Shocked girl discovers ‘best friend’ of three years is a man


After three years of friendship, a girl discovered her best-friend is actually a male.

The case is before an Abu Dhabi court, ‘Al Bayan’ newspaper reports, after the woman filed a charge over threatening text messages being sent to her mobile.

The woman was summoned  to the prosecution to identify the person sending her the text messages.
At first she said she did not know the man standing in front of her.The man in question was wearing a cap and the prosecution asked him to remove his cap.

When he did, long, blonde hair came cascading down his shoulders and the girl recognised him as her friend – who she thought was a girl for the three years of their friendship.
According to case papers reported by ‘Al Bayan’, the girl met who she thought was an Arab girl of her age and became close friends.They spent time on the beach, shopping malls and visited nightclubs.However, the complainant said that weeks ago she began to receive messages on her mobile from a youth claiming he had photos of her in nightclubs and at the beach.

The messages threatened to send the photos to her family.At first she did not pay any attention to the messages and did not take them seriously, but then, she received messages with pictures attached.

She decided to inform the police and an investigation was able to track the owner of the number and he was arrested.

The defendant admitted he knew the woman for three years while he pretended to be a woman.He added he accompanied her everywhere and took hundreds of pictures of her.The girl almost fainted when she realised her friend was a man, the report states.

She not only requested the prosecutor to close the case, but also withdrew her complaint.

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