Cex Story: Clean Me


“Clean me,” she said.

Her tone was expectant. There was no need to negotiate or ask nicely. The time for sultry voices was over. They fucked and they came. He was spent, and she was satisfied. She was also dripping wet with their aftersex.

She was simply opting for him to clean her with his mouth. Cleaning her after sex was a simple service he provided, whenever she wanted. This time she wanted his mouth to lick her clean, top to bottom. Simple.

It felt good to her. She wondered how long it would be before the default was to service her every time, no words exchanged. Smiling at the thought, she was newly determined to make that a reality.

It wasn’t always this way, and she wasn’t even the first to “go there”. He started her down this path a few years prior, when he asked her to climb onto his face after he fucked her and came. It was a novelty, and he liked to play the occasional “sub”. She played along, and he sucked her wetness until she had another orgasm. She got off on it. He always loved eating her pussy before fucking, so why not after?

Another time she asked him to suck her off because he came before she did. It seemed fair – why should she be left hanging when he could finish her off so easily with his mouth?

His tongue danced over her clit and brought her the conclusion she sought. From then on, if he came before she had an orgasm, she would routinely expect him to, “finish me off with your mouth.”

There were times he hesitated. He would go down, but only licked her clit. He wasn’t as interested in sucking her cunt after coming as he was before. What she wanted was the full treatment – cleaning the mess between her legs, completely. “Clean it all up, go down and do a good job. Get it all,” she said as she guided his head to the wet spots, making sure he didn’t miss.

Turns out that all she needed was to be explicit: “Clean me completely.”

The first few times she had give direction. She had to tell him where to go, and even put her hands on his head and pull him into her wet center. Eventually he learned what she liked, until she only had to say the magic words “clean me.”

Feeling his tongue move from bottom to top – sucking all the juice in between – was empowering. His mouth was hers to control, and she used it whenever she wanted. She made sure to direct him – feel his tongue push into her folds and into her slit, knowing that he was sucking it all into his mouth.

Sometimes a girl has to take charge of her own happiness.

Back in the present, she stretched her muscles much like a cat ready for her nap. Resting on her back, she gently lifted her knees and spread her legs. She felt his head move between her thighs, and she sighed and closed her eyes. This next part was easy for her. It was her time to unwind, much like a massage after a workout.

She quietly raised her legs and hips to expose her wet middle and ass to his mouth.

She felt his mouth open, and he started down low, exactly as she taught him. Fewer wet spots on the sheets turned out to be a side benefit.

With his tongue gathering up their aftersex, she relaxed. Right now, their co-mingled fluids were slipping between her folds and starting to work their way down her backside. She arched higher and he caught them low, just above her sphincter. She felt the full width of his tongue on her nether region, and heard him softly suck her into his mouth. He slipped his tongue down to her rim, and she smiled at the sensations it brought.

He then worked the sensitive area just above, and continued higher until he brought his mouth upon her mound. He pulled her labia into his mouth, gently sucking her lips as she felt his tongue swirl around her opening. His mouth opened to circle her vaginal opening and his tongue pressed inward on her cunt. She squeezed her muscles and felt his waiting tongue, ready for her.

For the moment she simply relaxed and let her cum escape into his open mouth. He swallowed, and gently probed her hole with his tongue. He darted in and out, before pressing into her even further. She thought, “Jesus, I trained him good.”

He moved to her thighs, tracing his tongue over her mound and down to the bottom of her pelvic bone. He sucked, making her squirm and laugh. He continued to work first one thigh, then the other, until there was little evidence of their sex.

He returned to her pussy, and she felt his tongue press inward on her hole once more. This time she wrapped her hands around his head and pulled him in, expelling the last vestiges of their orgasms into his mouth.

He knew how to play his girl, and she was getting horny again. He continued well past the time she was clean, slowly pulling her clitoris into his open mouth and ever so carefully massaging it. He would flick in and out of her tunnel, over her lips and down her mound, again and again, in what became a gentle and relaxing vaginal massage.

She could take no more. She flipped over and straddled him in a 69 position, feeling him get hard again in her mouth.

“Let’s see where this takes us,” she thought.

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