Cex Story: Me, Myself and I


I had a really hard day at work, and I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I got home.

It has been getting really difficult to pretend I was not in love with my married co-worker. He was one of the hottest guy I have ever met. Sexy, rugged and so filled with self-confidence, I found it very hard not to dissolve in fits of girly giggles anytime he talks to me. I also find myself so damn horny that I could feel my juice wetting my panties each time he walks in the room.

Today, I knew exactly how to relieve the tension when I get home.

In my bedroom I went straight to my drawer and pulled out my purple seven inch dildo.

I hitched my dress up then ran one finger over my shaved pussy. My body shuddered and I wished I had a real dick in the room with me, preferably my sexy co-worker’s, I closed my eyes and slid one hand into my dress to tease my hard nipple, imagining it was his hand playing with me.

I thought about the smell of his aftershave, the feel of his palms against mine anytime we shake hands, and his sweet, sweet voice. I thought about the way he says my name, the way he smiles at me when I say silly things to get him to laugh. I thought about him and me, one day, staying back at work after everyone has left, and him having his dirty way with me,

I braced myself against the wall and rammed my dildo into my soaking hole. I squealed as my pussy tried to grip hold of it then bit my lip. I imagined being with him, watching him take his firm, thick cock out of his pants and fucked me hard,

I knew if that ever happened, it would be quick and frantic, all the bottled-up sexual tension unleashed. So that’s how I fucked myself. I moved my smooth, slick dildo in and out of my tight pussy fast and hard.

I pinched my nipple as I violated myself, my hips bucking wildly as I tried to stay pressed against the wall. I released my lip so I could moan and pant as I pounded my own pussy, thinking of the sexy man that has been a recurring feature in my dreams.

My hand left my breast to imitate his fingers on me. As one hand slammed my replica cock into my dripping cunt I licked my forefinger and used it rub my clit. I was squealing the second I touched myself but I was desperate to cum so I increased the pressure of my rubbing, flicking my clit as my body arched.

My arms weakened as my climax hit, I managed to keep up the friction on my clit but my other hand relaxed. My fingers let go of the dildo and it slid out of me as I groaned and came, my hot juices gushing over my thighs.

Panting and shaking, I let my body slide down the wall until I was sitting on my bedroom rug, my prone fake fuck buddy resting between my butt cheeks. As my breathing returned to normal I opened my eyes and vowed that I will replace this plastic for his real thing soon.

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