I walked into my apartment to find my sister sitting at my computer trying to log onto it. Since she didn’t live there I wanted to know “Hey, what the fuck are you doing here?”
She flipped a quick look over her shoulder, “Trying to get a look at your computer files.”

“What the hell for? If you want to use a computer use my laptop, it’s on the table over there.”

Shannon had a key to my place and once in a while she would use it when she dropped in for a visit. Most of the time she called to tell me she was on the way, today she hadn’t said a word. She turned to watch me set down the bag of TV dinners I bought at the store, “I don’t want the laptop, I don’t think it has the right stuff on it.”

“What do you think I have on that old PC that is so fucking interesting?” I was glad I had it pass-worded.

Her deep brown eyes narrowed with suspicion, “Secrets. Dirty – nasty — secrets. I think you are a perverted fucked up porn story writer and I want to find out for sure.”

I stepped back cautiously, “What are you talking about? I can hardly write my name and you think I’m some sort of twisted author? Get a life bitch; go away until you get off the rag.”

“Okay, do you remember a girl you told me about once, and I quote, ‘She suffered from alcohol induced amnesia. She would wake up with a hangover and cum all over her face and in her hair and wonder at what kind of lousy hair mousse she was using’?”

“Yeah, her name was Addie, I knew her in my second year of college.”

“Then how about this, ‘She ate so many cocks she could be classified as a cannibal’?”

“That was Lydia, so what, what do they have to do with you hacking my files?”

“Either you’re a liar and just tell me stuff you read or you are writing the stuff. I found a web site where Joe Blow or Jane Doe can post dirty stories for the whole fucked up world to read. I found stories that had those girls in them, they were called the Cum Sucker and The Cannibal.” My sister looked across the table at me “Not very original titles, don’t you think?”

I didn’t know what to say because I knew if she could get into my old desktop computer she would find those two stories and about a hundred more. I’d been dabbling with words for a couple of years and some of what I wrote was short, sex laden tales. I wrote about everything I could think of, straight sex, new sex, group sex, bi, lezbo, gay, married, cheating, anal, incest and pretty much anything else that I cold dredge up an idea about. Some of my stories were based on personal experience, like the Cum Sucker but most were fantasies.

“What the hell makes you think I’m making up stories?”

“Because those two were written by the same person, the braggart uses the moniker ‘MegaDick’ as his avatar name. I looked up this MegaDick and found eighteen stories and you know what dear brother? As I read through some of that crap I noticed that a lot of the heroes and heroines were names I recognize as friends or family. Our friends and family, not some fictitious group of people. Come on, confess, you write porn stories about people you know don’t you?”

I was caught. My sister had found my secret passion, putting my fantasies in print then watching the reaction of the readers. “Okay, it’s a fucking hobby, so what?”

“Jesus Mitch, don’t you have any originality, why use names of people you know? Have you any idea what it was like to recognize myself in a story about how I got gang-banged in the motel that night. I should have never told you that!”

“You told me you liked getting fucked by four guys.”

“It was awesome but that doesn’t mean I want the pervs of the world to know, that was private. I was drunk when I did it and drunk when I told you so you should have known I didn’t want to share that with anybody else.”

I looked at my sister then teased “Maybe you should give up drinking and sex.”

Shannon shot me a look of disdain then ordered “Show me the stories, all of them.”

She sat with her back to me reading what I had written. There were over seventy sex themed stories so she started with the earliest and would work through to the latest. I set a hot dinner on the desk so she was taking bites between paragraphs. I gave up watching her for any reaction after the third tale and went to watch TV. I was fervently hoping she would get tired and go home sometime before she got to the 14th story, A Sister Scorned. That was my first attempt at writing about incest and Shannon had a starring role with me. If she didn’t find it, I would delete it completely.

After three hours, four beers and one dinner my sister shut down my computer. She had gotten to story number 11. I breathed a sigh of deep relief when she stretched, yawned and said “I’m going home.” She looked at me “Some of those are pretty hot, how many are real and how many are made up?”

I brushed aside the question “What do you think, did you like any of them?”

She smiled softly, a hint of sexiness in her voice, “I’m going to see Bert tonight, he’s going to get very fucking lucky.”

“That good huh?”

“Not all, some are pretty raunchy, but the one about the girl going to the sex club to get screwed by strangers worked on me very nicely. I’ve done sex with no names before, it’s a turn on.” She put on her coat then as she went to the door she held up something in her hand “I have all those stories right here, I’m going to read them later.” She was holding a USB thumb drive! She had copied all my work onto it and was walking out the door. She had number 14 and a bunch more that I didn’t want her to see; Oh Fuck Me!!

Shannon watched me pale then blush red, she stared at me for a few moments then asked “What the hell is on here that you don’t want me to see?” She smiled wickedly, “I guess I’ll find out.”

