It was the late afternoon on a Friday, and I was sitting at my desk at work counting down the minutes until the start of the weekend. My buddy, tayo, poked his head in the doorway to my office.

“Hey, you gonna make it to the big boss man’s wedding tomorrow?” tayo asked.

“Oh shit! I forgot. I guess. Do we have a choice?” I asked.

“They’re calculating bonuses next week, so no, not really.” tayo replied.

“Dammit. Well, then yes, I guess I’ll be there.” I said.

It had completely slipped my mind that my sadistic boss, Jonathan, was getting married that weekend. I had already made plans to get out of town for a couple of days, but now I was going to have to cancel my plans and go to Jonathan’s wedding.

“He’s an asshole, but at least the alcohol’s free.” tayo said.

“Yea, that’s some consolation. Have you even met his fiancée?” I asked.

“Nope. I haven’t met her, but I hear she’s smoking hot.” tayo answered, “I’m outta here. See you tomorrow.”

“Later,” I said. Tayo looked around, and made sure no one saw him leaving early, and he hurriedly walked to the door and snuck out. About ten minutes later, I crept out too.

Later, that evening, I decided to pop into my neighborhood bar for a beer. I walked into the crowded bar, and took a seat on a barstool at the end of the bar. I got about halfway through my first beer, and my cell phone started ringing. I pulled it out of my pocket and answered it.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hey, yeah. It’s your boss, Jonathan . I’m glad you answered. Hey, I’m busy, so I need you to go through all the client emails from this afternoon and do follow-ups.” Jonathan ordered me.

“I’m kinda busy, Jona! . It’s the weekend now—” I began.

“Well, that’s too bad.” Jonathan said, and he hung up the phone.

I decided to ignore his demand for awhile, and enjoy my beer instead. He was busy, and he would probably forget that he ever asked. I would just take my chances and deal with it later. I called my buddy, tayo.

“tayo, hey, Jonathan’s barking at me to do a bunch of bullshit….” I said.

“Just ignore it, bro. He’s just being an asshole, as usual. Just do your thing.” tayo said. “I wouldn’t waste my Friday. I know that I’m going out drinking, and I wouldn’t let anyone stop me.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said, and then I hung up my phone.

I sat at the bar, drinking beers, trying to cool my temper off for a couple of hours. I chatted it up with the bartender and the random locals that came and went. I was about to tab out and head home, when a group of hot girls walked into the bar together. There were a few empty barstools beside me, and they walked straight to them.

“Are these seats taken?” one of the girls asked.

“No, have a seat.” I replied.

They were dressed up for a night on the town, and if I had to guess, I would have thought they were celebrating one of their birthdays. Their outfits weren’t matching, but they were each wearing very similar, short cocktail dresses and heels. The girl sitting closest to me had a short, curly blond perm just past her shoulders. She was about 5’7″ in her heels, and she was about 24 years old. Her eyes were blue, and she was wearing small, diamond earrings. She had a small, cute button nose. Her laugh was loud, and obnoxious. She was thin, and had B-cup breasts. She looked like she spent a lot of time at the gym. I guessed that she was a work-hard/play-hard girl; the type that works really hard during the week and turns into a wild party animal on the weekends.

“So, what are you doing here tonight?” She asked me.

“Just unwinding after work.” I replied.

“Me too. My name’s Emily” She said.

“Hi Emily. It’s nice to meet you.” I said.

“Are you having a good time?” Emily asked.

“Yea, I guess so. I have to go to a wedding tomorrow, so I’m trying to get the most out of my one free day.” I said.

“That sucks.” Emily said. “Well, we’re bar hopping, if you want to run around with us?”

“Sure, why not? That sounds like fun.” I said.

This is exactly what I needed. I thought about my boss’ phone call for a moment, and then quickly dismissed the thought. Emily turned to her friends, they huddled together, and then started chattering inaudibly. Then Emily turned back to me.

“This place is lame. Let’s go somewhere else.” She said.

