Photos: Meek Mill becomes a vegetarian… decides to end beef with Drake!


Appears the beef between Meek Mill’s and Drake was short-lived after Meek deleted his ‘Wanna Know’ diss off of Soundcloud. He also commented on Instagram that he’s above it all and “shouldn’t have even entertained the battle.”


In the write-up below Meek says, he doesn’t have enough time for this “Fake Rap Sh*t.” On Instagram he also commented he’s more “focused on making money than worrying about other rappers..” But like his Drake diss on Soundcloud, that post has since been mysteriously deleted.


Rumors had it that the beef between the rappers is now over because at the time, his lady Nicki Minaj made him end it. . . But as you may know that love affair is now over.

How Did The ‘Beef’ Start Anyways?


Apparently while on Twitter, Meek accused Drake of “..not writing his own raps.”

Meanwhile Drake’s Performance at The OVO Fest


Fans didn’t miss the rapper throwing more shade at Meek performing ‘Back 2 Back’ and ‘Charged Up’ while cutting memes played in the background. Ouch!

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