Omo mehn!  I was expecting another round of Sex,  I was turned on by oluwole’s sex with mercy but fear no even allow Kanji catch me wella,  but i no get luck,  as yetunde use her ring Tourch Im head,  he disappeared,  fear vibrated tru my body,  dis one no be Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, this is life magic,  first time In my life I am experiencing such,  may you not experience such in your life,

well I know I in trouble because sooner or later they would still pick all of us,  Chai tears were rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably..  The freedom ritual went on,  most of the people where just disappearing once the ring tourches their head,  it remains 2 ladies and 4 men left out of the wealthy 16 + Desmond the dracular and 34  out of the initial 44pple that came out for freedom.

I’m am karishika I am here to grant John his freedom announced the second to the last woman in the wealthy 16, Yepa! O Lord of Falz I am doomed I did not know this karishika of think can be real oo,  I tort it was just a song..  I kept calm to see wot karishika’s ring would do, as I now understand that the ring determines what will happen to any individual choose by the wealthy 16… Well karishika chose a man,  for some reason, the man was not quiet like the others,  he kept shouting “Blood of jesus”,  karishika sprinkled water on  him to keep him silent but the water did not work on  him. Karishika decided to put her hand in the pot of rings to continue with the sacrifice not minding the rants of John.  As she shook her hand inside the pot she let out a loud scream,  it got everybody’s attention,  as she brought her hand out,  the usual snake was wrapped round her hand but the mouth of the snake was on her her middle fingers,  and d snake did not bring out any ring.  This got some of us laffing, some of us were murdering ‘good for her,  she deserve worse’,  as we were murdering,    Desmond d Dracula aka the herbalist stood up from his seat, stepped forward and pointed at someone at my back,  I almost fainted as I tort it was me,  he then twisted his hand like he was twisting something I cldnt see,  everybody around me let out a loud gasp,  as I turned to see what was happening,  behold I saw a man suspended on the air struggling for breath,  Jesus!  I was shocked to the bone marrow…  Me that I was having crushing on Desmond,  o boy!  My crush turn to fear instantly, now I understand why he was being feared by all., he continued to strangle the man as pull the man closer, if I saw this in a movie I would have said it was film trick but I was seeing this in Real life,  hmm!  I am finished.. Well that’s how that man died sha,  desmond killed him and without saying a word he went to sit down,  so did karishika too, the whole place was quiet,  Mr John was led out of the hall,  probably freed sef,  no body touched him or said anytin to him..  He was shown the exit door,  Mr John did not even jubilate he was just mumering his “blood of jesus”  as he left.  Immediately everybody in the hall started mumuring “blood of jesus”  too, Chai I won’t lie na then me sef remember Jesus.. I started praying,  some where speaking in tongues sef, the next wealthy man came out,  he was wearing agbada,  it was obvious he was a Yoruba Man,  he did the usual steps and as he touched his victim..  Another surprise was unleashed unto me……



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