“Okay.” I replied. I flagged down the bartender, closed out my tab, and the four of us exited the bar together.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“We’re going to stop by Jen’s place and have some drinks and then go back out.” Emily said, “She lives right around the corner.”

One of the other girls turned to me and said, “I live only like two blocks from here.” She was about 5’2″, also about 24 years old. She was skinny, and was wearing a tight black cocktail dress. She had short straight black hair just past her ears.

“Cool. Let’s do it.” I said to Jen.

The four of us walked two blocks down the street to Jen’s house, and walked inside. Me, Emily, and other girl sat at a small square dining room table, while Jen started pouring drinks in the kitchen. Emily sat to my right, and Mary sat to my left. The table appeared to be a poker table that was adapted for dining room purposes.

“Hi, we haven’t met yet. I’m Mary.” the other girl said.

“Hi Mary. It’s nice to meet you.” I said.

Mary was short, about 5’1″ with heels, and she had short black curly hair. She was wearing a white cocktail dress, with a diagonal black stripe stretching from her right shoulder down to her left hip. She had dark brown eyes, and was wearing dark blue mascara. She had plump, juicy lips, glistening with dark pink lip gloss. She had unusually large breasts for her small frame, and her ass was plump and round.

Jen emerged from the kitchen, carrying four glasses filled with some type of purple alcoholic concoction. She had a bottle of vodka tucked underneath her arm. She handed us each a glass, and placed the bottle on the table. Jen sat down across from me, and raised her glass.

“To us!” She said, as we all clinked our glasses together.

“To us!” we all said together, and began drinking.

It was a tasty drink. I guessed that it was probably vodka and some type of fruit juice. Beyond that, I had no idea what we were drinking. I didn’t really care either, because I was about to get drunk with three hot girls. The girls guzzled down their drinks without taking a single breath. I was impressed, and I followed suit, pouring my entire drink down my throat.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Good, huh? Want another?” Jen asked.

“Sure.” I said.

Jen went back to the kitchen and reemerged carrying an armload of mixers, and a bucket of ice cubes. She mixed up some more cocktails, and we all continued drinking.

“Oooooh! Let’s play a game!” Emily said.

“Okay!” Mary said.

“Truth or dare! It’s always fun when we’re drunk!” Emily exclaimed.

I didn’t say anything. I just waited eagerly, to see what would happen next.

“Are you in?” Emily asked me.

“I sure am!” I exclaimed.

“You go first then. Truth or dare?” Emily asked me.

“Truth.” I replied.

“We’ll start easy. Do you have a girlfriend?” Emily asked.

“No.” I answered.

“Your turn.” She said.

“Truth or dare?” I asked Emily.

“Dare.” Emily replied.

“Oooooh.” Jen said.

“I dare you to take a shot of vodka.” I said. Without a moment of hesitation, Emily picked up the bottle of vodka and took a long pull. She gulped down at least two shots and swallowed.

“Ahhh…. My turn. Okay, Mary, Truth or dare?” Emily asked.

“Dare.” Mary replied.

“Show us your tits!” Emily said, laughing hysterically. They had obviously been drinking for awhile before I met them.

Mary raised her arms, and Jen reached behind her back and unzipped her dress. Mary pulled down her dress and then reached behind her back and unclasped her black bra and tossed it on the floor. She had large, round, breasts, and small, pink nipples. She laughed, and then immediately took her turn.

“Okay. I see how it is.” Mary said, laughing. “New guy, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” I replied, trying to play it safe.

“How big are you?” Mary asked.

I paused for a moment and then nervously said, “I’ve been told that I’m larger than average.” I was staring at Mary’s breasts, and my penis became erect.

“Emily, truth or dare?” I asked.

“Truth.” Emily said.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“Nope.” Emily answered. “Truth or dare?” She asked me.

“Dare.” I answered. I was getting very excited, and hoped that the party would get wilder.

“Show us.” Emily said.

“Show you what?” I asked.

“Show us how big you are.” Emily said.

