9JA Stories: 60 Shades of Judith [Season 01 Episode 06] written by #michael_ghost



Gbagaun gbagaun ,  a bell was rung to wake all of us up by the man in red and black wrapper,  now he was not the only one on the higher ground,  there was a long table cover with black, red  and some tourches of yellow wrapper.  Behind the table there was a long row and column of black plastic seats.  I was was wondering wot it was meant for and wot was gng to happen next..

Wake up wake up! the man in red and black shouted as he rang the bell..  While we new bees where full of life based on the info the red and black man gave yesterday, the other pple who had stay for some weeks were sad and frightening,  we could not talk to each oda due to tight security,  for some reason I became suspicious.  Well the wealthy men of yesterday were now at the stage,  they sat on the plastic  chair,  more people followed,  now it more than just 7wealthy men,  there was an additional 9  people,  that consisted of 7 women and an additional 2men  in total they were all 16, 9men 7 women dressed In good attire..   They all sat on the black plastic chair.  Then an average   looking sexy guy came on stage too,  I must confess, he is sexy but I notice that our old Mates who have bng there for weeks fear him as they try to hide there face as he was passing. He was the only one that has a red and black band on is arm.

As he sat down,  another seven maids in white wrapper came on board carrying one pot each filled with something I don’t have an idea of, but the maids did not seat o,  they placed each pot on the long table and stood by the side of the table…
The man in black and red wrapper stepped forward and started reciting some incantations and self appraisal,  it’s was from there I got to knw is name was ogungbemi,   After all the incantations he the said

Ogungbemi: all of you that want freedom standup

Most us ‘the new comers’  stood up,  I also stood up but In a flash I noticed that none out of the  ‘old comers’  came out,  sharperly I sat down,  something was not right,  I dunno wots wrong but the word freedom became suspicious, while I was pondering while the old comers refuse to stand up,  some hefty men help those who stood up to the stage.
They were 44 in numbers,  the men were more sha..  They were lined up In two queues

Now my handsome fantasy who has the red and black band on his arm introduced himself as Desmond

Desmond: good morning my fellow people,  my name is Desmond,  Desmond the Dracula..

Well i had to laugh,  inside my mind of cause but I have a large smile on the outside,  for Im mind,  e be vampire, Dracula ko dragon killer ni,  I made jest of him in my mind,

He continued wit his self appraisal while I kept make gest of him in my mind and smiling outside..  Then suddenly he pointed towards me but his palms were open like something was on his palm,  I became afraid,  could dis man read minds like vampires in the movie,  all my jest about him disappeared and was replaced with fear..  Instantly I pee myself,  before I knew what was happening a branch of leaf from no where appeared on his palm,  then he smiled and turned around,  deep the branch of leafs into each of the 7pots as he recited some incantation then he sat down,  shit!  I don wet mysef,  I said I shld rest my hand on the floor,  ebuka held my hand

Ebuka: it’s not advice able to put ur hands on the floor

Me: why

Ebuka: I don piss for floor [he whispered to me],  Na that time d man point him hand Come my side,  fear catch me I no know wen I piss, no vex

Me shocked,  for my mind I just whispered no be only me sha,  Chai,  I decided to rest suddenly I decide to rest my left hand since Ebola don mess up the right place,  as I was to place my left hand down to support my back, to my surprise…..

A Woman held my hand,  she placed my hands on her knee instead,  when I looked at the ground,  I found out the floor was wet not with water but urine,  Na wa o,  shey na everybody piss for body nii, ..

Ogungbemi : are you all sure you want freedom,  you want to go bk home – he shouted facing those the 44 people that came out earlier.  They all shouted yes

A Man stood up from  the wealthy 16, he went round the 44 people in circle,  then he picked a lady,  who was a bit Blump but had a nice shape,  she shld be in her late 30’s, he took her hand and led her to the table,  then he took the branch of leaf Desmond had left In One of the pots,  he used to sprinkle water on the woman and the remaining 43 others..  Then he back to the woman was whispered something her and she did vice versa and he raised her left hand up facing towards then announced “I Chief oluwole Akande will grant mercy her freedom”  then drop her hand and the next thing he did gave me the shock of her life…..



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