S. M. G Tales: Ekaette and Her Sweet Oga


Na only me help madam carry her bag enter the car, the mumu driver dey there, dey look me as I dey struggle with am, the guy don try toast me since. Anytime, madam send am come house to carry somtin, he go try toast me say make I marry am, who wan marry that mumu dirty old man wey I no even know whether him prick go work sef.


Abeggy, make he go jare, make he no use him own reagge spoil my blues. The person wey dey chop this my sweet toto, wey be say na only him I dey give chop, na that useless sule mechanic wey dey bus- stop, but this Suleiman own ehnnn, him own biko.


Make person get big and long penis and make him sabi use am na blessing from God, the way wey him take dey hammer me ehn… When him hol my breast, all my leg go just dey shake anyhow. Oh Sule, my sweet Sule!!!!

The way madam dey shout when Oga start ehn, the noise no get part 2. Madam go dey shout like pikin wey dem flog, like say e spoil him mama thing. Madam go dey shout, dey cry, say make Oga no remove am, na my room the noise dey come rest. E don tire me sef, madam noise sef dey make my body dey do somehow. E come get one time wey be say Sule go do him papa burial for Ibadan, body no gree me rest, body dey scratch me like say tomorrow no dey. Na Sule prick I need that time, I need am bad bad but Sule no dey.

When I hear Oga car horn for gate, I run enter room, go comot my bra, wear my small nicker wey go pack all my nyash for back well. Anytime wey Sule see my breast ehn, make him just see small something like this, him go start to dey beat him head like papa ajasco. I comot my spaghetti top from wardrobe, rush everything sharp sharp, madam don carry their small pikin go work, the house go dey free before madam go reach house for night. I no come no how Oga go see am, Oga must see this my packaging, I look myself for mirror smile, i push my bra up.

Me sef wan chop wetin dey make madam sing every night, that thing wey dey sweet am for body must sweet me for body sef. As him start to dey knock, I rush go meet am.

As him enter, I help am collect him bag and the things wey he bring back, him look me somehow, come carry face comot. Him no gimme better sign, I just comot, I hear am dey baff for their own bathroom, the water dey pour, i don almost wan cry, because the thing dey scratch me sotey, e be like say make i go take plantain for kitchen take console myself.

Small time, him call my name, ah been they think say na him food him wan ask about, i just enter the room, wetin i see nearly gimme heart attack. Oga just tan da dia, no towel dey him body, e be like say the water don affect am, him john thomas just stand at attention. Remove your clothes, na the thing wey Oga talk.

Come see me dey comot my bum shot and spaghetti top like say fire dey burn am.

I stand dia like soldier wey dey wait for wetin him oga want am to do. As i dey see Oga ponran, he dey shake, dey vibrate, Oga just waka reach my front come stop.

He look him thing, look my face, hold my booby like say e wan bust am, press am sotey the thing inside start to dey pain, as e dey pain me, e dey sweet me for body. Him press my shoulder down. I kneel down in front of am, me and him ponran dey look each other, him hold am come push am for my mouth. I open my mouth small, the scent wey dey there sef na heaven.

Na so Oga start to dey fuck my mouth o, e be like say Oga don forget say na my mouth, no be my toto, he put am sotey i come dey cough, he comot am, make i cough finish, when i finish, e put am back inside, he carry him hand take hold my head, come dey fuck my mouth o….saliva dey all my mouth, come dey pour reach my chest, my eye dey red ehn. E be like say him dey punish for something wey i do.

See me… see wahala… dem no born Sule well, make e try this kin thing but na Oga, him penis na wetin i want. When him fuck my mouth finish, him come push me for bed, push my leg, hold the thing, my heart just dey jolly, dey jolly. Oga start to dey put the prick inside, my body start to dey warm. The way way him hold my head when him dey fuck my mouth dey cause kata kata for my toto. I don ready for am since when I wake up say madam dey travel.

As Oga put am, wey everything enter, e be like say make i shout, e sweet me so tey i start to dey cry, oga no even look my face, him rest with one hand for one side, him grab my booby with the second one, come dey begin dey sama my toto like say tomorrow no dey. Jisox!!!!!

Na small e remain I for shout Osanobua, as oga prick start to dey do miracle for my toto, Oga use him prick take dey remove the dirty, yama yama or whether na dirty, say make my gutter clear. I follow put hand for Oga yansh, dey drag am enter my body sef.

As I forget wetin dey happen, na him i hear my madam voice for parlour dey shout, Ekaette!!! Ekaette!!!!!

Whether na to answer or na to keep quiet like efiggy, I no no. Oga just ignore him wife voice, continue to dey hammer my toto like say him no hear, na him I take slap wake am up..

My life don finish o…

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