Bowen Univeristy Final Year Student Dies In School Premises After Being Denied Exit To Get Treatment

We received this report from a student of this university.

The sad incident occurred some days ago when Owoloabi, a 500 level Agric student was denied exeat (pass) from the university’s premise in order to go treat herself


The deceased female student who had been sick for some days decided to go home for treatment since the university clinic was not competent enough; but she was denied a pass (exeat) from the school with the explanation that “No exeat was to be given to final year students”.


The deceased student’s sickness thereafter got worse and it was then she was rushed to the university clinic where she died.

Sources have confirmed that the university clinic is one that is more like a pharmaceutical with low quality facilities.


The saddening part is that during the university’s worship service were students came to mourn the deceased student, a chaplain of the university still came to announce their non-involvement with the girls death, making statements like “She is dead and there’s nothing that could have been done” that “She was even a sickle cell patient” and so on.

This statement is what angered some students and it was after some display of violence that the ‘Chaplain’ apologized.

To buttress the low quality facilities of the clinic, a staff also died some days ago in this same bowen clinic.

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