Cex Story: Business and Pleasure


Business and Pleasure

Running late is something I rarely did. Unfortunately, I did not hear my alarm clock this morning and woke up 30 minutes later than I had planned. I was up really late the night before trying to pack my bags and prepare for the biggest presentation I would ever have to give. This presentation could make or break my career, so I put my heart and soul into it.

I only allowed myself 30 minutes to get ready because I had to be at the airport at 7:30. Luckily, everything was packed and sitting by the front door. I only needed to shower and fix my hair and makeup. I usually spent 30 minutes in the shower alone, but today I was in a rush. I had no time to let the warm water run over my skin while I caressed my body nor did I have time to get a quick one in by detaching the shower head and letting it massage my clit. I only had time to bathe.

After showering and fixing my hair, I put on my favorite business suit. It made me look and feel professional. For some reason, the suit gave me confidence, and I was able to present very well. It was 7:05 when I walked out the door. It would take me only 10 minutes to get to the airport. I was proud of myself for getting ready so fast this morning. I started to back out the driveway when I remembered I left Hopper on the night stand. I travelled twice a month and have always made sure to pack Hopper. These business trips were so stressful and nothing helped me relieve stress like Hopper.

My ex and I broke up 6 months ago. I have not had sex with anyone since him. I was a firm believer in having meaningful sex. I did not like the idea of random hookups nor did I want to be looked at as a slut. After our relationship ended, I was constantly horny. I discussed this with a girlfriend of mine, and she told me that she purchased a jack rabbit from the Adam and Eve sex store to help her get through her lonely nights. I laughed at her but wondered if I should do the same. A few days after we had that conversation, I found myself online looking for a jack rabbit. I was too embarrassed to walk into a store and purchase one like she did. I found a silicone rabbit that was 1.25 inches wide and 8 inches long. It was water proof and had 7 modes of vibrations. I purchased it and have been extremely happy with Hopper ever since.

I put my car in drive and drove into the garage. I hopped out and ran back into my house to retrieve my toy. I also grabbed the water based lube and some extra batteries. Something told me that this was going to be the most stressful business trip to date. I often wished to meet a man of my equal on one of these business trips, but I have not had any luck thus far. Most men are intimidated by me. They often look at me as a powerful, successful, black woman who is obsessed with her career. In fact, I had one guy tell me that I had everything and that I did not need him. He jokingly offered to give me his dick because he said that was the missing piece that would make me a man.

I arrived at the airport with 5 minutes to spare. Before I knew it, I was seated in my seat and waiting for takeoff. I had a window seat in first class, but wondered who would occupy the seat next to me. I hope it was not a talkative person. The flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles was approximately 5 hours. I wanted and needed to sleep before my big presentation tonight. I decided to put on my head phones. Music often helped me sleep, so I stood up to get them out of my carry on bag.

I put on some soft instrumental music to help me get into a sleeping mood. I propped a pillow up behind my head and got as comfortable as could be. I closed my eyes and let the music take me away. Suddenly, I felt someone brush up against my arm, and I quickly opened my eyes.

“Hello. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you.” The man now sitting beside me said.
“It’s ok. I wasn’t asleep.” I replied.
“Ok, good. I know how it can be when you are trying to sleep on these flights. The last thing you want is to be disturbed.” The man said with a smile.
Yes, you are right about that, but really you didn’t disturb me.” I said with a smile of my own.
“I’m Ryan.” He said extending his hand.
“Nice to meet you, Ryan. I’m Dee.” I replied placing my hand into his.
“Likewise, Dee”. He smiled and gave my hand a soft peck.

I was caught off guard by this kiss. He was extremely attractive and smelled really nice. His scent was breathtaking. I took my hand back and looked at him. He had the most piercing, grey eyes. It was hard to look away. His smile was beautiful and bright. He was a very clean cut and well-dressed man. I figured he was probably the CEO of some company.