“Okay.” I said. I stood up from my chair, and unzipped my jeans and pulled them, and my boxer shorts, down to my knees. I flopped my large penis onto the table.

“Nice!” Mary said.

“Well, you didn’t lie.” Emily said.

“Jen. Truth or dare?” I asked. I sat back down in my seat, with my pants still pulled down.

“Truth.” Jen replied.

“Do you wear panties?” I asked.

Jen stood up from her chair, and reached up her dress, and pulled her panties down to her ankles. Then she stepped out of them.

“Not anymore.” Jen said. We all laughed.

“Emily. Truth or dare?” Jen asked.

“Dare!” Emily replied enthusiastically.

“Touch it.” Jen said.

Emily leaned over towards me, and reached down between my legs with her left hand. She gently touched my penis with her fingertips, and my cock spasmed and jumped a little bit. Emily giggled.

“Touch it.” Jen insisted.

Emily wrapped her small hand around my shaft and gave it a quick stroke. All of the girls giggled uncontrollably. Mary’s large breasts shook as she laughed. My cock was as hard as a rock.

“Jen. Truth or dare?” Emily asked.

“Dare.” Jen replied.

“You touch it.” Emily said.

Underneath the table, I heard Jen’s shoes drop to the floor. She extended her both legs, and slowly ran her toes up my thighs. She gently placed one foot on each side of my penis, and stroked me a few times with her feet.

“Mmmm…. That’s nice.” I said. They all laughed again.

“Emily. Truth or dare?” Jen asked.

“Dare. Of course.” Emily replied.

“Lick it.” Jen shot back immediately.

I scooted my chair back from the table to make room, and Emily climbed out of her chair. She sat down on the floor, on her knees. She placed each of her hands on my thighs. She smiled up at me, and opened her mouth. Then she dove in, and took my penis in her mouth and began sucking on it.

“I didn’t say suck it!” Jen said laughing, “I said ‘lick it’”

Emily continued to slurp on my cock, oblivious to Jen.

“Emily! It’s your turn.” Jen said.

Emily came to her senses and stopped sucking. She climbed back into her chair.

“Mary. Truth or dare?” Emily asked.

“Truth.” Mary answered.

“Spit, or swallow?” Emily asked.

“I swallow every last drop.” Mary answered. She laughed again, and her tits jiggled.

“New guy. Truth or dare?” Mary asked me.

“Truth.” I answered.

“Have you ever had three girls at the same time?” Mary asked.

“Not yet.” I answered, and we all laughed again.

Jen poured four shots of vodka, and we each took a glass, and downed the shots.

“Emily. Truth or dare?” I asked.

“Dare! Make it good.” Emily said.

“Come over here and sit on my lap.” I said.

Jen and Mary both stared at me with their mouths open, shocked at my dare. They eagerly anticipated Emily’s response. To their surprise, Emily hiked up her cocktail dress to her hips, and pulled her white lace panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them, and stepped in front of me. She placed her hands on the table, and slowly lowered herself down to my lap. She paused for a moment, and reached behind her ass and grabbed onto my throbbing cock. She directed it towards her pink, shaved pussy, and sat down the rest of the way. She moaned loudly as I penetrated her.

“Wow!” Mary exclaimed.

“That’s impressive, Emily. You took the whole thing!” Jen said.

“Mmmmm…. It feels amazing,” Emily said, as she began to squirm around a little bit on my lap. “Can I sit here for the rest of the game?” She asked. We all laughed again.

“Sure.” I said.

Emily turned back to me and asked “Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” I answered.

“Fuck me.” Emily said.

I stood up and bent her over the table, and firmly gripped both of her shoulders. I began thrusting my huge cock inside her.

“Fuck yes!” Emily cried.

“Mary. Truth or dare?” I asked, while I continued to pump Emily’s pussy from behind. Emily moaned loudly with every thrust.

“Dare!” Mary replied.

“Your turn.” I said. “Come over here.”

