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I don’t know how we both knew something was there, but we did. He turned around to look, and as he did, I caught a glimpse of her. It was the blonde girl from the photos, her thin stature and solemn eyes staring at us intensely. She looked at me for a moment before shifting her gaze to Derek. Suddenly, I couldn’t see her anymore. “What the fuck? What the fuck? What the FUCK?”

Derek screamed. He let go of me and backed against the alley wall. To me, she had disappeared. But whatever Derek saw, it was like torture. He screamed and grabbed his bleeding eyes. I was surprised he could still see after the wounds I’d given him. He kept standing like that, screaming over and over again. Finally, he dashed out of the alley, leaving me in the darkness. I stood there on my own, breathing heavily, my whole body trembling like a leaf. BEEP BEEP BEEP. I picked the phone up out of my bag. I answered it right there in the darkness. This time, I didn’t say anything, but I waited. Sure enough, Tina’s voice came over the phone. “I told you to stay away from him.” Although I reported Derek’s assault to the police, it turns out that I didn’t have to. A few days later, he was found in his garage, his car filled with noxious fumes that had lulled him into a deadly sleep. Another suicide to add to the photo gallery. I vaguely wondered what he had seen, what had driven him to that point. I realized how wrong I’d been about the phone, about Tina. I knew now why she’d killed herself. Why her boyfriend had died so soon after. And why every woman who’d received this phone had suffered like she did. She wasn’t coming after us. She was just trying to protect us.