Advice needed: I think I’m charmed, anytime I visit him, we must have s*x


Please l need your advise, my boy friend and i have been together for just four months. He said he’s serious but I told him to give me some time before I give in and he agreed. We’ve been like that until he moved into his new house, a 2 bedroom flat. The first day I visited him I was surprised that he had his way with me and I couldn’t resist him.

But when I got home I was angry. Surprisingly, since then anytime I enter his house I can’t resist, we must have s*x. This strange development is beginning to give me serious sleepless nights. Here is the trouble, whenever he is in my place, I’m able to resist him & he wont be able to av his way wit me. But as soon as I go to his home d situation must be different, every time.
Please my friends are telling me that this is not normal that they guy has done something in his house that is in a way subduing me whenever I enter there.
Pls can this be true? Does such things still happen? Should I confront my him? I need sincere help, please.


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