My fiance (31 years) and I (27 years) started since 4 years now and proposed on my birthday last year! I am from a muslim background but along the line, i was saved and became a christian!. My father has refused to bless me because of the religion difference. My fiance and I have prayed and are convinced to be together. But just of a sudden,…

…he flares up on very little issues or no reason. He starts insulting me about my background (That we are wretched that is why I cling to him so I can get my aim accomplished) . At a time, he said he wasn’t interested any longer. But returned after several conviction from his people. My mum doesn’t like him again for his previous display and utterances and has vowed…
…never to relate with him bcus they believe if he can insult me before he marries me, then he would do worse after the marriage. Although after the first incidence, he apologised to my mum and even brought his family to plead with her. But she is still not happy with him at all. My fiance doesn’t relate with my mum & sister because he feels they are the one influencing me!.
My fiance insults me to a point I think he is looking for a way to leave and cling with someone else and would use my dad’s refusal as an excuse because that is what is on ground right now. He is a good person, he loves me and has been with me through some hard times but this his insultive attitude is becoming unbearable!
He hasn’t called nor replied any of my pings for 4 days now. I’m ready 2 stay with him but with this emphasis from my mum concerning his attitude, i’m so confused right now. I need help, Please.


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