Advice needed: I’m scared of her excessive sex appetite


I met my girlfriend back in school and we have been in a relationship since then. I am a graduate now but she is in her final year. it’s been a jolly ride but the problem is she has a huge appetite for S*x. Infact, I had S*x with her while she was with her ex. we go as far as 10 rounds at a go. I am not exaggerating and she always wants more.
Sometimes, she pretends like she is okay, so i don’t freak out but I can see in her eyes that she wants more. It’s worse now, because i’m not even in the same state with her and I have to travel when I can. But even after I travel to see her, she gets horny days after again. I’m scared because I really like her but what happens when we marry and i’m not around?.
How long will she stay without s*x before she gets fed up and cheats. Tried talking to her but she says it’s because she loves me and she is really attracted to me. Plus i consider myself to be good in bed. I give amazing head and I’ve got stamina, but this girl is not human.
I’ve been with other girls and they were the ones who got tired. Should I leave now or flee before she kills me. Please, advice me.


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