Photos: Japanese 105year old runner breaks world record, plan to race against Usain Bolt


105 year old Japanese runner, Hidekichi Miyazaki, also called Golden Bolt, has broken the world record and set a new one as the oldest runner alive just a day after celebrating his 105th birthday on Wednesday.

He finished his race lap in a time of 42.22 seconds, although his personal best still remains 34.10 seconds which he achieved 2 years ago at 103 years old and that remains a world record.

While imitating the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, Miyazaki says he would love a chance to compete with him.


I will say this: I’m proud of my health. My brain might not be the sharpest but physically I’m tip-top. I’ve never had any health problems. The doctors are amazed by me. I can definitely keep on running for another two or three years.

He took to running in his 90s after his buddies he used to play board games with started passing on. His quest for a sport he could do alone led him to sprinting.

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