2days has passed but the memory of Juliet and I were the visions, fantasies and dreams I keep having.  It Was a lovely event I can never forget in my life,  best weekend ever. Hmm I just remembered  i’m suppose to see my so called boyfriend today but I have to go for medical checkup, the good thing is, he is always cool about everything. I knew he won’t get angry but then again I did not want to take him for granted,  so I apologised in advance……

Continuation from PREVIOUSLY ON Judith Raw [Episode 1 ]

Today my doctor is to let  the med students do my exam.
I usually hate going to the doctor’s. It’s such a waste of time; I have to wait for hours for them to look at me, stick their hand in my vagina, and tell me there’s nothing wrong. I like my doctor though, he is so sexy. I could just imagine the kind of shape he is in under that white coat… or what’s in his pants.

I finally arrived at my doctor’s office and gave my name to the secretary. The secretary told me today was a special day; medical students were in to observe. She handed me a form to sign in order to give the students permission to observe and/or assist during my medical examination.

I thought, “Fine, whatever, I’m helping society train its doctors right?”




“Judith ,” my steamy doctor called from his door.

I could feel my pussy getting wet as I walked into the closed room after him. Fuck, he looked hot!

“These are my medical students, Dupe and Lanre . Do you mind if they assist me today?” he asked.

“Why not, nice to meet you guys,” I responded.

Dupe was a fair , thin girl, in her early twenties. She had a wonderful ass. I must say I had always been attracted to beautiful women, although I have only being with one. She was wearing a white coat and a blouse underneath, but I could see her black lace bra underneath. “Shit, Why am I so horny?” I thought.

Lanre was a a tall dark haired guy with the body of a soccer player. I’ve always loved soccer players. He was also in a white coat. Under it was a tight shirt.

“I will ask you to take of your clothes, Ms. Judith ,” said Dr. Tayo.

I took off my blouse and looked at the medical students as they watched me undo each button. I am in my early twenties, have always been in shape, but always had trouble gng nude in front of anybody because of my small breasts. I began unbuttoning my pants and immediately became self conscious – what if they saw how wet I was?

Dr. Tayo proceeded to doing part of my physical exam until it was time to check my breasts.

“Lanre , would you like to check for breast symmetry?” Dr. Tayo asked.

Lanre came forward. He looked at me directly in the eyes and unsnapped my bra. As my breast fell free, I could feel my pussy tighten with excitement. Fuck, he’s going to grab me, touch me. This is so hot. Lanre gently grabbed my right breast with his hand and firmly held it in his palm. He did the same with the next. After a few seconds of his delicious fondling, he took my nipples into his fingertips and started massaging them.

“Is this a new technique,” Dr. Tayo asked, he seemed amused. Lanre just looked beck at him and smiled. He let go of my nipples.

“Please take off your underwear and lie on this table Ms. Judith . Do you mind if dupe starts your gynecological exam?” Dr. Tayo inquired. I did not mind one bit.

Oh my god, I couldn’t believe a woman was finally going to touch me. Even if it was a student, I hoped she would be thorough. I took off my black lace panties. I lay down on the table and placed my feet in the stirrups. I knew they could all see my glistening shaved pussy lips ready to be entered with anything they wanted. I wanted something big in there, something that went deep. My clit was surely protruding, waiting to be touched, sucked on, licked, rubbed.

Dupe approached me, she stuck my heels together and pulled my knees apart as much as they could. Dr. Tayo and Lanre came closer to observe. Dupe pushed two fingers inside me.

“No gloves?” asked Dr. Tayo with a smile? “I can see you’re not experiencing any dryness, Ms. Judith .”

Dupe smiled at Dr. Tayo. I blushed, but I was loving this. My little hips bucked forward as dupe touched a sensitive spot. I loved the feeling of her fingers in me. She gently pulled back and thrust her fingers back in. She did this again, again, and again.

“How does this feel Ms. Judith ?” she asked.

I could barely answer, I wanted more. I lifted my hand up for a thumbs up but I kept my eyes clenched shut in ecstasy. MORE, MORE! She continued thrusting her fingers in and out when I felt another pair of hands touching my clit. I opened my eyes; it was Lanre . He winked at me and I closed my eyes again. Fuck, this felt good. As dupe continued finger-fucking my pussy and Lanre rubbed my clit like its never been done before, Dr. Tayo came up to my chest and fondled my bare breast.

“I want to make sure Lanre did a good job at examining you,” he said.

I could not believe this. Dupe’s fingers were thrusting in and out, in and out. This felt so good!

Suddenly, they all stopped at once. I opened my eyes. Dupe hastily undid her skirt, Lanre unbuttoned his pants, and Dr. Tayo did the same.

“I want to examine your vaginal cavity,” said Dr. Tayo.

“I want to see if your facial and buccal muscles are well enervated,” said dupe

“I want to test your grip strength,” said lanre

Oh fuck, I was in for a ride! I loved it. They all could see my pleading glare as dupe mounted on the exam table, placing her crotch over my face. I could smell the sweet juices that were flowing out of her glistening pussy. Her clit was out of reach, I had to lift my head to grab at it. When I latched on, I sucked on it like I had never sucked on anything before, not even a dick. As I began to explore the female genitalia, I felt someone separating the stirrups as far apart as possible. OH YES! A dick was going to enter me, finally!

I felt a huge cock-head wetting itself in my crotch. I was dripping with juices. All at once, the dick slammed into me, making my whole body shake with pleasure. He slammed in and out.

“I can feel your vagina is nice and tight, no problem observed here,” Dr. Tayo grunted as he thrust his massive cock in and out of my pussy.

I felt lanre take my left hand and wrap it around his shaft. I was trying to concentrate both on the dick in my vagina and the pussy in my face, now I had to get him to cum too.

“I will test your hand grip now Ms. Judith , please begin,” Lanre commanded. I began tugging at his beautiful dick. I couldn’t see it due to dupe’s amazing vagina in my face but I could feel it was beautiful.

All that could be heard in the room was the grunting and moaning of the four of us. Dupe was begging me to make her come. I licked furiously at her clit and in her hole. She bucked her pelvis back and forth and started screaming. Her whole body shook as she let out a loud moan of ecstasy. She came with a bang!

She stepped off my face and went over to Lanre . She took his cock out of my hand and told me to enjoy the ride. Dupe kneeled in front of lanre, and before taking his whole cock into her mouth, she said, “Ive always wanted to taste you.”

I looked up and saw Dr. Tayo in his white coat thrusting his penis in and out of me. It felt so good. I watched his shaft appear and disappear in and out of me. I could feel I was close. I was spread so far apart at my clit was rubbing against his body at each thrust. It felt amazing.

I heard Lanre cum in dupe’s mouth with a loud grunt.

I was close, so close. I was cuming, oh, fuck, I came hard! With his final thrust, Dr. Tayo shot his hot cum in me which threw me overboard. He pulled out and let the juices poor out of me, which dupe gladly6 cleaned up with her tongue.


When I was dressed back up and ready to leave the Doctor’s office, Dr. Tayo handed me a slip to book my next appointment.

“Six months,” he winked at me.

As I exited the room, I saw all the eyes of the waiting room staring at me. Oops.!!


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