I’m a 21 year  girl that just  finished my NYSC last 2months.  Early August this month, a guy I liked as a friend asked me out but i wanted to refuse but my friend advised me that I should double date cos I had a boyfriend and the guy also had a girlfriend. I asked him why he wanted to date me and he gave me some unreasonable reason. I finally agreed to the proposal.

Cos I thought he was a husband material as he was 6 yrs older than I am but he was a batch A 2015 corper while I was a batch C corper 2014… meaning I would finish my service before him. I thought I could do the “not having s*x” with him until we mistakenly had s*x and ever since then we were always having s*x. Even after they retained me we still continued our fornication.  
And I noticed that the only thing we talk about when he calls is s*x & all. Then I realised that he is only with me bcus of s*x as his family knows his girlfriend and he introduces me as just his friend. Then finally yesterday I thought of everything and I challenged him and asked him that if he leaves our place of work that what will become of us and his reply was…
“he will focus on his girlfriend”. I felt so bad and hurt. I asked myself that why did he ask me out when he knew he didn’t want something serious and why was he telling me that he loved me. Meaning he just wanted to take advantage of me. I finally decided to tell him I didn’t want such a kind of relationship.
That I don’t want to be used by him and what was the being in an unreasonable relationship that would waste my time. Now we have decided to be friends and just avoid emotions. Could this be a right decision?


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