Must read: I Took My Female Friend In, Now She’s Enjoying My Husband


When a junior colleague was having personal problems, especially with her landlord, I let her move in with me and my husband. She’s young enough to be our daughter and I enjoyed her company. It was to be a temporary solution until she found alternative accommodation for herself.

But unfortunately, I’ve just discovered that this lady been enjoying herself sleeping with my husband right in my house. Even after she moved out, she continued the secret act with husband in her room.
 I’m devastated, I feel like such an old fool!

– This was sent to Aunty Bunmi by a married woman who helped her friend. her reply below:

I’m sorry this has happened to you – it will take a long, long time for you to recover from this double betrayal. I’ve never been one for rushing in fancy-free women into your home with an able-bodied husband around, no matter how sorry you feel for her. 

But never think of yourself as a fool. You’re a kind, generous, warm-hearted woman who should deserve admiration and respect. It’s your husband and your so-called friend who are bad – for betraying you. 

The only regret here is that you brought both of them together. You need to move on with your life and discuss how hurt you feel with your husband, and how you can repair the trust in your marriage.

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