By the time she came back four days later I was over being embarrassed or intimidated, Shannon was 28, old enough to handle whatever I had written, after all, most were just random trips of fiction. She came in and started the conversation pretty much the way I expected. “You’ve had a busy sex life since your 16th birthday haven’t you Shrimpy Mitch.” Being two years older than me she used to call me that when we were growing up.

“Only from the way you describe yourself, you aren’t so fucking Shrimpy anymore. I quote ‘She groaned with the most pleasurable pain she had ever experienced as my thick, nine inch cunt cannon fired repeatedly, battering the walls of her womb with shot after shot of boiling cum’ Shannon plopped into a chair “Only nine inches huh, why not ten or something totally outrageous?”

I ignored her taunt “You want a beer?”

“I brought a twelve-pack, it’s in the car, go get it while I fire up the computer.”

She had something on the screen when I handed her the open bottle of amber pale. She looked up at me and said “I made a list of your sexual conquests, it’s pretty impressive, I started with family. Mom, me, Carol, (our younger sister), both our cousins Maggie and Mable (twins). From there you branched to several of our friends; you put it to Ralphie?” she smiled slightly, “I should be the one screwing him, not you; two movie stars and a woman ambassador from China. And in between all of us, a legion of well stacked young women who threw themselves into your bed for endless hours of pleasuring.”

She spun in her chair “Mom?”

“Did you notice I took the wrinkles out of her face and she was about 40 pounds lighter?”

“Ugh, that’s totally wrecked, even for a porn star like yourself. Don’t do mom again, okay?”

“Okay, but what about you, I have more ideas, I could put it to you a few more times?”

“For sure, I like getting nine inches of pipe once in a while” she rejoined as she turned back to the computer and brought up a file that I could see was only two pages. I bent closer and saw that it was the start of a story from a woman’s point of view. She pecked on a couple of keys to increase the font size so I could read it “It was kind of fun reading your stuff so I decided to see if I could do something like that too only I guess my imagination isn’t as good as yours, I’m having a hard time putting my thoughts into coherent sentences. You want to help me?”

I read what she had written, it was jerky, flat and lifeless. “Is this something you did or is this something you tried to make up?”

“I made it up.”

I pulled up a chair next to Shannon, “That isn’t going to work for the first few stories. You need to write about something you did and experienced. That way the story will be real and you will learn how to write because you can tell how you felt, what you were doing and thinking. Once you learn how to express reality, you can start putting those ideas and feelings into your fantasies.”

“Write about something I did for real?” she asked tentatively.

“Sure, write a story about your all-niter in the motel with those four guys. You said you enjoyed it, write it down. You can change the names, stress some of the good stuff, suppress the bad stuff and it will be a hot story. I got great reviews when I put it up.”

“You didn’t change names.”

“A mistake.”

“I’m supposed to meet Bert later.”

“You going to fuck him?”

“Won’t have time, he has to get home to his family early.”

“Then stand him up, this will be more fun.”

I left Shannon to start a new story. Every once in a while she would get up to piss out a beer before she grabbed another. I wanted to lean over her shoulder but she didn’t seem to want my critique. Once she asked me for a word, a synonym for erection, I told her ‘Hard-on, boner, steel, stiff, rod, ram, and cock’ were some I’d seen used. She pecked a few keys and replied “Cool, thanks.” Bert called after 8 to ask where she was but she spurned him with “You can stick it to your wife tonight, you have my permission.”

My sister wrote, rewrote and edited for hours, it was near midnight when she abandoned the computer. There were the empty husks of seven beers near her, I had five cluttering the floor around my feet. She stretched her arms over her head “Fuck it all, my eyes hurt, I have to pee, look this over for me.”

“You going to work on it more?”

“Not tonight but I want you to proof it and be ready to tell me what to fix tomorrow. I have to go.”

“You drank half a goddamn brewery, you shouldn’t be driving.”

Shannon bumped against the desk and leaned heavily against it. “Yeah, pull out the sofa bed, I’m crashing here” she tottered away.

Ten minutes later Shannon came from the bathroom carrying her clothes, wearing only bra and brief panties. I’d seen her in bikinis before so I had a good perspective on her lovely body but for some reason bra and panties are much more intimate than swimwear even though they cover about the same amount of skin. I got a shot of adrenaline to my nuts as she dropped her Levis and blouse on the floor and bent over to get onto the fold out bed. I watched her legs stretch tight and her ass widen when she bent to fluff the two pillows then she flopped to her back on the mattress. She looked up at me “What?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you dressed like that before, you’re pretty fucking hot in just bra and panties.”

“Well little brother, according your fuck stories you’ve seen me in several stages of undress, including completely naked, come on, can’t you handle an eyeful of reality?”

My cock was taking notice of Shannon’s long, firm thighs, the V of cotton at the junction of her legs. My fingers began to itch to remove the well filled bra. She watched my eyes travel the length of her body, taking in the rich vista of her dips and curves then she smiled up at me “Like the view?”

