She smiled to herself at the memory of what she had done to him last night.  She ran her hand down her throat and caressed her neck as she thought back over the memories.

He let her tie him up this time and she had used 2 pairs of handcuffs and 2 pairs of ankle cuffs he was not gonna get away from her. She slid a blindfold over his eyes and tickled him with the feather tickler for a little while and teased him by biting him playfully as she tickled him.  nipping the backs of his knees always drives him crazy.


She put down the tickler and squeezed some lube on the tip of his stiff cock. She began to rub it in and massage his throbbing cock. She bent over his cock sitting on her knees in between his legs, she starts to suck his cock. Using her hand and her mouth she spends about a half hour lovingly sucking and stroking his cock slowly, she does not want him to cum yet, not until she is done with him.

He pulls at the restraints and asks her to let him free. “No” she tells him in a stern voice “I am not done with you, yet” she tells him as she pushes his head down gently. She is in charge and she is going to take advantage of it.

Turning her back to him she sits down on his cock and rocks her hips back and forth riding him gently so as to prolong his orgasm, but force her to cum all over his cock. She sits up so that she is squatting over him and rubs her pussy up and down his cock, he is tugging at the restraints he wants his hands free so that he can grab her and slam her down on his cock. He moves his hips trying to force her to go faster, but she wont. He is moaning and wiggling he wants release.

She rides him for a little while longer up dragging her pussy up and down his thick cock grinding against him she has another orgasm. He is begging her to let his hands free, but she will not do it. She begins to ride him again. With her back towards his face she rides his cock like a mad woman drawing him near to his orgasm. She lifts off of him just before he starts to come and jams his cock deep in her throat. This instantly causes him to cum all over her face, and deep inside of her throat, some even runs out the corner of her mouth and down her chin. He moans as she is trying to swallow the huge load of cum he had just left in her mouth and he squirms around not wanting her to move over his sensitive cock head. so she takes this opportunity to lick his softening cock and watch him wiggle as she licks his cock clean.

She unties his ankles and wrist cuffs and lets him free as he  curls her into his body he strokes her hair telling her how much he loves her without saying a word. Kissing her lovingly on the forehead he holds her for a while. He tells her later that she should tie him up more often. And so she shall…