A woman was caught stealing N200,000 from a salon (Marvelous Hair dressing salon) yesterday but surprisingly two other women prevented the mob from dealing with her and handling her over to the police.
The incident occured at Singer bus stop, Iyana Oniyale – Iyana logbo, Ogunstate at around 5pm on Tuesday (yesterday).

Narrating how the incident occured, the hairdresser who was robbed told KFB thus:

“She came to price hair weavons and attachments and she showed interest in buying many weavons… so I was looking for a big polythene bag to put the weavons, I noticed that the bag where I kept the N200,000 in was missing. I began to look for it and then I raised alarm and people came to my aid. I had just collected the N200,000 that afternoon from the savings I do every month with the association of hair dressers in this area…”

After being surrounded by the mob, the culprit was forced to release the money she stole…but while being forced to reveal her intention and how she got to know that the hairdresser had such an amount in her salon, two women pushed their way through the crowd and begged the mob to let her go.

“She is a woman and a mother with little children, she has returned the money, please let her go……we don’t have to involve the police, let us forgive her” they pleade in yoruba.

And they were able to prevail with their influence.

It was however found that it wasn’t the culprit’s first time of being caught.

An eyewitness who spoke to KFB said “She resides around Joju, Sango Otta. She is always stealing and when caught, this is how these two women come to bail her out and not involve the police”

Another eyewitness confirmed the report.

“Those women are part of the hair dressers’ association and i am sure they were the ones that got the thief to come and steal from Mama Dami (the hairdresser) so that they can share the profit together. They came to plead for her so that she would not mention their names and be disgraced” another eyewitness said.

Covering up a crime such as this is improper, issues like this should not be allowed to die down and covered up. Also, one needs to always be on guard to avoid falling victims to people like this.