I was in a relationship for 6years with my Ex and we parted ways last year August and its a year now. When we were dating, i was observing my Industrial Training (IT) and with the little cash I was getting, I was assisting him with most of his needs because he was not working. Despite all my sacrifices, he still tells me I was messing around.
He said I am promiscuous, a cheap slot, a whore & a Dog. Friends, I won’t lie to you guys here… I was not messing around bcus I could not even keep them due to the fact that he was extremely jealous & can fight anyone. If I don’t give him money, he’ll be angry but still calls me ugly names & even when he collects it from me, he’ll say he is only managing it.
I got admission without him knowing… I purchased the form for my HND; I did it because he does not want me to go far and the school around us does not offer the course I want to study…and thank God I am graduating in few weeks time. Last year August, I was about writing my exams when he called to tell me he is no longer interested in the relationship.
I thought he was kidding but I accepted and when I did not get his calls for 2 weeks plus, then I realised he was serious. I called him, he shouted at me to stay away from him and that I should not call again. When I found out that, he has started going out with a lady that could give him everything because she has 4 cars, Money, etc.
I begged him for 5 months but he was serious & deleted me on FB, blocked me on Whatsapp. Now, its a year & he has called saying he wants the relationship back. He said the only reason he did that was to concentrate on the lady & now, I should break up with my boyfriend to be with him. I told him I am no longer interested in him & I want to make my new relationship work.
I want to keep him around me and punish him for what he did to me for that 6 years. Should I do it or just leave him to his fate.


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