What Don Jazzy does to me – Di’ja


Talented singer, Afro Di’ja has said she loves her music family (Mavin) and does not intend to leave any time soon. According to her, Don Jazzy chastises them, but that does not mean she will leave.

He chastises us, because he wants the best for us, she explained. She also spoke to Saturday Beats about her relationship, stating that she is single, but selectively available.

“I am not in a relationship but I am selectively available. If a guy should do the right thing, be himself, if he is kind and nice, then we are good to go,”

On her music family;

“I have not left my family yet so I do not think I would leave a family that I just adopted. Mavins is my family and I feel like I am home when I am with them. You don’t leave your parents because they shout at you or flog you. I have come to a place where I feel happy and that is all that matters. I am contented with what I have.

“We are always recording music day and night. Don Jazzy normally teases us by asking us if we think we are successful yet. He says it to motivate us. If you feel you have achieved a great level of success, it would work against you so we are always working hard and recording in the studio. We just hope that whatever it is we put out, the world would love it,”

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