Exclusive: UNILAG Student Electrocuted By Falling Cable On Campus


A female student of University of Lagos (UNILAG) was this evening electrocuted by high tension cable in front of Sodeinde Hall of residence on the campus.

The female student was walking along the “New Hall” bus stop when an high voltage electric cable fell off the pole striking her to death.


The student was immediately taken for treatment at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), but gave up before the ambulance conveying her could reach the hospital.

Sourcesnotes that the scene of the tragedy remains dangerous as at the time of filing this report. More students are seen walking beneath the pole unaware of the tragedy. The fallen cable is still lying on the ground with rain drizzling over it as students walk closely along the path of the tragedy.

Although firefighters were called to the scene, they soon left after taking the victim from the scene leaving the entire area without cordoning it off or placing caution tape around it.

Students who witnessed the tragedy reported that they have been witnessing some electric sparks off the cables on the same electricity poles recently on the campus. The authorities did nothing until the fatal collapse of a high tension cable killing the female student happened this evening.

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