Advice needed: His family sent me packing and my husband won’t accept me back


I was introduced to my hubby by his brother, afterwards we’ve been communicating for one year!. Asking me to go see his people which I did. We had a misunderstanding and he told me that he’s not promising me of marriage! That it might hold or not. I remove him from my mind and moved on with my life by accepting another suitor.
In the month of march he came back from the USA were he’s based and called my line requesting to see me. I went and he proposed to me and I accepted it, he came to see my people for the traditional right which he did and registery and went back to the country were he’s based and I was left with his family members. He asked me to work on my facebook pics…
…and I gave him the password to help me with it. Only for him to start checking my past messages and called me to know who they were! Which I told him is in the past just that I forgot to delete them!. But he insists that I’m seeing the guy and sleeping with him!. I tried making him know I did not do it but his younger sister came and slapped me telling me I did it…
…& told him all manner of things that I did not do just bcus he wanted to check my phone & I refused!. Before I knew what was happening all his family members have heard all that happened & asked me to go to my family which I did.  And my hubby said he cannot take me back. So I told him to file in for a divorce if he’s not interested any longer so I can move on with my life.
I don’t know what to do!. They keep feeding him with lies about me and he believes his people than me. Help me, what do I do?


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One thought on “Advice needed: His family sent me packing and my husband won’t accept me back

  1. Its only natural for him to believe his people over you because it was a long distance relationship and he has known his family longer than you. Personally i feel you did not take your time to know this guy well before accepting the proposal and the trust was not fully built before he left for abroad. But since you are now married to him, i think you should give him time to calm down so you guys can work it out. You need to live with him to make an informed decision on either parting ways or staying together.

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