I have a lot of clients who want to meet me personally; I never meet them personally. I do have several people I meet for a quick fuck; but they are not clients. I don’t get paid to leisurely fuck, usually, I just do it to satisfy my desires.

Like today for instance. I am fucking an older man at 3:00. He wants me for 30-minutes, and he wants to fuck me from behind. He has a shower on site, so I don’t hesitate. Plus, I’ve been fucking him for a year. He provides nice perks.

As I walk towards the front door of Mr. Brown’s condo, he opens the door and welcomes me into his home. He hands me a tall glass of cranberry juice on ice. I drink the beverage rather fast; the tartness of the cranberry is refreshing.

Mr. Brown is wearing a long silk robe, and he immediately shuts the door and hands me a short plaid skirt, a bikini top with the nipples cut out, and a pair of crotch-less underwear. I know not to waste time, and I immediately go behind the curtain and change.

When I appear in the living room, Mr. Brown is pouring a shot of vodka into two glasses. My nipples are beaming hard through the holes on my bikini top; I held the ice from the glass on my nipples.

My shaved pussy is pushed through the long slit in the crotch-less panties, and my skirt is so short that once I bend over, Mr. Brown can easily touch my bare pussy.

Mr. Brown likes my body. He hands me a quick drink of vodka. As I drink my shot, he calls me over closer to him. As I approach, he sits upright and says, “I want you to lie across my lap with your ass up; I want to rub your pussy from the back.”

I place my glass on the table and I walk over to sprawl across his lap. Before I could position myself, he stopped and sucked on my tits for a few minutes. I couldn’t help but moan. I love my tits sucked.

Once I was flat across his lap, he was excited to finger my pussy and feel its wetness. He spread my legs open a little wider. As he pushed his fingers deep inside my snatch, his fingers became covered with liquid. He then pulled his fingers out and circled his fingers over my full pussy. He stroked my labia and teased my ass.

I was horny. I knew what he wanted. I love to fuck older men. I spread my legs wide, so my pussy was opened. Mr. Brown placed his hand over my snatch and held his palm over my muff; I felt my pussy swell. As my legs were wide open and my snatch wet and ripe, he began to finger fuck my pussy deep. I liked it and I moaned.

Mr. Brown said, “That’s a good girl. Yes, that’s a real good girl. Keep fucking my fingers, yes, back and forth. Fuck, you’re good.”

As I fucked his fingers slow, my pussy became so wet. He pushed his hand further on to my pussy, I realized he was trying to fist me. I got excited and I accepted the challenge.

He moved my tiny underwear all the way to the side.

I kept pumping my snatch up and down on his hand. He casually folded his hand into a fist and pushed it closer and harder towards my muff. I liked it, and I started really rocking down on his hand. I was so wet. My legs were spread so wide.

The harder I rocked down on his hand, the deeper he pushed his fist inside my pussy. Once his fist was fully inside my snatch, I said, “Fuck yeah.”

His fist felt like a really thick dick.

As I lie across his lap bucking my snatch against his fist, he slides his full fist further inside my pussy. I moan wildly. I say, “Oh, fuck yeah. Damn that’s hard and big.”

Mr. Brown immediately said, “Call me daddy. Tell your daddy you like his hands on your pussy.”

I reply, ‘Oh, daddy. Please keep fist fucking me. Please, daddy. Oh, yes…Daddy, yes…Fist fuck your little pussy. I’ve been a real good girl, daddy.”

Mr. Brown starts fist pumping my pussy hard. He really gets his body into fucking my pussy hole. He says, “Yeah, fuck me, baby. Fuck your big man.”

I rode his fist strong. He was really getting off on fisting me. He was pumping my pussy deep. I quite liked it too.

I then felt his hard cock press into my face; there was just his silk robe separating his thick dick from my mouth. As I repetitively received my pussy pounding, I heard Mr. Brown say, “Suck my cock. Get it wet.”

I was getting fisted so fast, it was hard for me to grab his thick cock. But when I did manage to make contact, I stuffed his fat dick in my mouth and deep throated his thick manhood. The faster his fist pumped my pussy, the harder I sucked.

Mr. Brown moaned in ecstasy. He said, “Yes, let me fuck that pretty face. Oh yeah, you like it. You like fucking me.”

I mumbled, “Uh-huh.”

I steadily kept sucking his cock as I furiously rubbed my hand up and down his shaft. As I concentrated on the tip of his cock for several seconds, I squeezed his dick hard as I jacked his cock fast into my mouth. I love to suck a big dick. I love when it’s slippery.

I tugged and pulled at his big dick. He liked it so much, he rocked his cock in rhythm with my sucks until he released his cum into my mouth. I did what every good fuck does, I swallowed his cum.

I waited while Mr. Brown pulled his fist from my wet crotch. Once he was out of my pussy, I closed my legs and stood up from the couch. I looked at him and said, “This is the easiest bill I pay each month, Daddy.” I smiled.

Mr. Brown then reached up and slapped my ass and said, “I look forward to fucking you every month, darling.” He closed his robe and tied the belt.

You see, Mr. Brown has an import-export car dealership. My Audi and all other car repairs are paid via my monthly fuck sessions with him.

He has more than one perk that I use to my advantage.

Since I have a few hours before class, I figure I’ll go home and rest for an hour. As I gather my clothes and head towards the shower, I think to myself, “Thursdays are always my horniest days.”