9JA Stories: 60 Shades of Judith [Season 01 Episode 03] written by #michael_ghost



Tunde was the first to send me a voice note,  it was a 11secs voice note of him saying “Judith I love you”,  I just smiled,  and replied him thanks.  But then the real chat began.

Me: thanks

Tunde: you know I really mean everything I said via vn

Me: hmm, seriously?

Me: yes,  I’m very serious I have very strong feelings for you

Me: what about your girlfriend?

Tunde: we have broken up

Me: why?

Tunde: caught her cheating on me

Me: eya, sorry,  Pele,  try to forgive her naa

Tunde: I have forgiven her but I am no more interested in someone who will still on me  besides it’s you I have always wanted and you know that

Me: aww,  it’s already late tunde I already have a boyfriend

Tunde: it’s doesn’t mean, just gimme a chance to prove my love for you..

Me: it’s not possible naa,  I can’t double date.

Tunde: I did not say you should double date,  I am asking you to gimme a chance to prove my love for you..

[Right in my mind I tort  “are you kidding me,  do I look like a learner”  but I replied him]

Me: sowie dear, I can’t do that,  besides my boyfriend is your friend,  so just forget about it.

Tunde: who is the person

Me: Michael

Tunde: seriously?

Me: yea,  did you not know

Tunde: no I’m not aware,  but that guy doesn’t deserve you I swear,  that’s the last person you should be dating

[shocked by the statement tunde made but I still kept my calm]

Me: why did you say so,  is he not your friend

Tunde: hmm,  he is a friend of a friend of my friend,  i’m not saying he is my enemy ooo

Me: so why did you say he does not deserve me?

Tunde: I just know so

Me: ok o,  but he is my boyfriend and I can’t double date

Tunde: what makes you think he is not double dating?

Me: I don’t know, do you know his second girlfriend

Tunde: no,  but I am sure he doesn’t deserve you.

Me: hmm   [while I was Reminiscing on Tunde’s statement,  I got a Bbm invite],  I accepted the request,  it’s not up to 1 minute after I accepted,  the Bbm stranger pinged me.

Bbm Stranger: ping!

Me: hi

Bbm stranger: I am Alex

Me: I am judith

Alex: yes I know,  you are the  lovely writter of “60 Shades of Judith”  that’s a lovely piece of Erotic Story you wrote…

Me: thanks

Alex:  you are welcome, did you really do all those things I read in the story?, I have being looking for someone like you all my life,  I had to search for you until I finally got your pin

Me: oh I see,  it’s just a story [in my mind I was like, may this “60 Shades of Judith Story not put me in trouble”]

Alex: I think it’s more than a story,  the story looks so real,  for you to have written something like that,  you must have had some sort of experience

Me: na you sabi

Alex: lovely dp

Me: thanks

Alex: baby you are really pretty,  and as I am looking at you and imagining all what I read in the story,  my body is moving me

Me: Biko,  where is ur body moving you to?  Ikeja or maryland

Alex: baby stop using to play,  I think I am in love with you

Me: lol, [dis guy be learner sha,  so I tort],  thank you –  I replied.

Alex: you don’t need to tank me baby, how can we meet

Me: just like that,  someone you don’t  even know

Alex: it doesn’t,  dis is love baby

Me: am not in good mood Biko,  and I have bf + we are not meeting not even in the nearest future

Alex: shey I don ask you out nii,  u don dey feel like princess,  naa meet I wan meet you,  you come they form,  u no even fine reach my grandmother

Me: [shocked]  seriously?,  ok, bye [I was already pissed]

It seems my day is not a good one,  so I decided to cool off by going out..  So I dressed up and decided to head to deola’s place at Ikorodu…

Deola’s is someone that is easily emotionally broken down and has low self esteem,  naturally it’s annoying but at this time I having a bad day so,  her place is just the best place to go bcos i know i will forget my problems and end up solving her problems..
While pondering on what kind of  problems deola might present to me to solve for her I heard conductor screaming  Ikorodu, Ikorodu, one more chance..  So I boarded the bus…  The bus was noisy as it could be,  I sat beside a fat woman,  this woman just made life unbearable for me,  she was making call but was shouting like the person she was talking to was in hell fire,  after a long while she manage to cut the call and fell asleep like she had an automatic sleep button hidden somewhere, So as I was about to continue my chat with Tunde and Alex,  something weird  happen……  Jesus! I’m in trouble but I couldn’t shout…..



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