I pulled my penis out of Emily, and she returned to her seat. Mary stepped over to where Emily was standing a moment before, and bent over the table. She hiked her dress up above her hips. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I held onto her hips, and slowly penetrated her smooth, shaved pussy. Her large breasts jiggled as I entered her.

“Whoa!” Mary cried. I began to slowly thrust my cock inside her.

“Jen. Truth or dare?” Mary asked. Then she hung her head down and began whimpering as I fucked her from behind.

“Truth.” Jen replied.

“When was the last time you sucked a big, juicy cock?” Mary asked.

“It’s been awhile. Maybe a year.” Jen answered.

“Emily. Truth or dare?” Jen asked.

“Dare.” Emily answered. She took another shot of vodka and slammed the shot glass down on the table.

“Take the new guy in the other room and get fucked.” Jen said.

Emily stood up from her chair, and took my right hand in hers. I pulled my penis out of Mary and Emily walked me out of the dining room, and into the living room. She guided me to the couch, and I sat down. She unzipped her dress, and let it fall to the floor. She unclasped her bra and tossed it on the floor by her dress. Then she climbed onto my lap, straddling me, with her heels still on. She sat down gently, taking my cock deep inside her.

“Fuck me.” Emily said, as she began gyrating her hips. Her pussy was dripping wet, and it was obvious to me that she had cum earlier when I fucked her over the table. She began moaning loudly as she grinded her clit against my pubic bone. She placed each of her hands on my shoulders and began bouncing up and down on my shaft, slamming my cock deep inside her. I reached around and grabbed onto her firm ass, and lifted her up and dropped her back down.

“Oh my God! I’m cumming!” Emily cried. She continued to bounce on my cock as she came. “Fuck yes!” She screamed.

I heard Jen and Mary laugh in the other room. Emily screamed and whimpered for a few minutes, and then she stopped bouncing. She rested her head on my left shoulder while she caught her breath. Then she dismounted my throbbing cock, and we both walked back to the dining room and sat back down in our chairs. Emily was still completely naked, except for her high-heels.

“Mary. Truth or dare?” Emily asked, as she adjusted her curly blond hair.

“Dare.” Mary replied.

“Suck on his huge cock for five minutes.” Emily said.

Mary obediently climbed out of her chair and sat down on the floor on her knees, between my legs. Her large breasts brushed against my thighs, and I ran my fingers through her short, curly black hair. She opened her mouth, and took my cock in her mouth. She began to slowly slurp at my cock. Jen poured some more drinks, and Emily, Jen, and I toasted and began sipping on our drinks. Mary continued to suck on my throbbing cock. She wrapped both of her hands around my shaft and began stroking my cock while she sucked me.

“So, what do you do?” Emily asked me.

“I work at an accounting firm, downtown.” I answered. “It’s boring…. especially compared to this.” I groaned as Mary licked at the head of my penis.

“Whose birthday is it?” I asked.

“Birthday?” Emily asked.

“Yea, aren’t you girls celebrating a birthday tonight?” I asked.

“No, we’re not.” Jen answered for her.

“Oh, I figured—” I began.

“This is a bachelorette party.” Jen answered.

“Really?” I asked, surprised.

“Who’s getting—” I began to ask.

“Don’t worry about it.” Jen interrupted.

“That’s five minutes.” Emily said to Mary. Mary didn’t want to stop, and she continued stroking and sucking me. “Mary! It’s your turn.”

Mary stopped sucking, and took my cock out of her mouth. “Emily. Truth or dare?” She asked.

“Dare.” Emily answered.

“Make him cum as fast as you can.” Mary said.

“How?” Emily asked.

“I don’t know. Be creative.” Mary answered, as she stood up and returned to her seat.

