Things you never knew about some countries and companies


There alot of things we common individuals don’t know about out countries and some companies  the reason behind some strange names and abbreviations given to counties &  companies..  Don’t worry I’m here  to enlighten you, here are Abbreviations you need to know…..

# APC = Accepting Past Criminals.
# PDP = People Deceiving People.
# IMO = Idiot Must Obey.
# IBADAN = Ibo Boys Are Dangerous At Night.
# ABA = Agege Boys Association.
# LAGOS = Love All Girls On Sunday.
# ABACHA = After Babangida Another Criminal Has Arrived.
# GULDER = Girls Under Languor Deserve Extra Romance.
# FANTA = Foolish Ashawo Never Takes Advice.
# WEEK = Women Education Ends in Kitchen.
# NIGERIA = Never Investigate Great Executive Robbers In Authority.
# NEPA =Never Expect Power Always.
# KOBO = Kill Obasanjo Before Others.
# AIDS = America Invention for Discouraging Sex.
# PHCN = Problem Has Change Name
# OYO = On Your Own.
# NYSC = Now Your Struggle Continue. / National Year of Sex & Comfort.
# GLO = Get Lover Online.
# MTN = Maintain Total Nonsense.
# GSM = General Street Madness.
# Kaduna = Kuturu Are Dangerous Under Nigerian Army
# London = Ladies Of Nowadays Depend On Naira

# True or # False?

You can add yours too,  drop your comments below…

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