“I’m sorry, Dee. I didn’t mean to astound you.”
“It’s ok, Ryan.”
“You are very beautiful.”
“Thank you” I replied. Once again I was caught off guard.
“I see that your ring finger is bare.”
“Yes, it is. You are very observant.”
“Oh yes. When I see something I want, I study it and pay close attention.” Ryan chuckled with a smirk on his face.
“Something you want? How can you know that you want me when you don’t know me?”
“Let me say it this way. I like what I see and would love the opportunity to get to know you.”
“That’s better. I would like that too.”
“Have you ever been involved with a white man before?’
“No, you would be the first.” I said.
“Really? I will accept your invitation. To answer your question, I have never been with a black woman. You would be my first.”
“I didn’t ask that. I replied.
“I know, but you were thinking it.” Laughed Ryan.
“By the way, that was not an invitation.”
“Then what was it? I am obviously turning you on right now.”
“What makes you say that?” I gasp trying to control my breathing.
“You are clenching your legs together. Your breathing has changed. You keep biting your lip. And you have looked down at my crotch 3 times already.”

I was so embarrassed. Ryan was absolutely right. He was turning me on, and I could feel my panties getting moist. This man was fine as hell, and he knew it. I had rules and standards. I promised myself that I would never lose control and have a random hookup with a stranger. I was too classy and professional for a move like that. Besides, I needed to get some sleep and focus on my presentation that I was supposed to give tonight at 8:00.

“Ryan, I find you attractive, but I am not that kind of woman.” I snapped.
“I understand that you have to resist at first, so you don’t look like “that kind of woman”. We are both adults wanting the same thing.”
“Ryan, I can’t ok. I need to sleep. I have an event to attend to tonight.”
“I have an event to attend as well. Let’s both get some sleep. When we touch down in LA, I will take you out to eat. If you still feel the same way afterwards, then I will let you go and not bother you again. How does that sound?”
“That sounds wonderful. I will accept your invitation.” I said with a smile.
“Great, Dee. Sleep tight.” Ryan replied with a smile.
“Same to you.”

I put my headphones back on and started my music once again. I closed my eyes and repositioned my pillow. I needed to sleep, but I knew it was going to be hard. All I could think about was Ryan. A string of questions filled my head. How big is his dick? Would I actually break my rule? Is he dating anyone? What did he do for a living? What kind of conference did he have to attend? Is it true that white men can eat pussy really well? Is he shaved? How would I feel tomorrow? What would happen between us?

“Wake up beautiful. We just landed.” Ryan said slightly shaking me.
“Oh thanks.”
“Did you sleep well?”
“Yes, I did. Did you?”
“Yes, thanks for asking.”

Ryan helped me with my bags and escorted me to the car he had waiting for us. It was 2:30, and I was starving. I was in such a rush this morning that I did not have time to eat anything. To my surprise, Ryan and I were staying at the same hotel. We decided to dine at the restaurant in the hotel. We had a lovey meal filled with a lot of laughs and conversation. He revealed information about himself including his past relationships. Some of my questions that I previously had were answered. However, all the sexual questions were not. There was only one way to find those answers.

“Would you like dessert?” Ryan asked.
“No, I’m stuffed.”
“Speaking of stuffed. Are you going to let me stuff.. I mean…have you arrived to a decision yet?” Ryan smiled and gave me a wink.

I instantly got wet and started clenching my legs together again. This man had some kind of control over me. My mind was telling me no, but my body was saying yes. I wanted to jump him right in this restaurant. He looked like the type that wanted it rough, and I was going to give it to him.

“I have, and my answer is no.” I surprisingly said.
Wait. What? I meant to say yes.

“Ok. I respect that.” Ryan said with a sigh.

Ryan paid the bill and hurried over to the elevator. I could tell he was embarrassed and disappointed. He seemed like the type that always got what he wanted. I was so stupid to let him go. I just sat at the table alone wondering what to do next. My pussy told me to get up and follow him, but my mind said stay seated until he leave. Hell I was tired of playing it safe and being the good girl. I could lose control if I wanted to.

“Ryan, wait!” I called out. “Hold the door.”

Ryan held the elevator door for me as I ran to meet up with him. Once inside, Ryan pulled me into his chest and kissed my lips passionately. He pushed his tongue inside my mouth and French kissed me. He then grabbed my ass and gave it a smack. The elevator stopped on the 4th floor. We rushed out and headed to his room.

