I will want to see people’s view on your channel.     It’s true life story  !!!!!!

we have been dating for 10 years and eventually we started planning for marriage, he dis virgin ed Me and swore to love protect and never to hurt me he does eventually everything for me, it’s like I feel too deep in love we actually started our plan for marriage but my family refuse my marriage to him because he wasn’t working I had to lie to my parent that he was into business mean while he wasn’t into anything after all the battle we got married and immediately after the marriage I got a job and I started taking care of us and since then I have been the one carrying the responsibility of a man, I do virtually everything but he do the chores but soon he started borrowing money from one place to another he started with 20 thousands to 300 thousands I had to start paying for debt I no nothing about I sat him down as someone I love and I talked to him to stop borrowing money he agreed but rather became worst in the issue the worst of it all is that he has been accused of being a thief in almost all houses we have stayed but I didn’t believe….

He is nt working yet he borrow money and extract money from me and I don’t what he’s using the money to do, he has extracted about 1 million naira from me but I hadn’t seen one good thing he used it for, nothing to show for all the money he borrowed…  he has started lieing to people deceiving them and made them give him money and those people are on my neck, the money is about 500thousand Naira …..

The most serious of all is we decided to visit my family,on getting there after 4 days my mums money got missing; I grew up in that house no one ever stole in the house I called him and asked him if he collected the money but he denied and after 2days my Gold of about 200thousand got missing and the worst of it all is that he broke my father’s box and stole my vehicle paper in my father’s house and since then he ran away to sell my vehicle ….

This is someone I love so much and gave everything to but I don’t no why he’s turn against me my family is very angry because he broke my dad’s expensive bag and remove my car papers, I have kids already for him what do you think I should do  ??