“I’m trying to find words to describe you in my next story. Somehow hot, awesome or sexy don’t work; maybe devastating or explosive.”

Shannon smiled coyly, “What else would you write about me? You told me to write from experience but you laid me in four of your stories without actually doing it. How can you write like it was real when it wasn’t?”

“It was real enough in my mind when I typed it; I got big fucking boners every time I wrote about doing you.”

My sister reached up and turned off the table lamp “Why don’t you come over here, let’s do some research for some stories, mine how I fucked my brother, yours how you seduced your sister. Now impress me Shrimpy, show me nine inches”

After stripping to my boxers I crawled onto bed with my sister who welcomed me with a beautiful come hither pose of her voluptuous body. I lay on my side facing her and put an arm around her waist to pull her close. Our legs meshed and twined as our stomachs caressed, her encased breasts pressed firmly against my broad muscular chest. Shannon watched my eyes as I stroked her back and hips then she pressed her groin against the long outline of the hardbody in my shorts. The message in her eyes mirrored between us and I put my lips over hers for our first sexually impelled kiss. Her sweet wet lips parted slightly and as her mouth moved against me I felt fingers ease under the band of my briefs and tease the head of my hard-on. She slid the palm of her hand down the length of the shaft until she held my nuts then slowly massaged them as she moaned gently into to my mouth. Her hips were beginning to flex, rubbing her cunt on the thigh I forced between hers. I broke the kiss and pulled away from her. She went to her back to let me to pull off her panties then flipped away from me while I freed the clasp of the bra. As soon as the bra and panties were on the floor I went to my knees and pulled my shorts down. She watched with wide glittering eyes as my manhood stretched into the unrestricted space over her stomach.

She sat up and pushed me over so she could finish stripping my underwear. After they joined hers on the floor she wrapped long delicate fingers around my erection “It’s not nine inches Shrimpy, but I think this will do nicely for what I have in mind.” My sister leaned over my legs and pulled the head of my cock between her hot wet lips. The tip of her tongue flicked off a bead of pre-cum then she slipped down and began a woman’s true art form. The blowjob she put on me was so fucking erotic I thought I would lose my nuts in the first minute. I lifted her by her thick brown hair and pulled her off before I embarrassed myself, I didn’t want to cum in her mouth, not the first time she went down on me, I would save that for another story.

She came up for another kiss, this one involved full body clutching, tongues dancing and grunts of pleasures as our hands explored for and found sensitive areas of the other. Her temperature reached ‘fuck me’ hot, her breath was a storm of temperate winds on my neck when I urged her to lie back. She threw a pillow out of the way then opened her arms and legs, pleading with her eyes for my throbbing cock. As I watched her body warp and curl, undulating in anticipation of getting mine I flashed on the several times I wrote about my sister and realized that my imagination could have never prepared me for this moment.

She sucked air through clenched teeth when my long solid muscle penetrated her. Her cunt was hot, flowing with slickness so I slipped easily and fully down the steamy velvet tunnel of her sex until my balls mashed against her. Shannon looked up at me, her eyes flickering with fires of lust then humped her hips, causing my erection to slide out then back in to her. She sucked another breath then arched her back, “Mmmm – this is going to be one hot fuck story when we write it!” With those words my sister loosened all the sexual passion that had built up while she read my work.

We humped and rolled all over the sofa bed, gasps and grunts of pleasure were woven into the sounds of our bodies slapping together as we experienced each other for the first time. First time sex is always a thrill, a hot turn on, but Shannon was the wildest, most exciting piece of ass I’d ever had because not only was she awesomely sexy, she was forbidden. Sister fucking is supposed to be vile, evil, and perverted beyond belief but what I was feeling was far from repugnant. The longer my sister and I clutched and coupled, the more I liked it.

She was on her back looking up at me when I stopped moving. I pulled out of her and slid the head of my erection up her wet tender body slit until I could feel the skin hood covering her clit. I slow stroked her sweet button, watching the heat in her eyes build even further as she concentrated on the connection between us. Shannon closed her eyes, arched her back and began to convulse. She dug her acrylic fingernails into my ass and pulled me back into her cunt as the orgasm exploded from her clit to engulf her entire body. “OH MY GAWD – CUM NOW!!”

My balls unleashed the hounds of hell into my sister’s belly as we slammed together. When her puss was done sucking the life from my nuts she fell back to the bed, her chest heaving for cool air, I felt small shudders rippling her thighs. I pulled my cunt plug out of her and rolled to her side, Shannon turned to face me, peering through strands of disheveled brown hair that covered half her face. “Goddamn, what the hell did we just do?That felt that really fucking good!”

“We just finished researching my next story, My Slut Sister Fucked me Endlessly.”

“Endlessly? That’s your idea of endless fucking? Bro, you don’t have a clue.”