As soon as we entered his room, our clothes started coming off. I knew this was not going to be a romantic, love making session, but I thought we would at least take it slow. My pussy was already wet as hell. My mind was telling me to calm down, but I could not. My body needed this. I had beat him at undressing and was standing completely naked in front of him. His abs were to die for. He was in great shape and looked as if he lived in the gym.

Ryan was still wearing his boxer briefs, but I could see the huge bulge waiting to spring free. He stood there frozen while looking at me with such intensity. Neither one of us said anything nor did we reach out for one another. We simply stood there staring at each other’s body. I could not take this intense moment anymore. I wanted to fuck this man right now. I took a step closer to him and looked up into those beautiful grey eyes hoping he would get the hint that I was ready.

He smiled and took a step closer to me and whispered “your move.”
Fear, joy excitement, and nervousness took over me all at once. This man practically begged me to fuck him now he is acting shy and wants me to make the first move. I decided to stop this game and just go for it. I pulled his briefs down in one quick motion and kneeled in front of him. Damn Ryan was huge. I wondered if I could fit all of him in my mouth. I grabbed his dick in one hand and began jacking him off. I teased him a little by kissing the tip and using my tongue to make small circles around the head of his dick. Ryan let out low groans and begged me to suck his dick. I laughed and shook my head. He then placed both of his hands on the back of my head forcing me to take his dick into my mouth.

I slowly sucked and showed him a few tricks that I had. I moved down to his balls while jacking him off. I alternated between each nut before taking his dick into my mouth once again. I bopped up and down for a few minutes before he scooped me up and threw me onto the bed. Damn he was strong. I did not know what was about to happen, but I loved that he was now taking control.
Ryan laid on his back and pulled me on top of him and instructed me to sit backward on his face. He then swirled his tongue on my clit. He began licking my pussy from my asshole to my clit and inserted a finger inside me. This felt amazing. I started moaning softly and grabbing the pillows that were beside me. Yes, it was definitely true that white men could eat pussy. Well, at least Ryan could. Ryan started working his tongue on my clit harder and inserted another finger inside my pussy. I was getting close and started moaning louder while pushing my pussy onto his face harder. He knew that I was on edge because he increased his speed with his tongue and fingers. My pussy began to pulsate as I let go and had an orgasm. I rolled over on my back and tried to catch my breath.

Ryan spread my legs apart and started his technique again as I was beginning to calm down. OMG I thought. This man know how to really satisfy a woman. At this time, I wondered how my times he had done this. Not eat pussy, but meet a woman on a business trip and invite her back to his room. In this moment I did not care. I’m just glad that this time he met me. I was the woman in his bed for tonight. Ryan continued to eat my pussy while caressing my breast. He began to roll my nipple between his thumb and index finger and this put me on edge again. Shit I was close again. I gripped the covers and let out a loud moan before my body began to quiver out of control.

Without saying a word, Ryan climbed on top of me and pushed his dick into my mouth and forced me to suck his dick again. He began grinding his hips as his pushed his dick in and out of my mouth. He continued to push deeper and deeper until I started to gag.

“Oh yes, Dee. I love the sound of gagging.” Ryan groaned as he continued to fuck my throat.

He pulled out and allowed me to catch my breath. I pushed him onto his back, so I could control how deep I wanted to go. I took his dick back inside of my mouth. I sucked his dick harder this time while massaging his balls. Each time I lowered my head, I took him deeper in my mouth. I gagged a few times, but I did not let that stop me. I do not know why it mattered, but I really wanted to please him. I continued to perform my magic on Ryan. I could tell he was close, so I stopped to allow him to calm down. I was not ready for him to cum yet. I still intended to fuck this man.

“Dee, what are you doing? That was feeling so damn good.” Ryan exclaimed looking confused.
“I didn’t want you to cum yet. I want you to fuck the shit out of me.” I moaned.
“Oh, I plan to.” Ryan revealed as he gave my ass a slap.

