shorts might be getting damp already.

“Well, they obviously wanted to see me, so I stayed. Then they showed me their…” he swallowed “…their boobs. And I couldn’t help myself. I started to… to do that, and went all over the window. I kind of just ran away again.” He swallowed again and looked up into her eyes. “Ever since then I’ve been horny ALL the time. I’ve been doing it in more and more dangerous places, because of the thrill, you know? But you’re the first person to catch me. I really am sorry.”

Melinda smiled coyly. “Again, don’t be sorry. It really didn’t upset me. I actually thought it was kind of cute. And you’re very handsome, you know.”

Brian blushed even more furiously than before.

“Doesn’t that hurt?” she asked after a moment of silence, pointing to the mound in his pants.

“Yeah, kinda,” he mumbled.

“You can adjust it, you know.”

“But it… it’s so hard that it sticks up out of my pants a little.”

“No one who sees will mind. Besides, your shirt will cover it.”


He stuck his hands down his pants and fished around for a second. When he brought it back out, the lump was markedly smaller, although longer. His shirt did indeed hide whatever might be showing.

“Is it really long enough to come out of your pants?” Melinda asked, heart speeding up.


Knowing that everything she had done up to this point could be explained away, Melinda took a deep breath and said, “I don’t believe you! It can’t still be that hard. Lift up your shirt.”

Brian stared into her eyes for a moment before grinning and lifting up his shirt. Indeed, about a half an inch of penis head stuck up out of his pants, although that probably wouldn’t have been the case if he’d been standing up. Melinda leaned back in her chair and laughed for a minute, Brian joining her as he dropped his shirt back down.

“So you never answered my first question,” Melinda said after another few moments of silence.

“Which one?”

“Were you satisfied?”

Her mouth went dry as he pondered what to say. She wondered if the kid was scared, since she was his Sunday School teacher, but so far he had opened up quite a bit to her.

“No, that truck scared me away,” Brian finally responded.

“Well, that thing isn’t going to go down until you finish, you know,” she said, pointing at his penis. He nodded. “And I REALLY wouldn’t recommend walking home like that.”

Melinda and Brian both giggled. Here goes nothing, she thought.

“If you want, you can finish here.”

“Like… in the bathroom?” He was looking at her pussy again.

She shrugged, folding her legs under her Indian style and keeping her hands to her sides. The teen’s eyes went from her now spread legs, to her hard nipples, to her face. Melinda looked down briefly and saw that her wet crotch had caused her shorts to create a small wedgy, sticking the material up into her pussy.

“Anywhere you’d like,” she answered.

Brian swallowed and Melinda smiled, feeling her heart go into overtime. Standing, she walked over to where Brian sat and reached out a hand she found to be shaking. He took it and she helped him stand. She couldn’t believe she was about to do this with a kid seven years her junior, but she’d been horny a lot off and on lately, and her husband was at work so often that she was getting tired of having her only companion be her finger. And she was SO turned on.

As he stood, she leaned forward, making sure to press her curves against him.

“Don’t worry about a thing,” she whispered. “I’ve always thought you were cute, and I love how bold you were out there. It was a real turn on.” Melinda grabbed his butt and pressed him up against her. “Plus, you are SO hard. It makes me horny.”

He swallowed again. She slowly, tenderly kissed him on the lips and he melted into the embrace, kissing her back clumsily. Melinda half expected him to ask about her husband as she gently pressed him back onto the couch, this time make him lie down, but of course he didn’t as any such thing.

She knelt by the couch, braless breasts resting on the cushion, smiling down at the teen, her hand brushing his chest and slowly raising his shirt up to reveal the tip of his glistening penis. Her smile widening, he looked back up at her in awe, and she squeezed the head of his dick between her left forefinger and thumb.

It had been a while since she’d felt the member of anyone’s dick besides her husbands. This one was tiny compared to his, but as hard as it looked. Melinda shoved her hand down Brian’s pants, grasping hold of the shaft briefly, just to get a good feel, before taking it back out again, now slightly wet with pre cum. She knew that this boy was about to explode and didn’t want him to do so quite yet.

Instead, she worked on disrobing him. First, she took off his shirt, followed by his pants and his now rather damp underwear. He groaned whenever her hand would brush his skin, which was smooth and mostly hairless. Once he lie naked on the couch, his dick throbbing with pent up blood and desire, she began on herself.

Brian stared at her chest as she lifted her shirt up and over her head, revealing her flesh to him. She giggled at the awe in his face and kissed him again, this time sticking her tongue in his mouth. Melinda then placed each breast onto his face and instructed him to suck on the nipples, which were now almost as hard as his penis. She moaned as his unskilled tongue crested each mound of flesh.

Standing, Melinda removed her shorts with one quick motion, and Brian’s eyes went wide at the sight of her shaved pussy. She smiled, sticking her tongue out and biting it slightly as he groaned and his right hand went to his penis.

“No,” she said, bending over, breasts dangling above him, to grab his hand. “That’s my job.”

Figuring that the boy would orgasm soon even WITHOUT touching himself, she quickly straddled him, grabbing his dick and shoving it up her pussy. The feeling was incredible, as good as any penis she’d ever felt, regardless of age, and she was so turned on that her vagina swallowed him up, wet as a hose. Looking down at Brian, she leaned forward, letting her breasts brush against his face. He kissed each one once.

Then she began to ride him.

As she’d suspected would happen, he didn’t last very long. After only a few seconds, he started to jerk and spasm, and she felt his penis filling her up with fluid. The look of utter, lost joy on his face made her quicken her pace, and she rode him harder, saying nothing except, “Oh, oh, oh,” over and over again. Once his orgasm was complete, Brian simply looked up at her, dumbfounded.

Finally, she felt her vagina walls begin to compress onto the boy’s softening penis and she let herself fall down on top of him, pressing her body into his. Bucking a few more times, waves of pleasure coursed through her, better and more intense than any she’d felt since… since she was about Brian’s age. Her pussy fluttered against the teen’s penis and her breathing started to slow down.

“Thank you,” she whispered in Brian’s ear. “You’re the best kid ever.”

“Thanks,” he replied as she got up off of him, legs wobbling. Thoughts came crashing into her, thoughts of her husband and thoughts of the fact that she hadn’t used a condom. Thoughts of how well her other birth control methods might be working. But as she looked down at the beaming, exhausted, exuberant Brian, her heart relaxed, and she knew everything would be fine. She’d never seen someone so happy in her life. And SHE was the one who had created that.

After she and Brian had cleaned up and he had started the short walk to his house, both with promises never to tell what happened that morning, Melinda continued washing the dishes, looking out the window. She knew she should feel guilty, but she didn’t.

They saw each other often after that, of course. She and her husband were his Sunday School teachers, after all. Every once in a while, she’d give him a wink and he’d smile in return. Melinda knew it would only be a matter of time before she and Brian would share a similar experience again. And she couldn’t wait.

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