My boyfriend is far too randy for me. He wants lots of hot s*x every night, and he goes at it fast and furious. Sometimes we go on for hours and I end up sore and exhausted. It may sound like I’m the luckiest woman on earth, but too much of everything is bad and I’m getting bored and upset by it all— to the point where I don’t look forward to s*x with him.
How can I tell him I don’t want rough s*x all the time?

– A lady who is engaged sent this to Aunty Bunmi. Read her reply to her below:

The earlier you told him the truth the better for your relationship. It is not possible to keep doing something you don’t want. Your body and mind will eventually say no, plus he might only be doing it every night because he thinks you enjoy it. 

He may actually be forcing himself to go on for hours to keep you happy. In which case explaining how you feel will be a relief to both of you. 

So, reassure him that it is not the quality of the s*x that puts you off, it is the quantity. It is not what he’s doing. It’s how often he does it. But tell him with love and humility.