He then pulled me back on top of him and took my breast in his hands. He sucked my nipples like a piece of candy as he grabbed my ass. He put his lips on mine and kissed me passionately. He bit my bottom lip and whispered in my ear for me to put his dick inside my pussy. I grabbed his shaft and lowered my pussy on to it. My lips opened up welcoming his rock hard dick. Damn, he was huge. I was stuffed. I settled my weight on him and began grinding my hips. Ryan rolled his hips in sync with mine. We were fucking, and it felt so damn good. I laid my head on his muscular chest and bounced my ass up and down on his dick. He slapped my ass a few times, and I could tell it felt good to him as well. As I rode him, I felt Ryan circling my asshole with his index finger. I jumped a little when he inserted the finger in my asshole. Wow! Surprisingly that felt amazing. I lifted my head up and placed my hands on his chest. I was ready for another orgasm, so I rode him faster and faster until I could not hold on any longer. My juices began to flow down his shaft and once again my body quivered out of control. My pussy was sensitive, but I wanted Ryan to cum. I continued to roll my hips as I looked him in his eyes and demanded for him to cum. Within seconds, Ryan’s eyes rolled as his back arched slightly lifting us off the bed. He let out a low groan and shot his hot load deep into my pussy. He relaxed on the bed and stared up at me. A wide smile spread across his face.

We laid there in silence for about a minute before placing his hands on my ass. He rolled us over in one quick motion allowing himself to be on top. Without saying a word, he pushed his dick inside my cum filled pussy and began rolling his hips. I quickly responded by rolling my hips to match his. Ryan was going for round number 2. He rolled my nipples between his fingers as he fucked me. He pushed harder inside me with deep thrusts. My pussy was so stuffed. As he settled into a smooth rhythm, he grabbed my legs and placed them on his broad, muscular shoulders slightly lifting my ass off the bed. I did not think it was possible but this position allowed Ryan to go deeper inside my pussy. Within minutes, I could feel another orgasm building up inside me. I clenched my teeth and gripped the covers. I let out a loud moan and released once again. As my body flopped around like a fish out of water, I felt Ryan ejecting inside me.

He had cum twice without having to take a break to recover. I was quite impressed and amazed. I had only been with 2 men prior to Ryan, but neither one of them would cum back to back nor did they make me orgasm 4 times. Ryan pulled out of my pussy and took me into his arms. We laid there holding each other for a few minutes. I rolled over and looked at the clock. It read 5:15. I had less than 3 hours until my huge presentation. I wish I could lay here all night with Ryan, but I had to be about my business. Ryan had fallen asleep, so I slipped away and quickly dressed not wanting to wake him. I kissed him on the forehead and whispered “hope to see you again, baby.”

I could not believe that I just fucked a stranger. Who was I becoming? As I stepped onto the elevator, I looked back at room 404 and smiled. Ryan was amazing. I hope I would get a chance to see him again before I leave. I went up to the 8th floor and into my room. As I ironed a new suit to wear tonight, I realized that I still did not know what Ryan did for a living. I laid the suit onto the bed and began to unpack my bag. Hopper fell out, and I laughed because for the first time I would not need him on a business trip.

I arrived at the conference at 7:40. The venue was beautiful. I was escorted to my seat by an usher. This was very formal. Everyone looked professional. The conference got underway and all of these big named people graced out presence on stage. I was quite impressed with some of the young professionals. At 34 years old, I considered myself young as well. I looked at the program, and I was next on the list to present my idea to the CEO. From where I was sitting, I could not see him, but I could tell that he was quite a man because everyone had talked so highly of him.

“Let’s welcome our next presenter Ms. Deidra Anderson from Atlanta, GA.” The announcer stated.

Everyone clapped as I stood with a folder in my hand. I made my way over to the stage and walked up the steps. I placed my folder onto the podium and turned to greet the CEO. Staring back at me was a man with the most piercing, grey eyes and beautiful, bright smile. My mouth flew open as he stood to shake my hand. I could not believe it. Just hours ago I was fucking the CEO of my company. Well, I got my wish. I did see him again before I left. He took my hand into his and gave it a soft peck. He leaned in close to me and whispered “Round 3 after the conference. Your room or mine?”

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