I’ve been dating this girl for two and the half years now. Sometimes last year, she came to my place and told me that her cousin and her sister went for prayers and they were told to tell us to break up but didn’t give us any reason. We ignored it and tried to hide the relationship from them. She travelled later in the year and came back not long ago.

I decided to go and see her sister to find out why the pastor said we should break up and probably go and see the pastor because I’m a Christian and I believe there’s nothing prayer can’t solve. She promised taking me to the pastor the following Sunday. When I called her that Sunday morning so we could go to the pastor.
She told me she saw d pastor within the week & he says what he said was final that we should break up. I went to see her cousin d following day to clarify things from her & she also said the same thing, that they’ve known the man of God for long & everything he says comes through. She told me d pastor says if we want to av a successful marriage then we shouldn’t get married.
They are not ready to take me to the pastor too because they believe what he said is final. Here’s the case, her parents have passed-on, so no matter how hard I try they will be the same people to take her bride price. I’ve invested so much financially and emotionally into our relationship since her parents death 2 years ago. I’m so confused and don’t know what to do.
Please I need your advise because I don’t want to take any decision now and regret later.


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