Men love their penises and take pride in the size and their skill in using it to please their women.

But even more than men can ever love their penises, the women who indeed, in the real sense of it, ‘own’ and ‘need’ it.

Many a man has been left in search of a bigger penis just to please a woman while many women have also moved on to another man because they were not satisfied with the penis they last had.

But do people know the types of penises?

Well, we are here to enlighten you.

There are two kinds of penises — the ‘Grower’ and the ‘Shower’.

The grower penis, just likes its name implies, expands and gets longer as it gets erect. What this means is that, if it was 5 inches before stimulated, it might get as long as 7-8 inches after getting fully erect. Someone who seemed to have a small penis might end up getting too long for comfort after erection. So guys with tiny penises should confirm first – they might end up getting bigger, if they own a grower penis.


The shower penis looks huge when it is not erect. You see a guy walking and there is this bulge in his pants. You may think he’ll be huge. But he a shower penis does not increase too much after erection. A five inches shower penis may not get longer than 5.5 of 6 inches after election.

What this means is that the man who seems big may not really be big while a man who looked small may own the biggest after erection.

Considering that a recent survey shows that 79% of men have growers, men with small penises should not really be bother.

They might end up giving better bedroom satisfaction after ‘growing’ on erection.

So, guys, what type do you have…and ladies, can you identify your man’s penis type?