I had misunderstanding with this lady i called my girlfriend. Don’t want to start telling long stories but It was all her fault – she cheated on me.

At first i felt like ending the relationship but i later decided to stay away from her for a while. She seem to have felt it so she kept calling me while i refuse to pick. She sent me an sms saying she is sorry that she has not been able to eat ever since.

She called me the next day which i picked this time around. She begged me let’s meet in a fast food restaurant. I have already made up my mind for a reconcilation so i agreed and we chose 4pm. Meeting me at the fast food joint, she hugged me saying she is sorry that i should forgive her. I told her i have forgiven her. Just like the story of the prodigal son in the bible, i spoilt her with food and gift that day. After everything, i accompanied her home and later went to my house.

Not long after i have settled down at home, my phone rang…it was her. I picked with all the smiles on my face until she began to speak saying…”I won’t like to hurt you in future. Please let’s end this relationship. It’s over.” She hung up.

I called back immediately, she busied the call and kept on “busying” the call. She wouldn’t pick my call. I sent sms pleading which she never replied. Then i realised i have been scammed. I couldn’t sleep that night and nights that followed.

That was how the relationship ended leaving me as the loser and the one to shoulder all regrets and had-i-known.

I can only smile and share this story today because it’s a thing of the past.

I regretted my action so i decided to share it….