Some men can indeed get crazy when they are desperate! I was reading through a relationship post I had the intention of sharing with readers this weekend when I stumbled on this funny encounter between and married woman and her husband who is desperate to have a child, in the bedroom.

According to Yetunde Arebi:

A male friend once shared an experience with me of how his friend was forced to slap his wife while they were making love one night. According to the gist, the couple had been married for a considerable number of years without conception. 

One night as they were making love and she was in the thralls of passion, the husband got angry and dealt her a hot slap. 

His reason for slapping her during the act?  

The husband was angry that she was busy enjoying herself under him instead of concentrating on praying that God should answer their prayers that night and give them a baby.

Dear husbands, that your wife is yet to conceive should not deny her the right to enjoy your joystick. Lol!