Photos: Why Ice Prince May Have Broken Up With Girlfriend 


Chocolate City rapper Ice Prince may have ended his affair with his French-Ghanaian lover, Maima Nkewa.
Ice Prince and Maima Nkewa.


Speculations on the current state of their relationship began following hints from both parties on the rapper’s 29th birthday on Saturday, October 30.

Maima didn’t share any of the rapper’s pictures on social media neither did she publicly send out any message or shout-outs.

This led to suspicions that all isn’t well between them.

Ice Prince and Maima Nkewa.

Ice Prince then put all speculations to rest on Sunday, November 1 after he shared on Instagram a picture of himself and the lady in his video for Marry You.

Ice Prince and supposed new girlfriend, same lady who appeared as a vixen in his video Marry You. Credit: Instagram

He also captioned the picture ‘Different’.

A represenatative of the rapper’s label Chocolate City, when contacted, declined to comment on the situation.

Upon further persuasion he simply answered:

“I don’t know. I am hearing this for the very first time. When I learn of anything concrete or if I confirm this relationship I’ll get back to you.”

Ice Prince is a multi award winning Nigerian rapper. He is currently vice president at his label, Chocolate City. He shot to prominence with the singles Oleku and Aboki, among others.

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