This lady was introduced to me last year December and we started as friends, we seldomly contact each other and we’re not really into each other but all of a sudden things took a different turn and we became best of friends, always online updating each other how the day is going.
I work with a filling station while she works as a hotel receptionist and we’re in our late 20s, perfect age to start a family. She always ask questions on when I will be ready to have my family and I always tell her to be patient with me to at least get a better job that matches my B.Sc qualification or at least raise a seizable amount to start my personal business (Diesel Supply to Corporate business entities e.g. Banks, Hotels etc) while she also change her job.

Sometimes in June, during one my journeys to her pleasure island, I noticed a blister on her right Tip and she said i should not navigate to the area, I don’t even bother to ask what happened to her. After that day, I discovered the blister refuses to heal up and I was worried. My mind said someone is exploring that arena but I don’t want to believe those thoughts. One weekend in July, while checking music CD in her shelf, I stumbled on a HIV medical test result, pack of accurate (urine pregnancy test), though the result was negative but I was very disturbed, scared and worried. I asked her what was the motive behind the test and what is she doing with more that a dozen of test kit, she mumbling some excuses like “I sell those test kit to people who are ashamed to get them in pharmacy store etc.

I confided in my friend who said I should go for a test which I did and was negative.

I became very restless at work because I’m really into this lady. With no proof or anything to justify her wayward life, I took her phone and activated “automatic call record”. I activated the call record on Sunday, I stylishly sent the recorded conversation to my phone last night (Wednesday) when I visited her because she’s on a night shift, as I type, I’m heartbroken, the very first conversation I listened to open the lid of canker-worm, I’ve been dating/sleeping a prostitute since the last 10 months, the sad part is that I don’t know how one of his customer knew about me because in two separate conversation, they made jest of me and most likely another man is with her at work as you read this.