The last thing I saw b4 I fainted can only be seen in American horror movies or super hero series…. The bus was driving itself..  Well since I fainted I dunno the rest,  all I know Is when I open my eyes again  I found myself sitting under a coconut tree,  my hands were tied to it,  so were the other people,  oh I forgot to mention the bus was a brt kind of bus, but interior structure was a bit different…

Am now fully awake,  hand tied at the back of a tree as I was seated,  I saw the driver seated far from where we are,  him and the conductor were taking chilled origin and laffing their ass out,  after a very long time, the driver and the conductor entered a small Hut, it was then murmuring started,  people asking each other questions; where they were and what time it was,  but all was in vain, all our properties has being taken..
The breeze was blowing real hard,  crickets were whistling and bats were flying every where,  the nite was cold and scary, hunger became an issue I had to deal with too,  I manage to stay awake but I eventually dozed off..  Few minutes later the horn of diff cars woke us all up,  at first some of us were happy thinking maybe it was help but it wasn’t,  the cars packed in front of the Hut.  These cars where expensive cars,  starting from rose royce, infinity jeep, Chevrolet camaro, porsh, Range Rover and some few other ones,  there were 7 cars in total Including the Jeep..

Hey hey,  one of the tired stranger called me. I turned my neck to face him

Stranger: My name is ebuka

Me: I am judith

Ebuka: sorry,  do you know where we are

Me: no

Ebuka: do you know those men in big cars maybe you should ask for help

Me: I don’t know them ooo,  I was going to ask if you they were ur brothers sef [sarcastic] mstchew… –  I hissed angrily

Ebuka: Sister no vex

Now the some heavily dressed men came down from the cars and entered the hut also,  after like 10mins some armed men came out,  they Removed the rope they used to tie us to various trees,  the lined us up and othered us to follow them,  as we were all matching towards the hut,  a man just took heels,  ran as fast as he could,  no body chased him, all we heard was a gun shot,  then another guy dragging a dead body back towards us,  he warned that no body should think of escaping,  our fate was death if we do..

Today is technically “my worst day out”  so I tort

As we entered the hut I noticed there was an underground step,  through we had to follow,  we walked for at least 5mins under ground before we got to big shrine,  without all the black and red clothings, dolls and statues everywhere, it is as well a large event hall… We meet other people there who were probably kidnapped earlier,  I later found out that the hall is were we might be staying all tru,  some of them have bng there for days,  while some are have been there for weeks..

While I was trying to gather the little info I could gather,  a man dressed in only red and black rapper climbed something like stage, not a stage to be precise d but it was an higher ground compare to where we standing,  then he said “thanks your stars, tomorrow is freedom day” then he left..  I was felt a bit of relief when I heard freedom hoping to be selected among those to be freed.  After the announcement the man made, the whole environment became quiet as more built bouncers came in with cane and koboko as they threaten to flog us if we talk,  I closed my eyes, wondering where those rich men I saw earlier were,  while I was pondering I dozed off…….



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