Emily stood up and stepped in front of me. Her heels clicked against the tile floor. She placed her hands on the table, and lowered her ass down to the tip of my cock. Then she slowly took my cock back inside her sopping wet pussy, and sat all the way down, taking me completely inside her. She exhaled and moaned simultaneously. Then she began to make quick, short strokes, massaging my cock with her pussy. My cock began to spasm, and she squeezed it with her pussy muscles. Her short curly blond hair bounced on her shoulders as she frantically gyrated her hips. Emily was good, she knew exactly what she was doing. I felt my cock begin to quiver, and my balls began tingling. I was about to lose it, and she felt it. She sped up her movements, and I crossed the point of no return. I felt my cum begin to pump, and she started lifting her ass and dropping it back down, making long, deep strokes. I shot a huge load inside her. She didn’t stop. She continued to drop her ass down hard. I shot another load inside her. Then she sat all the way back down, holding me deep inside her. She began massaging my cock with her pussy muscles, milking out more cum. I shot several more loads inside her, and then she stopped. Then Emily stood up and grabbed a napkin off the table. She wiped my cum from her pussy lips and sat back down in her chair. I was dazed. I came a LOT, and I was totally spent. The girls all giggled.

“Good job, Emily.” Mary said.

“Yea. Great job!” Jen said.

“Whose turn is it?” Emily asked.

“It’s your turn, Emily.” Mary said.

“Oh, right.” Emily said. “New guy. Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” I replied.

“How long of a break do you need?” Emily asked, laughing. She was in orgasmic bliss, and only semi-coherent.

“About 10 minutes, I guess.” I replied.

Jen poured some more shots of vodka, and we all slammed them down. We took a break from our game, and talked for about 15 minutes. To my surprise, neither Emily nor Mary put their clothes back on. I assumed they were waiting for me to recharge for another round.

“I’m getting sleepy,” Emily said. “I’m gonna crash here, if you don’t mind, Jen?”

“No problem, take the guest bedroom.” Jen said.

“Thanks,” Emily said, as she drunkenly stood up from her chair. “New guy. Come with me.”

I stood up and followed her to the guest bedroom. I clumsily set the alarm clock on my phone. I guess we were drunker than we realized, because we both crashed into the bed, and passed out almost immediately. I don’t even remember turning off the lights. A few hours after falling asleep, someone had crawled underneath the covers, between my legs. I felt a pair, of plump juicy lips wrap around my cock and begin sucking me. I just laid back and enjoyed it. From the sucking earlier, I recognized the technique as Mary’s. I don’t remember the whole experience, because I fell asleep a few times during the blowjob. I remember, that I didn’t cum in Mary’s mouth, because when I was about to blow my load, I woke up again to Emily straddling me and riding my cock. I don’t know where Mary went, but I wasn’t particularly concerned. Emily was straddling me half-awake, with her eyes closed, gyrating her hips, milking out my cum again. I remember shooting a huge load inside Emily, and then I passed out again.

The next thing that I remember was waking up to my alarm clock at 6 o’clock in the morning. I had a splitting headache. The hangover was vicious. I scrambled to find my clothes that were scattered throughout the dining room and living room. I tried to wake up Emily, but she was way too hung over to get out of bed. I left her a note with my phone number, and said that I’d like to see her again. I left Jen’s house, and walked back to my apartment. I took a shower and got ready for my boss’s wedding. I called my buddy tayo for a ride. He was hung over too, but he picked me up a couple of hours later, and we drove to the wedding.

We inconspicuously downed a couple of St Mary’s outside to kill our hangovers, and lamented the misery that was about to happen. This was the last place we wanted to spend a Saturday morning! We both found some seats in the chapel, and took turns napping while we waited for the ceremony to begin. After what seemed like hours, the ceremony finally began. It took me awhile to put two and two together, but I recognized the bridesmaids.

“Holy shit!” I said under my breath.

“What?” tayo asked me.

“I know those girls.” I whispered.

Jen and Mary were standing to the sides of the altar in bridesmaid’s dresses.

“How?” tayo asked.

Before I could reply, the bride entered the chapel. She had a shoulder-lengthcurly blond perm. She was about 5’7″. It couldn’t be! It was! Emily walked down the aisle, and I tried to duck my head. She looked right at me and grinned.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” I said to tayo.


To be continued……………………..